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1More Than a Feeling

Best song ever written, I get goose bumps whenever I hear it. It really has great meaning and makes me feel great about life!

Oh my god its such a POWERFUL song. - fireinside96

More Than a Feeling is the world's greatest song. I'ill crank it all day long all over my block. - Aquateenhungerforce

A little too "mainstream" for me. There are other better options from Boston as far as I'm concerned. Can't deny this song does sort of define them.

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2Peace of Mind

Incredible song; better than more than a feeling in my opinion.This song is very memorable

This song is really good. I enjoy the acoustic entry and the solos. And also great vocals/singing.

Not only is it the best boston song, but it is THE best song in the world. Although it is only about 10 seconds long, it has the greatest guitar solo in history. I get an orgasm whenever I hear it.

This is my favorite song of all time because of the amazing guitar and lyrics how this song is not first just baffles ne

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3Foreplay / Long Time

Tied with more than a feeling, this is my all time favorite song. I love how the organ, Acoustic and electric guitars, drums, and Brad Delp's voice combine to make the greatest songs of all time!

Just pure craftsmanship in this song. I can truly see the time and effort Tom and his friends put in to this song. Absolutely Great!

No contest. There is nothing that should be ahead of this song, except for More Than A Feeling. This has to be number two though.

Best opening ever!

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4Don't Look Back

It's a really awesome song that I first heard on the show supernatural.. Has really good vocals and the music is just amazing.. I especially liked the guitar riff in this...

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5Rock and Roll Band

its a 3 way tie between this foreplay/longtime, and more than a feeling. all amazing songs!

Has a great rock n roll tune to it. Surprised it didn't score higher.

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Love this song should be number 6 or 5 really good vote this one up please amazing guitar solo

Love his song lease vote this song up higher great singing guitar bass and drumming great tune - mneilan

Love this song great guitar solo and it's a great tune should be number 6 not 7 please vote this one up

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7Something About You

This should definitely be top 10. You can feel the guitar, not just hear it. There is something about this song that makes it amazing. It's great. It's amazing. It's the best. - reddy4u2

Love this song plead vote this one up great guitar beat bass singing and drumming


Amazing song! Love it! I can listen to this song again and again and not get bored! It should be number 3 just after More Than a Feeling and Peace of Mind!

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9High Power

Love this song please vote this song higher up the list great guitar bass drumming and singing

Great tune vote this one up higher please

This Song Should Be Higher Up The List Great Guitar Bass Drumming And Singing - mneilan

It's Higher Power, by the way, and I feel that this song is very underrated.

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10Hitch a Ride

Amazing Song Should Be Number 6 or 7 really good guitar solo just got all the feeling Amanda should be number 9 not Hitch a Ride this song is the bomb

Great song this one should be number 8 not number 9 vote this one up

Great sobg should be number 6 or 7 behind higher power great guitar solo

How is this not higher in the list?!? Epic guitar solo... Classic! Gotta be ranked higher

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11Let Me Take You Home Tonight
12A Man I'll Never Be

Sexy guitar! I love boston and this should be in top 5. The song has so much meaning to it and the guitar will make your neck hairs shiver!

One of the only songs to give me goosebumps. A deep, meaningful song with absolutely incredible guitar work by Tom Scholz. Excellent

One of the most underrated songs EVER! It is beautiful!

This song has such a complementary bass line to the awesome guitar work. Awesome song!

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13Feelin' Satisfied

How is this song not in the top 10!? It's just charged up! Love it!

14Didn't Mean to Fall In LoveV1 Comment
15It's Easy
16We're Ready

In my opinion tops Amanda in every way. Acoustic guitar riff is much better than simply strumming chords. The merge into electric gives me chills every time. Listen if you don't believe me. Very underrated song.

I feel the same, much better than Amanda...I do like amanda, but Hollyann is almost ethereal probably the best off of third stage.

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18Can'tcha Say (You Believe In Me) / Still In Love

Can'tcha Say (You'll Vote for Me)/Still in Love with this Song!

19Livin' for You

What? No one here likes to "Party? "

Party is the best!

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1. Don't Look Back
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1. More Than a Feeling
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1. More Than a Feeling
2. Something About You
3. Rock and Roll Band

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