Best Blues Artists

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Robert Johnson
Sure there's more high tech blues artists out there who sound a little better. but he was 30 years ahead of his time! This guy is a 1 man orchestra.
a true guitar man that sold his soul to the devil and it shows how great he is


2B.B. King
B.B. king was the four S's... Soul, Skill, Style and he is Smooth!
The thrill is gone! Man the rawness!

3Muddy Waters
Obviously the greatest artist in the history of blues, his style is the most imitated in the whole genre

4Skip James

5Howlin' Wolf

6Buddy Guy
Eric Clapton himself said this guy was the best guitarist ever. He can play one note, and it would sound like the best note you've ever heard. I think he should be placed at 3 and Muddy Waters at 4.

7Eric Clapton
Come on people... He's one of the greatest blues player ever...

8Blind Willie Johnson
Although I think Robert Johnson is the best, I'm going to put Willie up some more. This guy's got some REAL blues. He never had it easy, I tell ya.


9Stevie Ray Vaughan
What can I say? For me SRV is still No. 1! Just listen to this very gifted guitar player! I'm sure you'll agree and will enjoy Stevie's immense talent.
SRV had style, tone, passion, knew when to play and not, soul, a voice that matched his guitar skills and if you ever watched him I swear the man sweated quarter notes!

10Gary Davis

The Contenders

11Son House
6th place... What a shame, should be number one. Son house is one of the most influential artist to have ever been born, especially concerning the blues, what this man could do without a guitar, never mind with one is truly out of this world. Go listen to songs by him such as "Grinnin' in your Face" an "John the Revelator" where he simply sings and makes use of clapping. If you are not truly inspired in any sense of the word. The blues is not for you.

12Joe Bonamassa
Sloe Gin, Ballad of John Henry, Stop, Blue and Evil, and Dust Bowl if you want a few examples...
Joe is amazingly good, better than Gary Moore and even some higher people on this list. He is not as influential as Robert Johnson or BB King, but he is a technical genius and a great guitarist and singer
Amazing artist should be higher on list!

13Lead Belly

14Johnny Lee Hooker
Blues flowing like the devil on my veigns in this man

15Gary Moore
Still got the blues and The messiah will come again are the key tracks. They will blow your mind! (°_°)

16Freddie King

17The Nighthawks

18Willie Dixon

19Albert King

20Mississippi John Hurt

21Charlie Patton
Can't believe the godfather of the Delta Blues was not even on this list until... Well, now. Charlie Patton along with Son House created not only blues as music, but blues as a culture and ideology.
This man ruled the world of music and was the biggest infuelnece in delta history and rock n roll

22The Animals
Eric burdon just inbodies blues when he sings House Of The Rising Sun. Great band, favorite blues band.

23Mississippi Fred McDowell

24Little Walter
Where the hell is Little Walter?!?! The best Harmonica Player in the whole history?

25Albert Collins

26Big Bill Broonzy
Listen to "hey hey" and you'll understand why I put Big Bill on here

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