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21 On the Way to the Club On the Way to the Club
22 On Your Own On Your Own V 1 Comment
23 Badhead Badhead

Totally underrated. Great song!

24 Good Song Good Song

This song makes me fell really GOOD every time I hear it, no mather in which conditon am I. It will stay with me forever.

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25 Bang Bang

Totally underrated, the best song/single off Leisure. - the_universal

26 M.O.R. M.O.R.
27 Popscene Popscene


This is one of Blur's best songs.

28 Go Out Go Out

LOVE this song; my favourite, love the unexpected experimental sound.

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29 Colin Zeal Colin Zeal

What are you people on? Best song ever... about colin's

30 To the End To the End

This song is simply wonderful!

This just breaks my heart. Great song, great video. Wonderful

So relaxing, make you feel like you are flying

31 Sing Sing
32 Swamp Song Swamp Song
33 Caramel Caramel
34 Entertain Me Entertain Me

AMAZING SONG! Sounds so cool! Should be in top 10! Sounds so so good. Advice EVERYONE to hear this song!

Fantastic piece, definitely one of top ten.

35 Trimm Trabb Trimm Trabb V 3 Comments
36 She's So High She's So High
37 Ambulance Ambulance

This song is really mellow and beautiful

Great bass and atmosphere on this one.

38 Battery in Your Leg Battery in Your Leg

Easily the most underrated Blur song

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39 There Are Too Many of Us There Are Too Many of Us

Awesome song! In tiny houses here and there

40 Chemical World Chemical World

Totally underrated, their best riff in my opinion.

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