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41 Home Home

I'm sorry but the first 2 albums really need a lot more recognition than what they're getting. I hate to sound like the old school guy, but I honestly think the first 2 albums are by far the best!

I second that! The first album is the defining one. Every song is awesome. The top ten on here is really not a good representation. Yeah some of them are good, but nothing like the first album. And this song, is just my favorite off of the album, but it's a difficult choice. - jMag220

Home represents everything that growing up is: half the time wanting to be allowed more freedom ("Can you let me go"), the other half just wanting to return to when things were easy and stories like the Wizard of Oz were believable ("There's no place like home"). Unforgettable.

This is easily my favorite Breaking Benjamin song EVER. I don't know what you freaks are talking about. If I could chose a song for someone to sing to me on my last day of my life than this would probably be it

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42 Next to Nothing Next to Nothing

This song really should be higher on the list

Its amazing and way too UNDERRATED

43 Sugarcoat Sugarcoat

Great song by BB... almost as good as polyamorous when it comes to saturate, on the heavier side :D surprised its not higher, love the chorus

44 Shallow Bay Shallow Bay

An awesome song. Not so much because of the meaning, but it just rocks. Definitely shows the harder side of Breaking Benjamin's music. Extremely good rhythm and keeps me captivated.

A favorite off of their first and one of their best albums Saturate, along with Home, Medicate and Water

I thinks that this is one of the best songs of breaking benjamin

This should be top 5 in my opinion the song punches rhythmically at the right times then comes backs to "and I fell upon a shallow bay"! Its really filled with energy at the right times.

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45 Skin Skin

I listen to breaking Benjamin a lot. So much that I've listenes and learned the name of each and every song they have released. Many favourites have been changed but this song is what I wouldn't change when ever it comes on in my play list. An amazing song and totally overrated. It shouldn't be this below in the list. It must be around top 10.

Extremely underrated, awesome beat. How did the likes of Without You & Anthem Of Angels get ahead of this?

Idon't believe this guys please listen to this song...
Underrated but iconic song!

46 Breaking the Silence Breaking the Silence

After 6 years, they have finally broken the silence

The best from Dark Before Dawn! It reminds me of their album Saturate!

Best song produced by Breaking Ben

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47 Medicate Medicate

This is one of the best song, it is so catchy.

Are you kidding me? This is one of their best songs, it's as good as Polyamorous if not better. The lyrics are awesome too:
Run away, make hate and get laid, get laid. You tie me up, I've had enough so medicate, medicate.

48 Natural Life Natural Life

Such a simple yet amazing song. I love the simple poly-rhythm (6/8 over 4/4).

Wow, the last song on the list. Well, that's what you get with a band where literally every song is spot on perfect.

Best bridge of any song I've heard; BB or not. I love the simplicity of the song. It needs to be top 15.

49 Water Water

Best chorus ever. Why the is this song so low in this list, you people obviously didn't listen too all their songs, only the popular ones, you should listen to all their albums, then you are qualified to vote

Wow people this is the best song by breaking benjamin it is way better than the dairy of jane (to me) listen to it more than once and tell me it is not good. Really underrated and what about

I've heard every song and love them all but this is my favorite by far

Pumps up everyone.. should be better on the list

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50 Close to Heaven Close to Heaven

This song is actually amazing guys, has to be on my top tens. I just love hearing Ben sing from really low and soft to really high and have the same power. This song deserves some recognition

This song has to be higher! Best song on the album!

Best song from dark before dawn

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51 Wish I May Wish I May

Should be much much much higher. This is one of the first Breaking Benjamin songs that I heard, and I loved it so much that I had to hear more of their stuff. Please, If you haven't heard this song, you must listen to it.

Great song, third breaking benjamin song I heard. It should be much higher. This song has an epic chorus. Its just so loud and powereful which makes it so cool!

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52 Breakdown Breakdown

Number 39! WHAT THE HELL! It should be at top 20, it's so good that I can't stop listening to it!

You gotta be kidding me. 39? Wow. I figured this song would at least be 15-20

What?! Breakdown the 29th Oh my god it can't be real! It's still not an excellent one like the diary of jane but it's one of my favorites! Just try it! And especially in it's beginning

It will be at top 61

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53 The Great Divide The Great Divide

Come on! You're kidding me? Easily good enough to be on top 15 at least!

One of the best comeback songs by BB. Deserves to be at least in top 15. The chorus is just out of the world!

Another good song from dark before dawn album...
Just awesome... Zilkad...

54 No Games No Games

One of BB's most underrated song. Then again, this list shouldn't exist for me. If you ask me, there is NO BB song better than the other. I think Diary Of Jane is as good as Ordinary Man. I think Home, is as good as Blow Me Away. Here We Are, as good as Give Me A Sign, etc. To me they are all on the same level. I may give Sooner Or Later a lot more priority since it was the song that introduced me to Breaking Benjamin.

The best breaking benjamin song of all time.

Beautiful Song, Totally underrated... Do have a listen if you have not.

The best Breaking Benjamin song hands down.

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55 Enjoy the Silence Enjoy the Silence

For those who don't know, this is a Depeche Mode cover.

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56 Bury Me Alive Bury Me Alive

This should be number 2 u morons breathe is number one then this whoever made up this list is an idiot. Then its hard it can be dance witj devil, you, angels fall, had enough,hopless, diary of jane, fade away, hallow

Head blasting guitar riff...
Totally amazing...
When you start listening to this song,you cannot deny yourself to listen it again and again... Zilkad

57 Never Again Never Again

This song should be number one it sounds so fantastic so emotional it's the best song from Breaking Benjamin it's also a great comeback after 4 years it's so awesome keep doing what you're good at Breaking Benjamin

The new number 1. Don't believe me give it a listen.

Another fantastic song from their recent album..
Never again is beautiful as breaking Benjamin...

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58 Better Days Better Days

Are you guys sure this song doesn't deserve this place...such an awesome song with awesome lyrics...hear this song for life...


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59 Phase Phase

Awesome song, the beginning is epic and so is the end. Very under-appreciated album in general, Saturate was their best album in my opinion.

This is my absolute favorite off of Saturate. The drum solo in the beginning is LEGENDARY! Very empowering song and deserves to be in the top 10, then again all Breaking Benjamin songs deserve a high title.

Who the hell votes here? Where are the people with taste? At least give this song a shot, it's worth it!

Ha! This song is amazing. You guys really don't have any sense of music. I could listen to the intro over and over.

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60 Lady Bug Lady Bug V 2 Comments
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