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Backstreet Boys
They have sold over 130 million records worldwide, making them the best-selling boy band of all time.
They rose to superstars with their album Millennium (1999)including super songs like "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely", "I Want It That Way"


BSB>others. They are the darn best! They have cool music and still going on even after
my favourite band ever, their voices, the lyrics and the music of their songs are just WOWWWW
[Newest]22 years and they are still amazing us! Love them!
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2One Direction
One direction is the most amazing boyband ever, they are cute, they sing really well, and their songs are just perfect! I can honestly say I am a Directioner! I think that they will become one of the greatest artist ever. Because on their own they are good, but when they start singing together they are just AMAZING!
I knew one direction would be in the top 20! They are one of the best new fresh boy bands we have had in a very long while! They are so young and have such an amazing future a head of them. The fact that they have one of the biggest fan bases worldwide prove how good they are!
They are really amazing especially zayn, he really makes their band more alive when he sings, his the human echo.
[Newest]One direction is the best and they are number one every ever we all love them a lot best best
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W - henever I hear their music, I cannot help my feelings not to uplift
E - vry stimulus awakes, every nerve shakes
S - ince I was still a child, they are very popular worldwide
T - he timber of their voices lingers, they are my ultimate singers
L - ads from the Ireland, stars of dreamy land
I - will always remain as biggest fan of these guys, no but's and why's
F - orever and for always, their music are the best
E - ntertaining my soulg, giving inspiration to reach my goal
Westlife is the number 1, I love them
their handsome good looking guys and angelic voice... There's no other boy band like WESTLIFE...
The Westlife dudes have all got it all- the looks and the voices ;) LONG LIVE WESTLIFE! haha!
[Newest]Amazing and the best!
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Coolest bad boys in the world. Most of their songs inspires me to never give up on life. To stay positive always and to keep up with the challenges that life has to offer. I miss them so much. I hope someday they'll reunite and continue inspiring not just me but other people's live as well. 5ive rocks always and forever. Bear hugs
FIVE are a band that will never be forgotten. We want them back together for a FIVE reunion because they deserve their second chance so much more than other bands. So if you agree and are a FIVE fan for life come and join are twitter trend or follow the five fanpage on facebook. Like FIVE once said we will rock you. X
They are the best in the world! Their songs fill your life positives!
[Newest]Oh yeah I like you scott robinson my idol

5N Sync
Great voices, catchiest tunes & awesome dance moves! N'Sync COME BACK!
One Direction is the worst boy band of all time. Nsync and the Backstreet Boys are the best. Everything about Nsync is amazing. They had great personalities, awesome singing voices, and incredible dancing. One Direction doesn't have any of that. Their personalities are all the same, their singing voices are generic as hell, and they can't dance at all. All they do is jump around, point, and smile. Boy bands were so much better in the 90s and Nsync were one of the best.
In which universe is One Direction or any band better than N Sync. Number 1 & 2 on any list should be Backstreet Boys or N Sync in any order.
[Newest]How in the hell the did the best boy band of all time not only not get number one, but behind One Direction, Westlife and Five? Nsync is and always be #!

6Super Junior
Super Junior are one of the most talented beautiful bands in the world. They have worked so hard, and come so far... Nobody can beat their angelic, gorgeous voices they are the greatest boy band of all time. They have sweat and bled to become this famous, but they wont stop here, because something Suju aren't is quitters. They will pull through till the end. Our brave boys are even putting themselves up for the army, which no ELF could completely agree with, but they are so brave fighting for their beautiful country. We can only hope Heechul and the others will be safe and come back to us. Super Junior will always be the most talented boys ever, their songs will bring anybody to tears. They put all their hearts into it. SUJU AND ELFS HWAITING!
Super Juniors have really come a long way since their first album. The boys have developed into all-round performers. With the best dances, strongest stage presence and most supportive fans, they are really in a class of their own. SuJu... Fighting~
Super Junior is the best band in the whole world. They make us ELFs so proud of them. Their song are amazing and they will do anything to make us ELFs happy. I love Super Junior. They might have lost members along the way but we ELFs do believe that they will become 15 again. Super Junior are all so talented and perfect. No matter what happens I will continue to love and support them till the end. PROM15E TO 13ELIEVE. Saranghae Super Junior. Suju fighting. ELFs and Super Junior promise to fill the world with our sapphire blue balloons
[Newest]Super junior is the BEST ^_^
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7The Jackson 5
Although The Beatles may get the most votes, I do believe that the Jackson 5 Were great performers as they had great dance routine's as well as singing.
The Jackson 5 worked beyond hard, and they didn't take the easy way out.
This makes no sense at all, number 10! I was born in 98 and I can tell you that the Jackson 5 are number one and New Edition should be in the top 5, worst list I ever seen in my life
[Newest]Vote for the jackson 5! 1

8Take That
The best boy band ever put together! They managed to get back together after 10 years apart and still sell tickets for an arena tour! Good on them!
TT Are just AMAZING! Best LIVE act EVER!
Gary Barlow is a god, GREAT singer/songwriter! BRILLIANT! FANTASTIC!
Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams are in there..
What else d'you want?
[Newest]They have Best music they out on best shows and they are the most talented.
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Current boy bands and artists should really look up to BLUE because they're music's seriously FANTABULOUS, catchy and with meaning! Plus there's Lee, Anthony, Duncan and Simon, what else d'ya want! I'm so glad they made a come back (':
I just found them on Youtube and once I listened to their songs, I fell in love with the hot Blue band! I'm relieved they got back together, my life just got better. I can literally listen to the hot, talented, and handsome singers my whole day! BLUE IS THE BEST!
This song should be at the number 1 spot, They are better than all of those at the top.
[Newest]Best Boy band ever!

10New Kids on the Block
Half of this list wouldn't be here if it werent for NKOTB.
I love em 5 guys, so cute and talented! Plus they're touring w Backstreet Boys nw and the 2 boy bands make a awesome collaboration
They have proven to be the best by having such a successful comeback 20 years later. How many boy bands have done that? And their devotion and love of their fans cannot be compared! I say it proud when I declare myself a Block Head for life! Whoot Whoot! :-)
[Newest]Awesome bunch of guys! Very dedicated talented and Nice to fans.

The Contenders

115 Seconds of Summer
I'm a huge directioner but I think that 5sos should be on the countdown too because even if they aren't a boy band they are really good.
Love these boys! They are the cutest and funniest boys we love you guys keep making us proud and show the haters what you worth. My love for 5sos:unexplainable and growing each day! Calum Michael Ashton Luke forever love you! (:<3<3<3#5sos
These boys really amazing! I think they should be at least 1st or 2nd I mean they are too awesome!
[Newest]Superb band! I'm a huge fan of the directioners! But I think 5sos should also be top ranked as they have pretty good voices and nothing bad with their looks too!

12Big Time Rush
Kendall is so hot and the whole band is amazing I do have a favorite but I don't mind the rest I am hopefully going to get their new album elevate soon I have not seen it in the shops recently
Big time rush is the best boy band... Especially there songs are best.. They sing really well... Like kendall schimdt he is a good singer, logan henderson is a cute guy, james maslow a best dancer, and carlos pena a funy guy...
I love BTR CARLOS! I'm a RUSHER! I would love to see this at the top 10! At least # 10. Or at least HIGHER than 1D. And have 1D RIGHT after BTR. Kendall is a good singer. James is cute an good as well. Logan is a good singer and has SWAGG. Carlos just makes me melt HIS VOICE AND HOTTNESS. Elevate was a good cd I have it and play it on my stereo. Big Time Rush is also a good cd but I don't have it YET. I can't wait to hear Windows Down music video made in Hawaii! Woho! Can't wait for anything BTR brings us in the future
[Newest]This band is AMAZING like really they deserve to be in the top 5 spot RUSHER FOREVER
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13Jonas Brothers
Such an amazing band! Not only are their voices amazing, their lyrics deep, their looks gorgeous and their personalities so kind, but they write all of their own songs, and the music too! They all have big hearts and make some of the deepest, most beautiful music. They are so talent, they can all play the piano and guitar! And little nick who wrote most of their hits when we was only 14 - can also play the drums!
The Jonas Brothers are not really a boyband. They play play multiple instruments (guitar, piano, drums, keyboards, bass etc), they write ALL of their songs and always sing live and never use auto tune. All of these other boybands are irrelevant. Just listen to Turn right or Black Keys and It will prove they are not only the best "boyband" but also one of the best bands of all time
[Newest]They're such a great band very much I really love their music a lot well it's very deep voice to listen to them they are so talent to very gorgeous.

They are my inspiration. I Really Love SMASH :) "SENYUM SEMANGAT"
Keep support smash (seven man as seven heroes)
SM*SH is the best boybands in the world. For people that dislike SM*SH "Remember SM*SH not always alone because, SM*SHBLAST always behind the SM*SH". I as a SM*SHBLAST will always support, proudly, help, care, love, and affection for SM*SH although many obstacle such as many people dislike SM*SH.

SM*SH always for SM*SHBLAST and SM*SHBLAST always for SM*SH
[Newest]I like smash because they my motivator

15The Wanted
Besides the fame and everything. They are a band who absolutely love their fans and show appreciation to them in every way they could with weekly mailers and videos. They would come out to their fans and give hugs and interact with them. Just generally very nice and sweet lads. Not many celebrities do this for their fans. They are very honest people which some people do not like about them however, it just shows they are being themselves and speak their opinions.
The WANTED don't only make great music they are also great people and aren't just pretty faces like one direction. They are different and amazing and I know that some people don't like them but I do and always will!
I LOVE THE WANTED! And all you lot should to because they are AMAZING! If you have not yet heard one of their songs then go on you tube and check them out! Every single one of them are absoulutely gerogus! But my favourite has to be the youngest and cheekiest, NATHAN SYKES! Seriously guys check them out, I am telling you that you will like them and if you don't then - no affence but there must be something wrong with you! Xx Please it will be worth it! X
[Newest]As a guy it's the only boy band I like and can stand to listen to

I love them! They are hot, sexy, and stylish they have great music that easy to dance too I hope they make it international some day
The 5 shining boys have more achieved then most of the Britain babies. Super Junior, Fighting. SHINee, Fighting!
What can I say about SHINee? Their names say it all! Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, Key and Taemin are not only five singers in a band but are five member of a family. Moreover, they shine in everything from variety to dramas. Also, both their dance choreography and vocals are out of the world. Not only that but they have never ever lip-sync in any of their performance! So therefore, they are a band that I cherish and look up to the most!
[Newest]This band name really suit the member in the band because they are cute, hot and also the way they treat and support each other as family is so perfect. They're absolutely amazing! They're my idols! Their songs and voices are beautiful and catchy. I hope to see this band in top 5 best boy band in the world one day. FIGHTING SHINee

17Boyz II Men
Harmony like no other. Most albums sold by any band.
These guys sing better than all the other boy bands combined, and with perfect harmony.
They harmonize like no other. Pure music, pure passion, pure talent.
[Newest]They are the best boy band in the world love them

Exo M, Exo K! They're ' awesome! The stage are almost explodes w/ their powerful performance filled w/ their great voices, dances and raps!
"We're One! " no other words could replace this.
When SuHo, Kris, XiuMin, ChanYeol, LuHan, Chen, D. O, BaekHyun, Kai, Lay, Tao and Sehun showed up themselves on the stage, they'll receive crazy fans screaming like hell!
The leader Kris and SuHo, Vocalists' line D. O, BaekHyun, Chen and Luhan, Dancers' and rappers' line, Lay, XiuMin, Kris, Kai, ChanYeol, SeHun and Tao! Love them all <3 forever EXOTICS!
One watch from their videos can leave you wanting more, from dances to singing and also looks, they bring new blood to the entertainment industry. Support EXO
EXO is really something that I've never seen before. They're actually the first Kpop band I thought about looking into (like their songs and stuff, not anything stalker-ish ^^). They're truly like brothers and they complete each other, like slices of a pizza. I wish I knew about them earlier because they just seem like so much fun. Other than through their songs, I pretty much decided to like them through how they were like to one another and how they would joke and have their (funny) fail moments. You have to admit, they're hilarious and their faults make them human. I believe Kris and Luhan will reunite with their brothers and Exo will make it through them. Too bad I didn't get to meet them before and I'm on the other side of the world. Kkaebsong~
[Newest]They should be one of the top 10

1998 Degrees
Nick lachey is my dream father well he have a great voice

20The Osmonds
The Osmonds are the best boy band ever, of all time, bar none. Compared to to the Osmonds, all other boy bands fall woefully short. The others are certainly good, but they can never match the talent of the Osmonds' vocals, harmonies, expert playing of so many instruments, dancing, song-writing, and so many other gifts and talents. Nor can the other boy bands match the endurance of the Osmonds who have over 54 years in the business and they are still filling auditoriums with fans. They are also multiplying themselves as seen through the talent of their children. In all of these years, they have maintained their good name and good reputations. That speaks volumes about the best boy band ever!
I have seen numerous concerts since I was a young girl, and I have never heard the Osmonds miss a note, never seen them too busy for their fans, never heard an unkind word, never seen them without a smile on their faces and love in their hearts. Even as very young boys, their voices were perfectly blended and beautiful, they are talented musicians and songwriters, and have been outstanding role models in an industry that has few good role models. Their talent and longevity are amazing!
I've been a Osmond fan for 9 years now, Thanks to Andy Williams; if it wasn't for Andy Williams, there wouldn't been a performing Osmond family on T.V. or on stage; thank God that Andy Williams did let the Osmonds sing on his show and stay on his show, because The Osmonds got a lot of talents from being on the Andy Williams show and kept using their talents when they got off the Andy Williams show and started their own thing in the 70's;now they're are new generations of the Osmonds singing like their dad/mom known as Grandpa/ Grandma for Marie "Great" uncles/aunt for the 3rd generation of the performing Osmonds. The Osmomds will live on and I have to say, that they have my vote.
[Newest]I've been a fan of the Osmonds since the Andy Williams days. There will never be another "boy band" as talented.
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