Best Bohemia Songs

Bohemia is the first one to rap in punjabi. His songs are amazing and great to listen. He is truly the king of punjabi rap. Vote for your favoraite bohemia song. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Kali Denali
Best bohemia song ever. Make me feel like a gangster


Loved it... Amazing BOHEMIA... THE Best song
Bohemia great reparer yaar
[Newest]That's a real personality of bohemia

2Ek Tera Pyar
Super rap man, thumbs up
This song is very best
It is best like Bohemia
[Newest]This song is very good

Ma diwana mare mon na lago
Diwana this song make me crazy and that ultimate line ma diwana mere mua na lago was awesome not just this song sir I m big fan of your's lyrics, music, and rapstyle and I love each and every single song and I rembeber all the lyrics of that songs
Diwana one of heart touching song of Raja Bohemia! This song is in top in mah Bohemia playlist

Pehla nasha pehla pyar
Bohemia is such a rap star
Bohemia is best rapper
[Newest]Punjabi rap god a big salute

Its more than awesome!
Bohemia better than Eminem
Bohemia is best song

Best song to express your love
This is what you you should listen
Sahara song is awesome and the rap of bohemia is unpredictable...
[Newest]The best sad song I had ever listen to.

Best of the best
Oh! Unbelievable. How had he sung this? Now I can say Bohemia is the best of the best.
Bohemia song 420 is most hit song

8Sade Warga
You are rock, I am your big fan.
It is the greatest song who I hear in my life
Mind blowing song. you must listen

9Hazar Gallan
This is a great song. This is my favorite song
East or west bohemia is best
His all songs are best but this song is invincible because no song can take its place.

His singing as good as his rapping! All hail the king!
Best punjabi I've ever herd till now
Slow and best song
[Newest]Best song man made me cry... BOHEMIA ROCKS!

The Contenders

11School Di Kitab
This the best song even then rooh and other special songs
Such an awesome song. His voice gives you the feels! :D
I love that song in one day I listen that song in6 time

I think this is very underrated, it's my favourite!
Yes this song is very underrated, it is much better than rooh
Its very good song

13Do Dat Dance
Best rap of bohemia... MUST LISTEN! Love you BOHEMIA..

Bohemia + Pardhan = Mind blowing eargasm.
All the best Bohemia..

15Akhri Manzil
Why in the hell this song is not on the list, should be in top 5, much better than the new ones


How I could download this song this is not in tell me the website

Best of the best
Bohemia I love this song
Il liv this song... Its just amazing... I respect + love bohemia

Awesome track do listen
This is my best song

18Bhul Ja
What a song!
Bohemia! Your above all honey too!

Bohemia is a world class rapper.

20Ride With Me

21Paisay Da Nasha
I can't believe this song is at 24 what, this should be much higher than 24

22Desi Put Jawan

That must be number 1... !
10/10 must be in top 5
This should be in top 5!

This song should be in top 10, awesome lyrics, bohemia at his best
I thinks this is the songs which truly suite's me
Best rap to dedicate to Laila

25Punjabi Rap Star

26Sahara Lab De

Why this song is at 35th rank? It should be at the top.
Short but excellent rap in this song

28Koi Nai
Short one but nice, also the video is awesome
One of the best..

29Subha Hone Na De
Best rap songs of BoHeMiA
Bohemia Propular Song subha hone na De in 40000000


31Bumpin My Song

32Yaad Anah Bohemia
One of the finest

33Desi Munde

That must be on 1

35Mahi Re Mera Dil Menu Modh Ja

Cool rap of Bohemia

37I Got the Picture


Good rap song listen it
Bollywood songs Of Bohemia and Akshay Kumar

That's also a best rap song

41Desi Hip Hop

42Brand New Swag

43Meri Bandook
Very Good. Must Listen

44You & Me

45Yaad Anah

This is a very very very good song

47Aakhri Manzil

48Gangsta S***
Awesome song... Bohemia rocks

49Rap Ka Haal
Insulting of honey Singh

50Mundiyan to Bachke
This song should be in top 10

51Rockstar Uday


53Pinda Vicho Pind

Love kurti... The best rap ever...


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