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2Isn't It a Wonder
3No Matter What
4Baby Can I Hold You
5Love Me for a Reason

Without doubt the best pop song from the 90s and best Boyzone song ever!

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6I Love the Way You Love Me

One of the most beautiful songs ever by Boyzone. This should at least be in the top 3.

I Love this song, when I m listerning I remember something it will never come back to my life. Ricky Angom from India.

7All That I Need

All beautiful fellows should agree that "all that I need" is the best song...
And should be the number 1

8Everyday I Love You
9Love You Anyway
10Father and Son

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11Key to My Life
12Love Is a Hurricane
13Love Is a Hurricane
14Heaven Is

Must be in the top 10... Symphony

15If Tomorrow Never Comes
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