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Backstreet Boys
They have sold over 130 million records worldwide, making them the best-selling boy band of all time.
They rose to superstars with their album Millennium (1999)including super songs like "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely", "I Want It That Way"


BSB>others. They are the darn best! They have cool music and still going on even after
my favourite band ever, their voices, the lyrics and the music of their songs are just WOWWWW
[Newest]Backstreet Boys will keep on ruling for years to come.. The best in the business
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W - henever I hear their music, I cannot help my feelings not to uplift
E - vry stimulus awakes, every nerve shakes
S - ince I was still a child, they are very popular worldwide
T - he timber of their voices lingers, they are my ultimate singers
L - ads from the Ireland, stars of dreamy land
I - will always remain as biggest fan of these guys, no but's and why's
F - orever and for always, their music are the best
E - ntertaining my soulg, giving inspiration to reach my goal
Westlife is the number 1, I love them
their handsome good looking guys and angelic voice... There's no other boy band like WESTLIFE...
The Westlife dudes have all got it all- the looks and the voices ;) LONG LIVE WESTLIFE! haha!
[Newest]Amazing and the best!
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3One Direction
One direction is the most amazing boyband ever, they are cute, they sing really well, and their songs are just perfect! I can honestly say I am a Directioner! I think that they will become one of the greatest artist ever. Because on their own they are good, but when they start singing together they are just AMAZING!
I knew one direction would be in the top 20! They are one of the best new fresh boy bands we have had in a very long while! They are so young and have such an amazing future a head of them. The fact that they have one of the biggest fan bases worldwide prove how good they are!
They are really amazing especially zayn, he really makes their band more alive when he sings, his the human echo.
[Newest]Yeah they are superb... They should be in 1st
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Coolest bad boys in the world. Most of their songs inspires me to never give up on life. To stay positive always and to keep up with the challenges that life has to offer. I miss them so much. I hope someday they'll reunite and continue inspiring not just me but other people's live as well. 5ive rocks always and forever. Bear hugs
FIVE are a band that will never be forgotten. We want them back together for a FIVE reunion because they deserve their second chance so much more than other bands. So if you agree and are a FIVE fan for life come and join are twitter trend or follow the five fanpage on facebook. Like FIVE once said we will rock you. X
They are the best in the world! Their songs fill your life positives!
[Newest]Oh yeah I like you scott robinson my idol

5Super Junior
Super Junior are one of the most talented beautiful bands in the world. They have worked so hard, and come so far... Nobody can beat their angelic, gorgeous voices they are the greatest boy band of all time. They have sweat and bled to become this famous, but they wont stop here, because something Suju aren't is quitters. They will pull through till the end. Our brave boys are even putting themselves up for the army, which no ELF could completely agree with, but they are so brave fighting for their beautiful country. We can only hope Heechul and the others will be safe and come back to us. Super Junior will always be the most talented boys ever, their songs will bring anybody to tears. They put all their hearts into it. SUJU AND ELFS HWAITING!
Super Juniors have really come a long way since their first album. The boys have developed into all-round performers. With the best dances, strongest stage presence and most supportive fans, they are really in a class of their own. SuJu... Fighting~
Super Junior is the best band in the whole world. They make us ELFs so proud of them. Their song are amazing and they will do anything to make us ELFs happy. I love Super Junior. They might have lost members along the way but we ELFs do believe that they will become 15 again. Super Junior are all so talented and perfect. No matter what happens I will continue to love and support them till the end. PROM15E TO 13ELIEVE. Saranghae Super Junior. Suju fighting. ELFs and Super Junior promise to fill the world with our sapphire blue balloons
[Newest]Super junior is good but 1d is the best
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6N Sync
Great voices, catchiest tunes & awesome dance moves! N'Sync COME BACK!
One Direction is the worst boy band of all time. Nsync and the Backstreet Boys are the best. Everything about Nsync is amazing. They had great personalities, awesome singing voices, and incredible dancing. One Direction doesn't have any of that. Their personalities are all the same, their singing voices are generic as hell, and they can't dance at all. All they do is jump around, point, and smile. Boy bands were so much better in the 90s and Nsync were one of the best.
In which universe is One Direction or any band better than N Sync. Number 1 & 2 on any list should be Backstreet Boys or N Sync in any order.
[Newest]How the heck is NSync not number two on this list? I can deal with them being behind the Backstreet Boys, nothing less. Especially not behind One Direction and especially not NUMBER SIX! These boys were a part of my childhood and I will always love them. Great music and amazing men!

7Take That
The best boy band ever put together! They managed to get back together after 10 years apart and still sell tickets for an arena tour! Good on them!
TT Are just AMAZING! Best LIVE act EVER!
Gary Barlow is a god, GREAT singer/songwriter! BRILLIANT! FANTASTIC!
Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams are in there..
What else d'you want?
[Newest]Definitely the best boy band ever
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8The Jackson 5
Although The Beatles may get the most votes, I do believe that the Jackson 5 Were great performers as they had great dance routine's as well as singing.
The Jackson 5 worked beyond hard, and they didn't take the easy way out.
This makes no sense at all, number 10! I was born in 98 and I can tell you that the Jackson 5 are number one and New Edition should be in the top 5, worst list I ever seen in my life
[Newest]Vote for the jackson 5! 1

Current boy bands and artists should really look up to BLUE because they're music's seriously FANTABULOUS, catchy and with meaning! Plus there's Lee, Anthony, Duncan and Simon, what else d'ya want! I'm so glad they made a come back (':
I just found them on Youtube and once I listened to their songs, I fell in love with the hot Blue band! I'm relieved they got back together, my life just got better. I can literally listen to the hot, talented, and handsome singers my whole day! BLUE IS THE BEST!
This song should be at the number 1 spot, They are better than all of those at the top.
[Newest]Best Boy band ever!

They are my inspiration. I Really Love SMASH :) "SENYUM SEMANGAT"
Keep support smash (seven man as seven heroes)
SM*SH is the best boybands in the world. For people that dislike SM*SH "Remember SM*SH not always alone because, SM*SHBLAST always behind the SM*SH". I as a SM*SHBLAST will always support, proudly, help, care, love, and affection for SM*SH although many obstacle such as many people dislike SM*SH.

SM*SH always for SM*SHBLAST and SM*SHBLAST always for SM*SH
[Newest]I like smash because they my motivator

The Contenders

11Big Time Rush
Kendall is so hot and the whole band is amazing I do have a favorite but I don't mind the rest I am hopefully going to get their new album elevate soon I have not seen it in the shops recently
Big time rush is the best boy band... Especially there songs are best.. They sing really well... Like kendall schimdt he is a good singer, logan henderson is a cute guy, james maslow a best dancer, and carlos pena a funy guy...
I love BTR CARLOS! I'm a RUSHER! I would love to see this at the top 10! At least # 10. Or at least HIGHER than 1D. And have 1D RIGHT after BTR. Kendall is a good singer. James is cute an good as well. Logan is a good singer and has SWAGG. Carlos just makes me melt HIS VOICE AND HOTTNESS. Elevate was a good cd I have it and play it on my stereo. Big Time Rush is also a good cd but I don't have it YET. I can't wait to hear Windows Down music video made in Hawaii! Woho! Can't wait for anything BTR brings us in the future
[Newest]Their literally the best boy band of all time. RUSHER FOREVER!
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12New Kids on the Block
Half of this list wouldn't be here if it werent for NKOTB.
I love em 5 guys, so cute and talented! Plus they're touring w Backstreet Boys nw and the 2 boy bands make a awesome collaboration
They have proven to be the best by having such a successful comeback 20 years later. How many boy bands have done that? And their devotion and love of their fans cannot be compared! I say it proud when I declare myself a Block Head for life! Whoot Whoot! :-)
[Newest]Awesome bunch of guys! Very dedicated talented and Nice to fans.

135 Seconds of Summer
I'm a huge directioner but I think that 5sos should be on the countdown too because even if they aren't a boy band they are really good.
Love these boys! They are the cutest and funniest boys we love you guys keep making us proud and show the haters what you worth. My love for 5sos:unexplainable and growing each day! Calum Michael Ashton Luke forever love you! (:<3<3<3#5sos
These boys really amazing! I think they should be at least 1st or 2nd I mean they are too awesome!
[Newest]I love you guys

14The Wanted
Besides the fame and everything. They are a band who absolutely love their fans and show appreciation to them in every way they could with weekly mailers and videos. They would come out to their fans and give hugs and interact with them. Just generally very nice and sweet lads. Not many celebrities do this for their fans. They are very honest people which some people do not like about them however, it just shows they are being themselves and speak their opinions.
The WANTED don't only make great music they are also great people and aren't just pretty faces like one direction. They are different and amazing and I know that some people don't like them but I do and always will!
I LOVE THE WANTED! And all you lot should to because they are AMAZING! If you have not yet heard one of their songs then go on you tube and check them out! Every single one of them are absoulutely gerogus! But my favourite has to be the youngest and cheekiest, NATHAN SYKES! Seriously guys check them out, I am telling you that you will like them and if you don't then - no affence but there must be something wrong with you! Xx Please it will be worth it! X
[Newest]I Love the wanted I love you guys

I love them! They are hot, sexy, and stylish they have great music that easy to dance too I hope they make it international some day
The 5 shining boys have more achieved then most of the Britain babies. Super Junior, Fighting. SHINee, Fighting!
What can I say about SHINee? Their names say it all! Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, Key and Taemin are not only five singers in a band but are five member of a family. Moreover, they shine in everything from variety to dramas. Also, both their dance choreography and vocals are out of the world. Not only that but they have never ever lip-sync in any of their performance! So therefore, they are a band that I cherish and look up to the most!
[Newest]This band name really suit the member in the band because they are cute, hot and also the way they treat and support each other as family is so perfect. They're absolutely amazing! They're my idols! Their songs and voices are beautiful and catchy. I hope to see this band in top 5 best boy band in the world one day. FIGHTING SHINee

16Il Volo
IL VOLO is in a class of their own as far as boy bands go. I even hate the thought of adding them to this list. It depends on whether your wanting sceaming, exhibitionism, pyrotectics, no real talent, banging on instruments, questionable words & gestures etc. This kind of stuff abounds. But, if you would like to hear real music, soaring voices, extreme talent, multilingual, 3 handsome gorgeous Italian young men, singing with famous singers, and having huge success both in USA and Latin America, listen to them just once, and you'll be hooked.I DARE YOU!
These three young men have just been on the scene for a very few years and they are soaring like on eagles wings. The most incredible voices to ever appear that can sing anything and everything. They drew crowds of over 10, 000 in Mexico City and over 19, 000 in one venue in So America. They can only be described as "unbelievable"!
This boy band consists of 3 young, extremely talented Italian singers. Gianluca Ginoble - Baritone, Piero Barone - Spinto Tenor, & Ignazio Boschetto - Lyric Tenor. They sings Pop/Opera. Both Pop & Opera. Soaring voices, unbelieveable ranges. Popularity raising all over the world very fast. Only 18, 19, &20 yrs old. All ages love them.
[Newest]Finally, real talent, no screaming. Unbelievable sound. They are honest, hard-working, down-to-earth boys that aim to please their ever-growing fan base. They are really too pure to be on this list.
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17The Osmonds
The Osmonds are the best boy band ever, of all time, bar none. Compared to to the Osmonds, all other boy bands fall woefully short. The others are certainly good, but they can never match the talent of the Osmonds' vocals, harmonies, expert playing of so many instruments, dancing, song-writing, and so many other gifts and talents. Nor can the other boy bands match the endurance of the Osmonds who have over 54 years in the business and they are still filling auditoriums with fans. They are also multiplying themselves as seen through the talent of their children. In all of these years, they have maintained their good name and good reputations. That speaks volumes about the best boy band ever!
I have seen numerous concerts since I was a young girl, and I have never heard the Osmonds miss a note, never seen them too busy for their fans, never heard an unkind word, never seen them without a smile on their faces and love in their hearts. Even as very young boys, their voices were perfectly blended and beautiful, they are talented musicians and songwriters, and have been outstanding role models in an industry that has few good role models. Their talent and longevity are amazing!
I've been a Osmond fan for 9 years now, Thanks to Andy Williams; if it wasn't for Andy Williams, there wouldn't been a performing Osmond family on T.V. or on stage; thank God that Andy Williams did let the Osmonds sing on his show and stay on his show, because The Osmonds got a lot of talents from being on the Andy Williams show and kept using their talents when they got off the Andy Williams show and started their own thing in the 70's;now they're are new generations of the Osmonds singing like their dad/mom known as Grandpa/ Grandma for Marie "Great" uncles/aunt for the 3rd generation of the performing Osmonds. The Osmomds will live on and I have to say, that they have my vote.
[Newest]I've been a fan of the Osmonds since the Andy Williams days. There will never be another "boy band" as talented.
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Hanson is one of the best boy bands in the world. They are very intelligent and talented. They composed all of their songs and hits, one of these is the monster hit Mmmbop. They play the instruments where they create really good melodies. They all have beautiful voices. They treasure their fans. They're role models. They all have good attitudes, very down to earth and funny! That's why they have loyal and many fans around the world!
They were famous back then, but their music today is what makes them one of the best "boy bands" of all time if you care to call them that.

They write their own music. ALL OF IT. And they perform instruments instead of dancing with as little talent as some of these other bands out there.
Everything that has been said here is very true. Every song in their album is undoubtedly OUTSTANDING, I mean not just their singles but EVERYTHING in EVERY ALBUM. I know exactly why, because they sing from their hearts and that's really something that HANSON brothers really want to do all their lives.

19Boyz II Men
Harmony like no other. Most albums sold by any band.
These guys sing better than all the other boy bands combined, and with perfect harmony.
They harmonize like no other. Pure music, pure passion, pure talent.
[Newest]They are the best boy band in the world love them

Exo M, Exo K! They're ' awesome! The stage are almost explodes w/ their powerful performance filled w/ their great voices, dances and raps!
"We're One! " no other words could replace this.
When SuHo, Kris, XiuMin, ChanYeol, LuHan, Chen, D. O, BaekHyun, Kai, Lay, Tao and Sehun showed up themselves on the stage, they'll receive crazy fans screaming like hell!
The leader Kris and SuHo, Vocalists' line D. O, BaekHyun, Chen and Luhan, Dancers' and rappers' line, Lay, XiuMin, Kris, Kai, ChanYeol, SeHun and Tao! Love them all <3 forever EXOTICS!
One watch from their videos can leave you wanting more, from dances to singing and also looks, they bring new blood to the entertainment industry. Support EXO
EXO is really something that I've never seen before. They're actually the first Kpop band I thought about looking into (like their songs and stuff, not anything stalker-ish ^^). They're truly like brothers and they complete each other, like slices of a pizza. I wish I knew about them earlier because they just seem like so much fun. Other than through their songs, I pretty much decided to like them through how they were like to one another and how they would joke and have their (funny) fail moments. You have to admit, they're hilarious and their faults make them human. I believe Kris and Luhan will reunite with their brothers and Exo will make it through them. Too bad I didn't get to meet them before and I'm on the other side of the world. Kkaebsong~
[Newest]They should be one of the top 10

21Jonas Brothers
Such an amazing band! Not only are their voices amazing, their lyrics deep, their looks gorgeous and their personalities so kind, but they write all of their own songs, and the music too! They all have big hearts and make some of the deepest, most beautiful music. They are so talent, they can all play the piano and guitar! And little nick who wrote most of their hits when we was only 14 - can also play the drums!
The Jonas Brothers are not really a boyband. They play play multiple instruments (guitar, piano, drums, keyboards, bass etc), they write ALL of their songs and always sing live and never use auto tune. All of these other boybands are irrelevant. Just listen to Turn right or Black Keys and It will prove they are not only the best "boyband" but also one of the best bands of all time
[Newest]They're such a great band very much I really love their music a lot well it's very deep voice to listen to them they are so talent to very gorgeous.

2298 Degrees
Nick lachey is my dream father well he have a great voice

23The Vamps
The Vamps are amazing. They are so talented. They are also good looking. And they have great music. They are a great combination of talent, looks, music, and popularity. They should be #1. One Direction are just bad influences. On the other hand, The Vamps don't share inappropriate content to their younger viewers. Plus, they are the new fresh artists. ♡♡♡♡♡
These boys may not be as popular but man if you listen to them you would understand why they've come so far. like really they are so sweet and great friends with awesome aussie and british bands (1D and 5SOS)
I love the vamps! Besides 5SOS and 1D they are awesome! So talented! Catchy music, I bet they'll be recognized for it soon!
[Newest]I agree that the vamps are superb... They should be in top 5... But please one direction is not bad influences... They are the best and will be... I should agree the vamps are really good

I vote a1 because they are my favorite boyband in the whole world they are talented of course they know how to play instruments, wrote their own songs, they can dance and perform very well in their concerts and they are all good looking... :-)
This was a tough fight! So many awesome bands here, but my love for a1 prevailed! Grew up with them and still growing old with them! Their current songs are so easy to relate to as it's practically my life story!
A1 is the best boyband! THEY CAN WRITE THEIR OWN SONGS AND THEY CAN PLAY INSTRUMENTS!.. And they are really good to their fans! They accept friend request in Facebook, follow back, retweet and reply on twitter! A1 really love their fans THAT'S WHY WE LOVE THEM!
[Newest]The best band of all!

Don't wanna lose you again!
We love you guys
Ben, heaven voice
Christian, wonderful voice
Mark, hot/cool voice
Paul, soft/rock perfect..

I have been listening their songs since I was seven years old. They are the greatest boy band ever in the history according to my point of view. 'PLEASE GUYS NEVER SPLIT UP AGAIN. 'May Stephen's soul rest in peace.
The only reason these five lads haven't made it higher up the list is because only Stephan and Ronan sing. But they're true superstars!
Ronan Keating <3 he's got the voice and the looks!

They're not a boyband, not in the sense of the other 'bands' in this category. They're so much better than that, they still have haters 8 years on but they are just ignorant of McFly's most recent work. The days of writing songs like Obviously and All about you are long gone. Check them out now people and live, you're sure to be a fan soon if you do.
They are amazing and I never thought that a band could help you get through things by just singing. They are all great guys and they will forever be my favorite band, so mcfly all the way!
[Newest]This is love! Go go go goo! FIGHTING

27Union J
I KNOW that UNION J is the best boy band. They are actually #1 but they are a new boy band and they are just getting started! What I know is that there voices are VERY BEAUTIFUL and there music ALWAYS touches my heart! I know that 1D is really famous & I know why! They just had a good timing! But if you just listen to them live, only 2 of them can sing & 3 DON'T! I know 100% that one day Union J will stand in the top 10 boybands & even maybe the FIRST BOY BAND, and why? The answer is simple... ALL FOUR CAN ACTUALLY SING LIVE! They have funny & beautiful personalities. & for the Directioners this is my openion that not all of them can sing live, not only my openion but a lot of people think that too, so don't get me wrong. UNION J IS VERY TALENTED and if you don't believe me, go to YouTube and listen to one of there songs LIVE! Then you will see how wonderful they can actually sing!
To me union j are 1st, yeah I am a huge jcat, and when directioners and other fan bases call them union j it makes me so angry that I think of one direction and other bands as a dot! I know other fan bases will disagree with me on this and to be honest I don't really care! The first time I saw triple j and just monkey loving George, I I instantly fell in love. So I have been there from the start along with a billion other jcats. I know union j aren't the next Beatles for all you, they are to us jcats. Union j don't copy one direction for all you liars out there thinking it! They did say they are the next one direction. But they didn't mean personality and crap they meant in the charts hitting number one! Get union j to the top!
Union J is such a true boy band. They are honest in their music and you can actually feel what message they try to get across. Even if they didn't win in XFactor 2012 I know that they will be big. They have already released 2 singles called Carry You and Beautiful Life.
[Newest]I love you guy like love

I love them for their beautiful songs and amazing dances.. They are so cool and I've falling il love with them since their debut... They are five and always be five... Always keep the faith to all cassies..
TVXQ as five was the best but I still love homin! They're sexy and amazingly talented. They deserve to be number 1. Never has there been a band that has comforted me, made me cry, and made me feel so happy until TVXQ. I love you so much. TVXQ FIGHTING! AKTF!
As a member of the biggest fanclub in the world, Cassie's can't help but say TVXQ is the best boy band. Not only are our boys talented, and good looking, but their personalities are what make us love them more! Their songs are wonderful, and while three stars are currently gone, Cassie's will Always Keep The Faith. No one can beat the Rising Gods of The East
[Newest]TVXQ should be in the top 10

I love nuest. I love ren so much. Nu'est will return with a powerful style and Mature
Nu'est fighting. LO/Es Vietnam always stand by you
Nu'est is so handsome and I love Ren Nu'est very much

Their acrobatic performances are the most unique thing a group has ever made.
They treat fans worldwide very well.
They focus their performances not to individual necessity, but to create a perfect teamwork harmony.
They have incredible teamwork, and they never fail to show their true honest sides on T.V.. HOTTESTS FOREVER
They are so funny, had many talent and 2PM always love hottest..
So hottest alway love 2PM too..
So don't stop, never stop, until you reach the top..
2PM Fighting!

Lawson are the best boy ban ever, they are amazingly talented and goodlooking, they have amazing voices and personalities, they are funny, and down to earth. There songs are meaningful unlike other bands songs. Andy Brown the main singer helped write there songs and the bands name is the dr's name that treated Andy when he had a brain tumor, that also has a meaning. They are just AMAZING!
They're hot, kind and amazing people, they write their own music and play it and have beautiful voices, there's nothing not to like!
Their crazy cute and nice songs by the way.

Amazing and one of the most important bands of all history, incredible comedy and WONDERFUL music, sure, they used studio musicians on the first 2 LP, but hey, Headquarters is one of the top 5 greatest albums ever, still making impact today. The only band I would ever dare to compare with THE Beatles.
The Monkees are an awesome band


33Bay City Rollers
BCR's STILL have a massive WORLD WIDE fan base that have been loyal since the 1970's. They conquered America which most bands today fail to do and if a band today does manage it they have had A LOT of management input and influence. Their music is still played and there is a Radio station that every Wednesday afternoon plays Bay City Rollers songs for 2 hours. I have ALWAYS been a fan and ALWAYS will be. They were our first lovecand will always hold a special place in ALL fans hearts.
I think they are the best band, I have always loved their music. The best 100% now and forever.
The best ever now & forever!
[Newest]Loved them then and now...40 years later... Lets see how many bands have that kind of fan base. They were highly underrated and overlooked

SS501 is the best band, Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, and Kim Hyung Jun are the best
I love them I think you all don't know their songs and them properly
We love them. you're the best.

35Swedish House Mafia
SHM is not a boy band. They are old enough to be called men.

36O Town
They have an amazing voice I listen yo all or nothing that song it's blew me away wow
Pure joy to see his group come together, to see them perform in person, and to hope they can reunite soon! (:>)

IM5 are amazing! They are hot, and amazing singers. I've been a 5er for about 3 or 4 years now and I don't regret one minute of it. All I have to say is THANK YOU. I don't know what I would do if my best friend and I had ever found these boys. One day they will be more recognized like One Direction and 5SOS, and the other 5ers will be with them every step of the way.
I love them and miss dalton but they're still great with David
IM5 are amazing! They are amazing singers, they have amazing looks, ILTSM! All I could say to them is THANK YOU, because if it was not for them, I don't know where or who I would be today. They are life savers. Did not matter whether it was a mashup, cover, or even their song, just their voices touched me. They will be noticed one day like 1D or 5SOS, but for now they just have amazing fans who care about them and love them so much!
[Newest]Best boy band ever

I love them and they are amazing! They have had so many number 1's and awards. I can't believe people don't like them, they might not like their music but they are so nice and the most down to earth celebs I know! They do so much charity work including their own foundation for cancer. They are splitting up after only 6 years and lots of people are saying they only done it for music but if you look right back their audition you know how badly they wanted this dream and they are still going to carry on but doing their own things. Its just another chapter for the jls boys!
They can sing, dance, and have the best characters and are great role model! They give back to the public and really appreciate their fans. Fame have definitely not change them!
[Newest]Aston, JB, Marvin oristse are amazing!

Man! Just listen their songs... You will fall in love with them, guaranteed... Just try them one time... My favorite boy band of all time
Best Rock Band.
They could not make it further more but what they did, it was awesome, cool stuff.
Now Mcbusted's singing their songs.

They are the best band ever. Even though they might only have 2 people now, they do EVERYTHING in their power to make their fans happy and to produce good music. Their lyrics are heartfelt, tearjerking, and make you want to dance all at the same time. They have amazing voices, even better personalities and are all around good people who just want to produce good music. They don't care about fame or money, just the music and making others happy. And isn't that what its all about?
They are amazing. The lyrics to all the songs are perfect and the good looks certainly help top!
I love you guy and sorry about drew Chadwick!

41Mindless Behavior
Mindless behavior should be in the top 20 because they are the BEST BAND EVER! And because they are so cute, they have the looks, the swagg, the vocals, the dance moves, and last but not least the awesome mindless fans. They inspire so many fans to be believe in their self and don't let anyone bring them down. And they helped me build so much confidence in myself. I <3 MB!
Mindless Behavior should be in the top 10 because not only they can sing they can also dance. They are inspired by many artist like Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. They are also some of the cutest boys on earth to tell the truth. STP
They should be in the top 10 because of their unique voices and not like most of the boy groups listed they can dance like some of the best dances in the world from Michael jackson to chris brown
[Newest]These boys are beyond sexy like I can't even tell you how good they are!

42Marianas Trench
Marianas Trench are by far my favorite boy band of all time not only do they have good looks (their cute) but they also all have terrific music and voices especially the lead signer Josh Ramsay and they also play all the instruments themselves so if you like rock and pop music then I suggest searching up one of their songs! (my favorite song is celebrity status)
I saw these guys in concert and that was one of the best concerts ever, josh is hot ;-)
Marianas Trenc is a amazing and totally awesome band! I would kill to go see them I concert
A perfect boyband just heard of them but now love them


Boy friend is the best ever. I love boyfriend because it's just awesome
Boyfriend Daebakk,
I Like Boyfriend
I'm BestFriend Forever

45Hey! Say! JUMP
I personally do not belong to JUMP fandom anymore, yet I should say that JUMP is awesome! It consists of ten brilliant members (and now it's only 9). Hey! Say! JUMP is not a kind of Idol Group that you can find it anywhere, it's rarely to be found. They can not only sing, dance, and act, but also acrobat, play instruments, and even arrange and write a song. They even can change their form from boy band (? ) into a band. Their real life is also awesome! Some of them are also smart. They also have a good attitude towards their fans.
Hey! Say! JUMP are amazing! They're extremely hard working and so inspirational. They deserve much more recognition globally than they already have and I hope they keep going for ages!
Well, what can I say? THEY ARE MY ULTIMATE INSPIRATION! I've known these guys since temporary Hey! Say! 7 days, and I've seen them grow. Somehow, I have been with them since day 1. Their concerts are truly amazing. I've seen one, the one in Hong Kong! These guys can sing, dance, act, write songs, play instruments and do death-defying stunts! And these guys do not forget about their studies! Three of them are now at college! I LOVE THEM FOREVER
[Newest]Their performance is very cool and cute! They can sing many kind of songs. They are just starting their walk but they will be a monster group few years later. I can believe them because I can see their possibility. Hey! Say! JUMP is awesome!
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46Michael Learns To Rock
They might be legends but they are popular only in Asia, that's the reason why even being older than the backstreet boys they are not at the top. It doesn't mean that I don't like their songs, their songs are almighty love songs.
Should be number 1 :P. They've been around for 2 decades. They taught us how to listen to each other. I've seen many bands from the past disband. But MLTR is surviving. Their music is an everlasting love song. And please do listen to their newest album ^_^
I'm so shocked this one has to be on no.4

Very Good Songs.. Especially Out Of My Heart.
My favorite band I wil never forget them this band ia my favorite of all the time

48Musical Youth
Musical Youth was a British reggae band. They are best remembered for their successful 1982 single "Pass the Dutchie", which became a number 1 hit around the world. The band recorded two studio albums, and released a number of successful singles throughout 1982 and 1983, including a collaboration with Donna Summer. Musical Youth earned a Grammy Award nomination before disbanding in 1985 after a series of personal problems.
They were the true defination of talent.




Akcent is the best boy band they should be the number one in the list... please go through there all songs and then rearrange the list and make the akcent first... !
Akcent is number 1 band in the world akcent songs are really heart touching songs
What... Have you guys didn't listen akcent songs... All r like best... With so mch energy... Akcent is master on techno... What is this... He shouldbe in top 3.. I mean they deserve it.. Please just go through their songs...
1. That's my name
2. Stay with me
3. My passion
4. King of disco
5. Delight
They all r theirs best in my list... Just like o amazing... Plzjus go through it and vote... One of the best bands... So pity no one know them.. Otherwise they r definitely gonna top 3

They are very good boy.
and they are very good voice, too.
they are first of one ballad idol.
2AM is the best ballad singing group ever. Each member has a unique
They've good voice!

They can dance, entertain, sing though they're ballad boy group. I admire their talent. By anyway, I think they are handsome too .

There're many boy group but 2AM is the best.

Jo Kwon, Jin Woon, Seulong, ChangMin, we're proud to be IAM. 2AM hwaiting!

54Tokio Hotel


AND a South Korean boy band formed by NH Media in 2008. Their name is an acronym, standing for Ubiquitous Korean International idol Super Star. The group consists of Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, Kevin, Dongho, Hoon and AJ (the latter two joining the group in 2011)

They are so talent... Their vocal power are amazing, their songs make me happy and they give calm to my heart, they are awesome I love them cause they love what they do even if they have hard times they show their sincere smiles and never give it up UKISS KISS MES love you :) a Colombian kiss me with a lack English
Their music good their have beautiful voice all of them
i love ukiss

JYJ truly deserves to be on the #1 position for being a three-member group who have created amazing craze amongst fans in a matter of less than 2 years and still going strong amongst fans. They're brilliant as artists and as persons and have written and composed their own songs, which they sing during their concerts! JYJ's world tour concert of 2011 has created huge waves not amongst fans of Asia but also in U. S and other European countries. They are internationally acclaimed and are even now composing new songs! Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu- JYJ truly deserve to be #1 as a boyband! &
JYJ! They are not just your regular Kpop group. These three men have been around the world and have completed the first ever and true WORLDWIDE tour. Unlike other Kpop groups that only go to two or three countries, JYJ made stops in every corner of the world and were successful.
JYJ that have only the most distinctive voices, can reach high notes, singing with a variety of tones and the only boy band that can sing with a beautiful timbre, members can act, dance and play musical. They also received many awards.

They're Taiwanese boy band, they can act very well and sing very well. Love em especially ken zhu



Xoix is the xtraordinary boyband in Indonesia.
They are have first album. They're have fans, is XOwners.

We proud to be XOwners (>^ω^<)
My idol inspiration this is XO-IX xtra xtra ordinary yeahh you rock guys!
[Newest]XO-IX is boy band the best


63CN Blue
CNBLUE fighting... Love them so much, their music is awesome... Jung yong hwa oppa, fighting
Cn blue the best band 4 ever
Yong oppa saranghae

64Dave Clarke 5

65NYC Boys
Chinen Yuri was so cute in here x3

66Caught in the Act
The best boy band ever CITA - Forever friends and very close to their fans, Thank you for everything
Good boyband of 90's unfortunately they don't want to come back. Baby come back! I remember the best ever concert I've ever seen Bravo Super Show'1997, they were there too with Backstreet Boys, Warlds Apart, East17, N'Sync, No Mercy and etc. Good times and I still hope for their come back

67The Boys


69Another Bad Creation

I vote for them because I think that Kat-tun, like others Johnny's bands, are really talented, they can do everything and their originality has no limit! Japanese music will rule the world!
Kat-tun is a great and extremely talented band. They have been working so hard for so many years. And they were the very first band to have concerts at Tokyo Dome before their debut, I'm pretty sure! Hyphens for the win!
I believe KAT-TUN to be the best band for their brilliant range of talents. Every member has a unique style and individual talent. From rapping, beatboxing, harmonizing, and having a multi-octave voice range, I honestly think KAT-TUN is ultimately the best.

Love B2ST so much <3 they working really hard in both singing and dancing! There songs are really good and meaningful :) I can't wait for their come back! B2ST and B2UTY forever
Awesome, since they're very good in height and very good singers.

72Before You Exit
I love Before You Exit Official Music Video "Dangerous, Soldier, and I Like That". It was an awesome performance! ^_^
I love Before You Exit so much especially their song Dangerous!
I love before you exit they have grate songs
[Newest]I love be fore you exit!

73Hi Five

INFINITE has everything the looks, vocal, rappers, and dancers. Not to mention that they are best known for their 99.9% synchronization when performing. Their main dancer can be the main vocal and their main vocal can also be their best dancer. This 7 member kpop group has all the requirements to be one of the best boy bands. What sets them apart from the rest of the groups is the personalities that each of them have, they are all unique and bring their own flavor to the group. Once you see them performing you'll see how well they can sing and dance. Go to the link and you'll see how well they perform (
I don't know if you'll become an Inspirit {their fans are called Inspirits} after watching them but I hope you do because they have what it takes to be the best boy band.
I'm an Inspirit!
Infinite is the best group I ever seen! Love Infinite! <3
I love your song you guy sing so good you guy are amazing like amazing!

75Coboy Junior
Coboy junior! You are ROOKIE!
I'm Coboy Junior COMATE!
Coboy Junior is the first boyband in Indonesia, äñϑ they're very very famous, Coboy Junior IS THE BEST, äñϑ I'm COMATE! Laff you COBOY JUNIOR

Their songs serenaded the Philippines back in the 90's. It's too bad they're not active anymore.
Their songs touched our hearts until now.. in fact, radios plays their songs here in the Philippines even if they are not active anymore. their songs will remain in the hearts of all filipinos.

Oh come on! Not even in the top 50? Songs like "You are stuck in my heart" and "You are the one" are so sweet! They should definitely get more votes guys! Plus, they're so cute :')

78Plus One

79F.T. Island
The best band ever.. Hong ki had an angel voice.. And the band is very greet

S4S4S4S4S4S4S4 FIGHTING!, they're sexy, sweet, sentimental and smart boyband, the real boyband from indonesia, we proud for S4 and pray for them to be winner!
Great voice and dance
I love s4 they are just amazing they are my number one
I really love them(alif, jeje, arthur, and firly)
Please vote for them
Their dancing is just amazing
Please vote for them
[Newest]Love you S4, be the best for S4-US

81Irish Rovers

-> They're really the BEST Taiwanese boyband right after F4! There's nothing but the buest with members Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang, and Wu Chun! Wo You, Wo Yao, Wo Ke Yi! Fei Lun Hai~GO GO GO! FAHRENHEIT JIA YOU!

83New Edition
They are a cool group and they have really great music!

Bap is the best band ever
It's the best band ever

This group is really one of the best in the Philippines. They started in a local TV show and they are on their way to success.


Vote vote vote
Them please

I love them very much.. !
Every time I watch them in party pilipinas I feel like I'm going to faint because of they're voice and smiles.. !
All I wanna do is scream my lungs out.. !

And I love XLR8 because they really love their fans in every aspects.. !
They tried to make their fans really happy.. !
So guys keep up the good work.. !

Love them so much
From the bottom of my heart

87Sexy Zone
The new group in Jhonny Entertaiment.. But they so amazing! I think they will be BEST Japan BOYBAND!

88Block B
Block B fighting! Not only a boyband, they are artists! Derpy, talented and sexy!

89Teen Top
Teen top need some love too! Angel forever!

90Midnight Red
I love you colton and eric. your sexy

91Dream Street
LOVE THEM FOREVER! They are old and didn't have that many popular singles but I will always be a fan. Cutest boys ever, plus jesse mccartney!
Yeah I wish they reunite! Jesse McCartney rocks, I just love him...
Words are not enough to describe him..

92One True Voice

90s boyband what got your body shakin lee spike and jimmy


95JJ Project
They smell like fried nose holes

96Morning Parade

They are so talent
B5 deserves to be forth because their the best, their good singers, they know how to dance, and their hot

98East 17



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