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61Kathy Kirby

As an American who has only recently discovered her work via the internet, I have to say she is the most underrated female voice of all times. I am so overwhelmed with her vocals that I feel she merits not just this British Top Ten but any Top Ten list.

Secret love one of the best vocals ever

62Jill Saward

Great singer, talented, lively performer, in my opinion up there with the likes of Madonna and Kylie. Jill is largely ignored on these sort of polls, but then Shakatak always were a hugely underrated band.

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64Linda Thompson
65Jen Ledger

Umm, how was this not on here. Jen Ledger is the amazingly talented drummer/vocalist of Skillet and she has the most angelic voice I have ever heard. She is absolutely amazing. Listen I am not the type of person that likes to listen to female singers but honestly I could listen to her singing all day. If you don't know her voice, she co-vocals very well in the following songs, Hero, Not Gonna Die, Fire And Fury. There is much more but guys and girls, she really needs to be higher. No shes not in pop or any thing like that, but she has the best voice I have ever heard.

66Sarah Newbold

The new kid on the block

67Alma Cogan
68Barbara Dickson
69Maggie Bell

One of the greatest female singers Britain has ever produced: comparable to Janis Joplin, Bell's voice is rich, gutsy, powerful yet sensitive at the same time. Some of the names higher on this list are just ridiculous! The list is about SINGERS ie women who can SING ie with power as well as with restraint, conveying the whole range of human emotion. The top 10 should be: 1. Shirley Bassey; 2. Dusty Springfield; 3. Elkie Brooks; 4. Maggie Bell; 5. Lulu; 6 Alison Moyet; 7. Kate Bush; 8. Annie Lennox; 9. Amy Winehouse; 10. Duffy.

70Sonja Kristina
71Sandie Shaw

Most iconic British girl singer-beautiful poignant voice
Everything about her was absolutely right for the 1960s
More so than any other girl singer of the time-and much
More hip and cool than Dusty Cilla Lulu Marianne etc.

72Ella Eyre

She has such an amazing powerful deep voice.

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73Nicola Roberts
74Dina Carroll

In terms of vocal range and brilliance of tone, Dina Carroll has got to be the best singer coming out of Britain. Full stop. Best news is that she has just released a new track called "We Bring On The Party", a dancey, nuveau-retro disco track on radio that is a welcomed returned to top form. She is highly underrated and in my book is the VOICE. A true class act from start to finish.

75Mica Paris

UK's first Lady of Soul. Nobody can belt it out raw and loud like her, I mean nobody. She worked with Prince (TAFKAP/ Symbol) and many other luminaries crossing pop, soul, jazz, funk, hip-hop and house on various projects as well as continually serving her own growing path as a solo artist. She is also loved on T.V. and worked together with other mothers for Trident: Mothers against knife crime in Britain.

76Imogen HeapV2 Comments
77Lyn Paul

An amazingly powerful singer, who has enchanted us for several decades.
An international pop-star with The New Seekers, an accomplished West End performer, headlining Blood Brothers for years, and continuing on the UK tour right now! From Blood Brothers, to Taboo, to Footloose, to Cabaret. Lyn Paul has a voice to die for, every word is heard, every emotion felt.

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78Julia FordhamV1 Comment
79Jaki Graham

80s megastar with hits including Aquarius, You Can Do Magic and You've got a friend ft Big Fun.

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