Best blink-182 Songs

For the people who love blink and the ones that don't too.

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1What's My Age Again?

WHAT THE HECK!? This song deserves way more than 9 percent! This song is legendary, the greatest Pop Punk song of all time. The video ain't bad either...

This song rules, I think it should be #1 too its catchy and the lyrics are amazing. Keep voting people, get it to number one!

This is the song that MADE them. They ARE "What's My Age Again? " Mark is my favorite and Tom is a tool. This song is so much better than "All the Small Things. " It's the staple of Blink 182. I Miss You is probably better musically but it doesn't scream Blink 182.

This is a great song, incredible chorus BUT its got a weird music video

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2I Miss You

Pure perfection. This song demands attention from every listener even if they're not a blink fan. After listening, they definitely will be.

Probably my favorite song of all time. This is beauty in its true form. The first time I heard this song, I literally teared up.

And as I stared I counted, webs from all the spider, catching things and eating there insides... It's so Epic! I love Toms voice Also Marks singing is just great. Travis is doing an awesome job too! Thanks for this song, Blink!

This is the first song that I heard from Blink-182 back in 2011 and is the reason why I still listen to a lot of their songs today.

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Well I guess this is growing up! Grew up with blink! Grey with blink! Die with blink as the best band in my life!

Dammit is Blinks best song! Everyone can relate to it, the guitar riff is class and it sounds awesome, but the lyrics are actually amazing if you listen to them my personal favorite )

"simply classic song, many of us will relate to this in some way or another, simply outstanding! "

The main riff. Enough said. Not to mention the catchy lyrics and perfect sounding bridge!

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4All the Small Things

This should so be number one! This song is Blink 182! It's upbeat and no one can resist rocking out to it. This is the first Blink song I listened too and it totally made me love this band. I think it so needs more votes to take it to number one where it belongs!

Even if you don't know who Blink 182 are, you have heard of this song. This is one of those legendary songs. Simply amazing

This is probably the best-known Blink-182 song, but that doesn't necessarily make it the best.
However, it does happen to the best, at least in my opinion...

This song use to be #2. It's dropping because everyone is hating on Tom and that this is his song.

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5Adam's Song

Great Song, it has great lyrics, a great guitar riff at the beginning and through out the whole song, Travis Barker is one of the best drummers of all time, and this song goes and backs it up. I love this song!

this song is incredible and I can not stay away from it on my ipod. THE DRUMMING IS SOO UNELIEVEALBE. LISTEN TO BARKER IN THE SONG. TALENT!

raw.. realistic... and sad.. and I can't stop playing it..

Easily the best song of theirs. This entire album may be the best of all time

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6Feeling This

Completely ingenious, it changes from random chanting to a simple chorus to loud drumming with Tom singing in the background and back again.

Loud, powerful, and a clear presentation of the emotion put into the song. You can really hear the amount of energy expelled while being written.

Absolute favorite song, I loved it then, and I love it now. It's so upbeat and catchy it will never get old.

Either this or dammit are there best songs but this one is probably a bit cause of its chorus

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7Stay Together for the Kids

This song is simply awesome. Nice Drums, Nice Hoppus voice, Nice Chorus and delonge's voice

I can connect so much with song. One of the greatest lyrics ever written by Blink. I just love the guitar solo!

What 7? I don't think so. Such a great meaning of the song. And the vocals and the Drums and the guitar. I miss you is the best and where is Down? This must be there on top 3. And just love Blink 182. Best punk rock band ever.

The intensity when the chorus comes in! Awesome drums as well

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8First Date

This is one of the best songs of Blink 182 and the video is very cool Lets Go! Lets make this lasts Forever and Ever!

What the hell! This must be No. 1 on the list! It is so freaking awesome... This songs rocks and will keep rocking forever.. and ever... *_* m/!

NO NO NO I really disagree with you! This song must be in the top, Amazing song I Like it Too Much. Like seriously its the best song you can listen to when your getting ready to go out somewhere

I never get bored.. Listen this song for many many times

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9The Rock Show

The heck? This is easily top 3.

@Because I fell in love with the girl at the rock show
She said "what? " and I told her that I didn't know
She's so cool, gonna sneak in through her window
Everything's better when she's around
I can't wait til her parents go out of town
I fell in love with the girl at the rock show@ - 8gerrard8

BEST CHORUS EVER! So catchy, how the f is this at number 9!? This is like one of their signature songs! And have a look at the music video, it's awesome too. VOTE!

This showcases the awesomeness that blink-182 is. It's catchy, upbeat and fun. Pop punk perfection.

Surprisingly underrated, if it wasn't so low at nine I'd have voted dammit, also miss you is too high, there most overrated song

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Mark Hoppus' first and finest bass line, this song captures the very essence of rushed pop-punk.

This has to be blink's first good and true relatable song. Looking back this song held so much potential. "A tank of gas is a treasure to me, I know now that nothing is free". "Just you wait and see". - Clamey

Old school Blink at it's best. Don't get me wrong, their other stuff is awesome, but you can't get much better than Carousel. - Tobzz

My all time favorite

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"always" is such a good song. It never gets old and I feel like I can relate. I have lyrics tattooed on me so blink- 182 will always be apart of me

Such a freaking ridiculously good song. The intro is amazing and the song just never gets old.

LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! This is one of my favorite songs of all time! I Love the video. One day me and friends were listings to the radio in the car and 'Always' was on the radio and my friends hated it and changed the station! I WAS SO SHOCKED! o_O

Great song, great video!

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How is this NOT in the top 10? Down is my 2nd favorite song, behind Adam's Song. (:

This song is Blink-182's best. The top ten listed are good, but this deserves number one! VOTE!

What the heck man! Why isn't this in the top 10. Its not like most of their other songs full of goofing around (First Date, All The Small Things) but its atill one of their best songs. Love the video love the lyrics and I don't know if you've seen the live version of the song as a tribute to a friend who had passed. Its really tough to watch them struggle to get through the song, especially Tom when he is singing - Danielsun182

How can this not be in the top tens

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13Man Overboard

"you can only lean, on me for so long" - love the chorus.

Never get tired of this song!

"yeah later... see you around. " <- so much emotion in that line, if you've ever been there.

There best song in my opinion, never get tired of it.

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Great ass song deserves to be in top ten in my opinion. Easily one of their best songs on dude ranch

This is and always will be, my favorite Blink song!

HOW IS THIS BELOW AFTER MIDNIGHT?!?! This song about the perfect girlfriend has the lyrics, beat and music to propel it to greatness. Tom Delonge's backup is fun to listen to, too.

The music video was better because mark was at school with dyed hair and he had an embarrassing mom and he threw a paper airplane.

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15Stockholm Syndrome

This song will always be number 1 for me. Everything about this song is awesome. It deserves a higher position than this. This song is what blink is all about. And the lyrics is uber cool =>
This is the first (thing I remember)
Now it's the last (thing left on my mind)
Afraid of the dark (do you hear me whisper)
An empty heart (replaced with paranoia)
Where do we go (life's temporary)
After we're gone (like new years resolutions)
Why is this hard (do you recognize me)
I know I'm wrong (but I can't help believing)

"Stockholm syndrome" is unmistakably Blink 182's greatest, fastest masterpiece before their slower piece of art "I miss you". Your heart races with every second of this raw emotional rollercoaster of a hit. Mark, Tom and Travis have given their all, poured into what I believe is their best. I have repeated many Blink 182 songs in the past (most notably "Down"), but this is one I've always and will forever come back to as my #1. The legend will always live on!

Great, amazing song. Blink's best for sure. The only songs that can compete with Stockholm Syndrome are What's My Age Again, Always, Adam's Song, and Stay Together For The Kids. But Stockholm Syndrome always wins.

This is the only song that has ever made me cry. Number one for me

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Great song. Don't know why it didn't make the top ten! Tom is awesome, great guitar riff, amazing example of Blink.

I'm surprised this is not even on the top ten... this is one of my favourite songs =)

Great intro, great everything. Deserves to be higher up in the list.

Good example of punk pop, quite fast, it's the definition of old blink

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17Aliens Exist

Probably one of my favorite songs. Always loved it, and it's just plain fun to listen to.

I love this song, top 5 at least

This song is a musical masterpiece and should have been a single! Top 15 - 8gerrard8

This song is very underrated!

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18Anthem Part Two

Pure Blink Class! This song should at least be top 10! Top Delonge really shows his awesome guitar skills in this song, definitely some of the most catchy riffs I've ever listened to!

I can relate to this song on so many levels! Its catchy and has an amazing beat! I thought it would be in the top 10 at least!

Best Blink song their is, I'm sorry, should be way higher than 25th!

This song should be on top 2

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19Not Now

Please stay, until I'm gone, I'm here hold on, to me, I'm right here, waiting

Very underrated song, I rate it as my favourite. But I think it's equal with I Miss You, and Asthenia. The Self titled album is probably the best album, unfortunate that this didn't make it onto it (except for the British release)

This song should be higher on this list, this song to me just sums up how blink 182 music is, it can be slow with good meaningful lyrics and yet have a great beat, an epic intro, the chorus is also amazing. It's my favorite Blink song with Ghost on the dancefloor and anthem part 2. Just love it!

Best song and deep meaning! For me the best blink song!

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20Going Away to College

This, Dammit, and Story of a Lonely Guy are in my opinion they're best songs hands down

This is my absolute favorite Blink 182 song! It's so catchy and the chorus is fantastic! It also doesn't have a ton of profanity in it which in my opinion improves the song. The meaning/ message is also really cute! All and all Great song!

This song has, hands down, the best lyrics of any blink song. "this world's an ugly place, but you're so beautiful to me". Poetic, but still retains the clumsiness that so many kids and teenagers around the world relate to. Again, catchy. And I love the guitar

Best Blink 182 song... without any doubt!

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