Best British Bands of the 21st Century


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Best band ever, no one can ever compare to Muse. They throw bits of classical music in, while still being insanely epic, all the time. Always original, and amazing live.
Muse are the best band this country have seen in a very long time. With matt's mad guitar solos, cris's melodic bass and dome's epic drums this band are what makes Briton great.
They're so amazing I could cry. Then I once was at their concert in Manchester, it was so epic! Muse are genius, they have the best music ever!
[Newest]Never saw a band that was or is as versatile as Muse. Successfully goes into many different genres while always staying faithful to rock. You cannot be objective when it comes to things such as music, but subjective, this is my favourite band. Sixteen years of music and still going strong. I can see why they do not deserve to be first, or even in the top ten, but they at least should be a few higher. They're just magnificent.
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Still the best, even though their heyday was in the 90s. Coldplay is a close second.
My ex introduced their music to me and I fell in love with this English band. Plus they were his neighbors as they grew up. They are the best.
oasis is the best band ever. Its a shame that its third on the list.
[Newest]One Direction laugh out loud. said no one EVER

Just because I grew up with them I adore them! Such beautiful songs makes me wonder if they are one of the best bands of all times. When they speak seem to be silly, but they are kidding: maybe there are bands like MUSE and Radiohead which make complex experimental music (I like both band indeed) nonetheless Coldplay's songs are always harmonic and they put their soul and heart in them, so I just cannot stand it! Listen to songs like The Scientist, Fix you, Trouble, In my place, Yellow and their masterpiece, Viva la Vida and you will be convinced! Their music is not only gorgeous, complex too!
Great Music! Can't stop listening to it. And not gay at all.
I love 60s and 70s music. There was so much progression and creativity in music during those decades, and, in my opinion, no modern band will ever be able to replicate the masterpieces and geniuses of the 60s and 70s. But Coldplay comes damn close. I have not taken the time to explore modern music very much due to it being bogged down in mainstream pop crap and worse that fails to contain a note of creative thought. However, since becoming familiar with Coldplay, it has become clear that there are a few bands out there today that still value innovation, creativity, good melodies, actual orchestration, and poetic lyrics. I'm not saying Coldplay is the best band of the 21st century, as I have not listened to enough modern artists to have a real opinion. But Coldplay is the first modern band of this caliber I have found, and so they will always be the most important to me for introducing me to the creative influences extant today. I now look forward to discovering other great bands that still produce albums today. Thank you Coldplay for reviving my faith in the modern music industry.
[Newest]I love Coldplay absolutely obsessed
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4Arctic Monkeys
I like coldplay, oasis and muse, but the artic monkeys are AMAZING and even though I like all the bands above I still think the artic monkeys ARE the band of the 21 century, and alex was fit
Who let Muse get to 1? I like Coldplay and Oasis, despite only two of their albums in 00s were any good. Franz Ferdinand are rightly in the top ten, too, as with Radiohead. But Mumford and Sons? Why? Arctic Monkeys are the most consistently good band - only Humbug was a slight letdown. They've reinvented themselves a few times, and the results have always been good. Alex Turner is a great lyricist, and the songs are brilliant too. No band this century has been as good as the Arctic Monkeys.
Not just the best band of the 21st Century, but (in my opinion) they are the best band of all time. Their music is just so fantastic. Every album sounds completely different than another. Recommending them to people is difficult because you have to try and find the right AM sound for them. If they like more pop "Suck it and see" more of a rocker? "Whatever people Say I am that's what I'm not". They just keep getting better!
[Newest]The best band ever (in my opinion)

Most creative band of the last 20 years, they proved they could make different kind of music genres
Most creative band of the last 20 years one album after the other. Yorke's voice is unbelievable. Their videos are pieces of art.
Radiohead are the best British Rock band after The Beatles. Why aren't they in the 1st place? Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and Ed O'Brien! Paranoid Android, 2 2=5, There There, Fake Plastic Trees, Street Spirit, Nude, Lucky, Exit Music (For A Film)! Just Perfect.
[Newest]They are some of the most talented individuals I have ever seen. Best modern band, ever.

6Iron Maiden
Its a British band I was not knowing... Its a joke iron maiden is a legendary band. It deserve number 1 place.. This band has inspired other bands.. It is at no 9th place... It is not possible, it is not possible, it is not possible, it is not possible... Please vote for iron maiden...
Can't believe they're not higher up the list!
Seriously. Maiden are gods. Give yourselves a shake.
[Newest]IRON MAIDEN is the best band not muse!

7Franz Ferdinand
I'm from the U.S. and I can't find anything as unique and original as Franz Ferdinand! Especially living in Arizona, it's not something that's usually come across, but I saw them open for Green Day and they were incredible! Definitely up there in my top bands with Muse, plus it's undeniable that their songs are catchy and infectious


9Led Zeppelin
"Hi, I'm a Led Zeppelin fan and although my favorite band has not released any album since 1982 I still want to have this band in the top ten of the best British bands of the 21st century."

Learn to read, there are other top tens where Led Zeppelin can shine legitimately.
I find it hard to believe that Oasis are even in this list! But to be above Zeppelin is just stupid laugh out loud!
Seriously. This list is lacking severely. Not having led zepplin up there is board lining on sacralige.

10Mumford & Sons
This has to be at least top 10 come on people this is REAL music right here
Love mumford and sons!
Mumford and Sons is AMAZING. My brother has even met themĀ¬

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I have loved the band for as long as I can remember and still love them now they are the best band I have ever known of and play all their own music and they write them too also they have written books and not many bands do that. McFly may have been around for 10 years but I love them to bits and will never replace them on my top ten list of my favorite bands and they are at the top. They are so inspirational in the way they have taken part in different shows like Harry won Strictly come dancing and Dougie won I'm a celeb get me out of here. With Tom and Harry both married they show that they are not fancy posh celebs they are normal people and kind and that's why I think they are the best
Mcfly are an inspirational band. Not only do they support many charities and promote many great causes, their music has helped thousands of young people through tough times with uplifting and quirky songs. They have gained a massive following, not only in the uk, but the world. Their journey from boys to men hasn't been easy, however the music has helped them as well as so many of their fans.
I just love this band. It's not even a boys band cause they actually write all of their music and they play their own instruments! Danny, Tom, Dougie and Harry: they are all very talented! I totally agree with the other comment!
[Newest]Radio:ACTIVE is one of my favourite albums ever.

12Asking Alexandria
Asking Alexandria is probably one of the best metalcore bands. They have changed tremendously and they have really "grown up" I think they should be ranked higher but at least they are part of the top 10
They're the best they defiantly deserve to be higher than one direction so why aren't they? VOTE FOR AA OR ARCTIC MONKEYS
Love this band. They really deserve to be ranked higher than
Bullet For My Valentine. And Black Sabbith should be number 1

13Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Top quality music. We have indeed the chance of having Noel's pure talent on its own.

14Bring Me the Horizon
Although people are always going to disagree with one another I personally think that some of the top 10 at the moment don't deserve the spot as much as this band.
They're first two albums were way to metalcore to be popular, but suicide season was much easier to enjoy and their last two albums, especially septernal are stunning, unique, fresh
They've developed really well as a band and I'm sure they'll get better as they progress.

15Bullet For My Valentine
BFMV are the best band, Fever the best album and The Last Fight, Tears Don't Fall and Scream Aim Fire the best songs.
Bullet comes first any day! They are truly the best band in the world, no one, no band, no sounds could ever compete with them! They are NUMBER 1! BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE FOR LIFE!
How the hell are wrong direction higher than these? Bullet For My Valentine are awesome! Loving their new stuff, but nothing beats fever
[Newest]Best band. Awesome music style and the singer is awesome

For me personally, they're my second favourite band of all time, only beaten by the Beatles. They draw inspiration from so many great bands and their music spans many genres. They've made so many great songs over the years that have been used for so many events. Kasabian for number one.
This band writes songs that will stay with me forever! I'll never forget a single lyric! I put my iPod on repeat and listened to their album Empire all night long! (until it ran out of batteries)
Possibly the best live act I have seen, followed very closely by Biffy Clyro and Red Hot Chili Peppers! No other act has exceeded the standards of their recordings in their live performances to the extent of Kasabian, no doubt about it.

Gorrilaz gained most of their fame with their Demon Days album... Which was produced by an American, DJ Dangermouse. So, they should be removed from this list.
original music, ANIMATED BAND. plus, theres only 1 person for music and one for the art.
The originality of Damon Albarn combining synth and other instruments make him a great artist. Some underrated songs of Gorillaz should be better known.
[Newest]That is not how you spell Gorillaz


19Take That
A very good band
Okay when it's all 5 of them
The best on this list

20One Direction
I love them and I think the should made more songs. They're talented and so amazing and incredible. I wished they could make songs about the world I think it'll be awesome. But just do what are you doing right now because you guys are amaZAYN, phenomiNIALL, extraordinHARRY, fabuLouis and fave brilLIAM. Love you all, directioners xx
Are you kidding me. NOPE. A "band" is where the members actually play their own instruments and the sorry, talentless group of One Direction are insults to music.
One Direction are my inspirations and they make me feel like I matter to the world, listening to their song also cheers me up when I'm having a bad day!
[Newest]I love them they are amazing obsessed by far!

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