Best British Female Singers

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The Top Ten

Leona Lewis
A Voice that is unparalleled, Leona Lewis proves that talent is the only thing needed to be successful. Great songs and great lyrics for a phenomenal voice. Leona is all about music, and that is why she is so sensational!
Leona Lewis has an amazing voice and deserves more fame for this. She deserves many more hits then she does. Untalented people roam the charts and now it's Leona's turn.
Lewis' music is known for its heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melodies. In combination with her stunning voice and incredible vocal range she becomes a force to be reckoned with.
[Newest]Leona Lewis is the epitome of beauty, talent, class, and humility... She has and is everything! This woman is AMAZING!

People like Adele come once in a few generations. They become a living poem, a moving masterpiece. Comparing just becomes silly.
God she is the best singer ever. Her songs like 'Someone Like You', 'Skyfall', 'Rolling In The Deep' and 'Set Rain To Fire'(rather the whole album - '21') are so so so awesome. I just simply LOVE her strong, mature and deep voice. But I am missing her a lot nowadays! She is so inspiring. Can you all believe she is so good and she is just 26 years old!
She is the crossover singer in the history of female singers in the world. 21 is still topping across various charts. Can you believe it?
[Newest]She is absolutely marvellous...

3Amy Winehouse
If we speak about really great voice, this girl should be # 1. Besides, she sang not because she wanted to be famous singer, like others did. She simply couldn't live without singing. That's why she IS famous now.
If it hadn't been for Amy Winehouse this list would have been almost empty. She opened up for many other female artist plus she gave the world a lot with her talent. She is amazing and she will always be remembered. Her voice is better than most artists that exist. We love Amy Winehouse and she definitely should be number one on this list.
As a matter of fact, amy is the only one on this list who can be called a legend. She was a genius, and to our dismay the price of a genius is her ultimate tragic death. Simply peerless, both voice and image-wise.
[Newest]Such soul and beauty

4Jessie J
Jessie J never fails when she sings, and she cannot only sing, but she can also beatbox and play with her voice in so many other ways. You can feel her mood when she sings. You can feel her emotions, and it is very few singers, where you can hear that! Jessie J is without a doubt the best british female singer :-)
Ask another singer to do one of her songs and here the difference they can't do it. Ok maybe the vocal gymnastics are overdone but this girl is a major talent. When she hosted the MTV Europe show before she became huge she sang lots of covers and put every other artist on the bill to shame. Only leona Lewis shines brighter
She's British? (I just voted so I can ask laugh out loud)

[Newest]Amazing love the way this girl can hit any note...

5Ellie Goulding
Yep she deserves it, her talent speaks for itself. I love all her songs and I am always looking for more.
She is really gifted and her voice is AMAZING!
Best British artist to date. Sorry if you disagree. It's the truth. This deserves to be at number 1. Vote it up please. If you disagree, listen to:
-"Stay Awake"
-This Love (Will Be Your Downfall
-Anything Could Happen
[Newest]Ellie better than leona Lewis

6Florence Welch
No sound can match hers Florence is one of the most talented singers of all time even Adele doesn't have a voice like hers because her voice is the voice of an angle
There may be several incredible women on this list, but none can match the artistry that Florence Welch has.
Listen to Calvin Harris' version of Spectrum and then tell me Florence Welch isn't the best on this list. Adele is a very close second though

7Lily Allen
I'm dieing for each of her songs and who can ignore that she is so relly cool ^^
She is somebody I've been waiting to hear for a long time. She is a breath of fresh air. Love her
Her songs are so truthful and real. As as well as being relaxing music to the ears
[Newest]She's Amazing, Gorgeous, Talented and Cool.

8Emeli Sandé
She has such an incredible Voice, her Songs are with so much Emotion and Soul I Love her
She's a great singer and she also writes her own songs. I feel like she deserves to be in the top 5 area if not top 3.
[Newest]Another best in class

9Kate Bush
Kate was always the best by far, pure artistry, talent, theatrical expression, genius, amazing singer, amazing song writer, amazing musician, amazing dancer, amazing choreographer, also a producer. She was so original there never was anyone like that ever... she's the pioneer before the rest of them! And finally - she was real, not plastic, she wasn't in it for money fame glamour but only ever did it for love of art. I wouldn't compare the rest on this list to Kate Bush. Nope.
This woman is the greatest British female artist of ALL time, should be Number 1.
Legend. The pioneer of what a female singer/songwriter should aspire to be.
[Newest]Kate has Inspired nearly every female singer in some way. Give her credit!

10Shirley Bassey
If there were as many people 60+ voting on this site as under 25's Dame Shirley would be streets ahead. Can you imagine some of the above singing a rendition of Goldfinger?
What an incredible voice
Phenomenal woman, enchanting artist, magnificent and legendary singer!
[Newest]She is still great, definitely top of the pops

The Contenders

11Annie Lennox
Is there a better female singer of her generation! Some of the others listed don't even come close!
Should be in the top 5. She has an amazing voice and has given a lot of her time to charities.
Her voice has most seductive qualities! Love her!

12Cher Lloyd
Cher lloyd started off in X factor uk when she was 16 auditioning singing "Turn my swag on". After finishing fourth place she was signed. Cher came out with her songs Want you Back, Oath, With your Love, and more. Cher lloyd is a great inspiration to me and others. Cher is defeniey qualified to be on this website. Cher lloyd is the best!
I Love Cher Lloyd. My favorite FEMALE singers are, (in no order), Cher Lloyd, Nicki Minaj, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus. I Love this women and I can not believe she's number 9. People are crazy.
Cher Lloyd is my Favorite singer! She's very inspiring. Cher to number 1!
[Newest]I see her live front row she was very good and I had a good time.

13Natasha Bedingfield
She... Is always.. A good singer.

14Sophie Ellis-Bextor
The Queen of electropop! Fab!

So beautiful songs that makes you cry, but at the same time makes you smile

16Pixie Lott
She's really cute, has good dancing skills and some catchy songs.
I love pixie, she is my most favourite singer, to me she is literally gods gift
I just love her x
[Newest]Great singer lovely person

17Paloma Faith
I love Paloma Faith because she dares to be different and when she wants, she is unique. She writes her own stuff and should eventually make it big in America. I love her honesty as a person and as an artist.
Simply the queen! Such a diverse spectrum of beautiful music, Paloma leaves everyone else for dead. She has class while also managing to be different. She is an inspiration. Great live also!
Great should be No1.

Out of all the artists here, how many are we still going to be Listening to 20years later?... I think you all should listen to any of SADEs 6 albums

1984: Diamond Life
1985: Promise
1988: Stronger Than Pride
1992: Love Deluxe
2000: Lovers Rock
2010: Soldier of Love
She is undoubtedly one of the best, forget about all these youngsters. Sade made it to the top without half the technology the top ten has had to benefit them
Sade has a shade... you keep running back to her

19Cheryl Cole
Cheryl is a phenomenal talent from singing, songwriting and dancing. She has so much experience, with a decade in the music industry. She is a true artist.
Cheryl is really a total performer specially on stage! Plus factor is her sweet personality made her to the top! Like her so much! - Marsha from the Philippines
She belongs at the bottom


[Newest]Totally talentless, nothing without backup,

20Alexandra Burke
Alexandra Burke is the best UK female singer of recent times. Although Leona can sing higher notes Alexandra has the richer voice and is better than Leona. Singing high notes does not make you a better singer.

21Bonnie Tyler
Known for her super special husky voice, with mega hits like total eclipse of the heart, holding out for a hero, it's a heartache and many many many more... , she is a legend. Just look at her hits on youtube, every song gives you that special wow feeling, you know what I mean!

22Kim Wilde
Underrated in every way. A great pop and rock singer, a songwriter of depth and overall good egg! Kim shaped my childhood and teenage years and her music will always have the most special of places in my heart. Keep rocking Kimmy.
Outstanding live performer, excellent singer-songwriter, all-round nice person. Can't get better than this!
Kim Wilde 33 years since release of Kids in America and still touring, making records and as popular as ever!
[Newest]One of our finest!

23Marianne Faithfull

24Marina and the Diamonds
This should be number 1, Marina has an amazing voice and meaningful lyrics, She has a message and she's delivering it successfully so far, Listen to her and you won't regret it.
I like them but they're not the best.


Very impressed with her voice... Someone said it was Adele, but I heard something in her voice that was NOT Adele... Love to hear more from her!
Love the duskiness of her voice, the rich character of it. She has a quality that is more woman than girl, like other deliciously great singers such as Adele and Amy Winehouse.
Like her because nothing to do with Adele! Simply unique! Great singer!
[Newest]Duffy is fantastic. She is a very sexy lady.

I'm guessing a lot of fourteen year olds are voting when you find sade and dido at the bottom. But hey times change just lets not forget who paved the way.
I love dido song like my fries and chicken
Her songs give me too much memory.

27Rita Ora
GO Albania... Love you rita

28Alesha Dixon
Feel good songs, amazing lyrics, performed by the most down to earth, beautiful and sweet woman. Such a national treasure

29Lisa Stansfield
Class sheer class one if the best but mismanaged British artists ever. I seen her win the men search fir a star at 15 the year after Gary Barlow and crazy good at the show
She rarely disappoints. The original neo-soul singer. Move over Amy Winehouse! She can do Jazz, Dance, Pop, Soul...

30Gabrielle Aplin
Better than cheryl by far.
Beautiful, sweet enchanting voice that all should hear.

31Geri Halliwell

32Joss Stone
Joss is the best white female soul singer in the world. Not one person named herein has a voice even close to hers. Joss has given up her popularity for artistic freedom. She is the only world class singer who is performing on her own, without the corporate music worlds publicity and backing. Joss is boss, literally. Name another singer who can say the same.
Awesome concert, very personal. She connect with her audience, love her music
She has to be in the top five

33Elkie Brooks
For me Elkie Brooks is by far the best female singer EVER to come from the U.K.
Elkie Brooks hers voice is amazing. Her vocal ability is way above most of the singers on this list.
Know as the British Queen of Blues. Elkie Brooks has an amazing voice.

34Ella Henderson
She is a breath of fresh air, and has a very mature and strong voice for someone her age. Even-though she only placed 6th on the X-factor she got a record deal and took a year to write and produce the kind of music she wanted to make and boy was it worth it. Ella possess a strong voice and can even reach the whistle register. I love her and she has been compared to the amazing Adele even-though her they sound a little different but nevertheless< I still adore and can't wait to have my hands on her second studio album.
A voice stronger than Adele with a personality that will make you think you've known her for years as well as being able to write songs herself that can make anyone cry

35Joan Armatrading

36Kate Nash
I like her lyrics, and her accent
Beautiful music great voice.

37Diana Vickers

38Melanie C


40Alison Moyet
Along with Cindy Lauper and Madonna, Alison Moyet was one of my favorite singers in the 80's (remember her being number 1 in Top of the Pops) and one of the most talented and complete singers I ever knew... Probably not too many young people know her, that's why she is only no 41...
Wow, with a voice like that she end up all the way at # 39!
Yup good old bird,

41Tracey Thorn
She has the same name as me and I might be famous because I am on xfactor

42Corinne Bailey Rae

43Sheena Easton
Her pop singles are not indicative of what a talented vocalist Easton is. She is versatile, has amazing control of her vibrato and breathtaking range. One should investigate her catalogue to hear a truly exceptional vocalist.
Probably the best singer the uk has ever produced. Very Under-rated in the uk but still appears regularly in the US where she was massively successful.
She is the best... Forever

44Denise Pearson
An amazing vocalist. I have always been a fan of Denise from her Five Star years when I was growing up as a child in the early 80's. To finally have her first solo record was well worthy of the wait. Imprint is the album of the year 2014 for me. May I add her take on the Five Star classic Slightest Touch with 7th Heaven remixing it is truly super. Denise shows every amateur and upcoming teeny boppers how it really should be done. This woman still has it all. And she is such a beautiful person and is doing something she loves for her passion of music not because she wants the fame like some of today's artists.
That Voice of hers says it all really ;-) Denise surly knows how to do it the right way and really should be up there with the best of them. That voice will always deserve a number one hit in my opinion. Awesome talent and a beautiful woman :-)
For 30 years Denise has been singing. She has a voice that has an amazing range. A very understated singer. See her live if you get the opportunity because this woman can SING!
[Newest]Amazing vocalist who should be in the Top 10!

Enya is Irish, NOT British!

46Kelly Marie
Bounces along very nicely singing "Feels Like I'm In Love"
Can actually sing live! Uk number one with utterly camp "Feels Like I'm In Love"
Can sing live! Had the uk number one "Feels Like I'm In Love"

47Sarah Newbold
The new kid on the block

48Maggie Bell

49Sandie Shaw

50Jill Saward
Great singer, talented, lively performer, in my opinion up there with the likes of Madonna and Kylie. Jill is largely ignored on these sort of polls, but then Shakatak always were a hugely underrated band.

51Laura Marling

52Helen Shapiro

53Julia Fordham
Really really great voice. Sets a mood like BARBRA S.

54Linda Thompson

55Sandy Denny
Wow what a voice... So many years since she died. "Who knows where the time goes"
#43 is a joke especially when you consider some of the tosh above.

56Jaki Graham

57Chloe Howl
LOVE CHLOE HOWL. Shes not even had a hit yet but all her tracks are amazing

80s megastar with hits including Aquarius, You Can Do Magic and You've got a friend ft Big Fun.

59Jen Ledger
Umm, how was this not on here. Jen Ledger is the amazingly talented drummer/vocalist of Skillet and she has the most angelic voice I have ever heard. She is absolutely amazing. Listen I am not the type of person that likes to listen to female singers but honestly I could listen to her singing all day. If you don't know her voice, she co-vocals very well in the following songs, Hero, Not Gonna Die, Fire And Fury. There is much more but guys and girls, she really needs to be higher. No shes not in pop or any thing like that, but she has the best voice I have ever heard.

60Nadine Coyle

61Anne Shelton

62Alma Cogan

63Barbara Dickson

64Kiki Dee

65Madeleine Bell

66Sonja Kristina

67Katie Elizabeth Harnett

68Kathy Kirby

69Ottilie Patterson

70Ella Eyre

71Alison Goldfrapp
"Breathy", "sultry", "ethereal", "startling" all have been said about her voice. Listen to "Pilots" and decide for yourself. By the way, the opening tune to the song is also her voice.

72Sarah Brightman
I admire many of the other singers on this list, but Sarah Brightman is undoubtedly a better, more highly trained and more versatile singer than any of them.
Anyone who's listened to her music will realise why she alone deserves to top this list.
Her duets with Alessandro Safina and Andrea Bocelli are wonderful.

73Perrie Edwards
Perrie has one of those voices that stand out and can be recognized instantly. She is a true singer and her voice matures with age. I can't wait to hear her on Little Mix's upcoming album. Her voice truly sounded the same when she was younger and she's mastering the art of control as her career progresses.
I absolutely love perrie! She always makes me smile and some of the songs actually help you build your confidence and I can totally relate to little me:) I love her so much!
But she is the part of a girl group called little mix. I mean in this list it should little mix instead of only perrie. This is so unfair.

74Dusty Springfield
One of the best female vocalists of all time and am surprised she is not higher on this list. Her range and different styles of singing amaze me still. And she could sing a ballad like no other. Thank you for your music Dusty!
It is shameful that she doesn't appear on this list. Just listen to "The Look of Love" or "Some of Your Lovin'" if you need any convincing. Timeless genius!
Dusty deserves higher rank in this list. She should be ranked in top 10 of this list, in my opinion.

75Petula Clark
My father's favorite in the 60's one of the best!
70 years as a singing star films such as Finians Rainbow Goodbye Mr Chips. Stage shows such as Sunset Boulevard she was under 10yrs old when she first performed. What a career for 70 years

76Beverley Knight
Britain's best singer - male or female - by hundreds of miles. A vocal virtuoso as well as a great musician. Incredible range, power and good technique as well as soul that can easily overpower and outsing pretty much every other singer on this list. Immensely talented but criminally underrated.
Amazing knock-out voice that can fill an arena. Modern Soul at it's best check out her 2004 hit 'Come As You Are'.
Beverley has a phoneminally powerful voice, a modern soul singer with classy vocals. Brillant.

77Katy B
She's way more original than most artists these days and has a stunning voice!
Beautiful girl, my favorite singer by a mile

78Nicole Scherzinger

79Amy Macdonald
Her voice and different accent is certainly a winning combination. Her vocal gift accompanied by her energy on stage makes her a great performer despite her young age. She'll certainly make it to the top in her career, apparently not in this list though.
Beautiful looking and beautiful sounding vocals. A hugely talented 20-something Scottish singer/songwriter like KT Tunstall but better
Can captavate an audience with lyrics voice and looks. Been to over 1000 concerts and the only person that has a stage presence as good as amy was jonny lydon she has a bright future

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