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1Arctic Monkeys

They have the unforgettable songs, simply the most outrageous indie band in the world. THEY MAKE ME love BRITISH INDIE! ~~

They are actually the best band ever. I LOVE every SONG

The verve, the kaiser chiefs and oasis are all pretty good, but honestly who could beat the monkeys? THey beat all the bands on this list just by having such a cool name! Rock on Monkeys! Oh and don't sit down because I moved your chair! LEGENDS! X

Oh I love every song since the first time and also all of them, the songs actually make you FEEL something

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OASIS are really #1 INDIE band as well as one of the Great bands of all time... Their lyrical genius is beautifully portrayed with great music.
They are really not appreciated as they should be.!
The gallagher brothers were really great partners.. I wish they re-unite in FUTURE..!

I am a huge fan of the Artic Monkeys but how are oasis not first. They are the hearts and should of British music and there contribution to music has been outstanding. There was not one bad song on the first two albums and even when they had so called "bad" albums, there were still 4 or 5 fantastic songs on those albums

I have listened to arctic monkeys, kasabian, the wombats and oasis and almost everything else on this list enough to tell my opinion (so if you haven't listened to everything don't bother to comment), and I've come to the conclusion that oasis has the most classical and rhythmic songs. Others are all very good and in fact really good, but they just need the harmony and experience which oasis has had.

Oasis are the greatest indie band of all time

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Radiohead's unique sound and unique lyrics beat any other band's easily. No other band on this list has achieved as much as Radiohead has in music over the past years. Take, for example, the fact that Radiohead has made it to Billboard's top 100 rock songs of the 90's. Take, for example, how long Radiohead has stayed in the music industry and how long the band has prospered. No other band has achieved this much, this fast and during its career as a band. Many other bands only achieve this status after they have fallen apart.26 years in the music industry. That's big. The Beatles lasted less than half that time.

Well I love arctic monkeys too but Radiohead is Radiohead and will always be Radiohead, they don't fit in any genre or style, they have their own genre. And the feelings you got in each songs of these guys, man they are unique. Their bests albums are in my opinion "OK Computer" and "In Rainbows", and if I had to recommend a song to any person in Earth will always be "Paranoid Android" that's its just a masterpiece.

OK computer was undeniably the best album ever made! Nothing can compare to it's brilliance and therefore radiohead deserve first place.

Such an unique band. The best one with the most haunting songs. Just amazing!

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4The Verve

While Blur and Oasis are the better bands (my favorite band is blur) no one can match the swagger and vocal prowess of Richard Ashcroft. Listen to their albums... They're absolutely incredible. The Verve are a definite #3 on this list for sure.

Verve sure deserve a top 3 spot. Superb vocals lyrics and music. Awesome album quality.

Simply the best. Ashcroft and Mccabe are geniuses.

They should be in the top

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Underrated yet again, they have many good songs and the song "Fire" is one of the best Indie Rock songs of all time.

The best band in history! Each and every album impresses and never ceases to amaze me. The world will catch on soon.

Kasabian Is simply the best. Re-Wired is outta this world. Not to mention every single album they have put out has been a perfect 10/10. Club Foot, Shoot the Runner, Empire, Underdog, Fire, Take Aim, Fast Fuse, Thick as Thieves, Switchblade Smiles, Days are forgotten... They are just the best band out there. Period.

They kick major ass with their mix of different genre. SERGE IS A GENIUS! Why can't people see good music?

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6The Smiths

Why are the Smiths so low down? They are the ones who started indie and without them their would be no Arctic Monkeys, no Libertines, no Strokes (Lou Reed was a bigger influence on the Strokes) and no Oasis. Johnny Marr's guitar playing is iconic and Morrissey's voice can't be described by words. I am fourteen and the thing I love about this list is that even though it is in a bad order, practically all the bands on here are amazing! I love indie rock and I think a few new bands such as the Vaccines and the Horrors should be included on here.P.S. listen to Spector, they are brilliant! :) x

Not even in the top 20? That is a disgrace to Indie music I say. Don't get me wrong I love Oasis, Arctic Monkeys etc but The Smiths were the band that started it all (If not The Jam or Joy Division were). Morrissey's lyrics defined a generation, Johnny Marr's guitar playing is some of the best ever. Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce are such an underrated rhythm section which is a real disappointment as they are amazing.

This list must be compiled by people who are to young to understand the true meaning of what music is about.. the smiths are only bettered by the Beatles in sheer greatness, listen to them for gods sake, even noel knows they are the best ever... mike luke

Hello, none of these other bands would be here without the amazing band that is the Smiths!

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7The Stone Roses

Should be top of the list. Brown and Squire = Jagger Richards. If it wasn't for the Roses the indie scene wouldn't have spawned the talent it did likevthe happy Mondays or inspirall carpets who also don't feature in the top ten yet blur do! Your having a laugh. No roses and Oasis would never of happened to the admission of Noel Gallagher himself who also quoted"the stone roses are the best band in the world"

All of the music on this webpage is either Stone Roses, Oasis, Joy Division, New Order, The Cure, and about 70 other artists that are pathetic losers that cannot match them, but the Stone Roses are best!

Should be number 1, the indie scene didn't have a definitive "sound" before them but it sure did afterwards. Can't believe the bands people are placing above them, ridiculous. The Arctic Monkeys FFS! It's like having a top ten punk list without the Sex Pistols at number 1 or a 60's list without the Beatles.

Half these bands were inspired by the stone roses so they should at least be in the top 5

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Number 20, that's nuts. They moved with the times and were always amazing. Every album from leisure to think tank was incredible.

My number one, but should definitely be in the top 5


It's really amazing, I like this band more than many of the top 5 bands! But the popular voice is the voice of the reason! Good Energy since Colombia!

My favourite band of all time. A band that would fit in everywhere, they would always find a way to move with the changes in scene and culture and always have a good solid body of work and fan base.

Unbelievable their not at the top

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9Bloc Party

They may have two eh albums but silent alarm is by far one of the best indie albums of the decade

Bloc Party has the most innovative sound of all these groups. Not one of their three studio albums sounds the same. And they feel good music, whenever I have a bad day just turn on Bloc Party problems solved!

I must say that there isn't a bloc party song that I hate, they are just amazing. There songs has awesome drum and the singer is amazing, they are truly one of the best bands out there, indie or not

The album Four is just as amazing.

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10The Libertines

Absolutely Amazing! Pete and Carl together are too good to not be 1st! Without The Libertines, this list would not be on here and neither would half of these bands exist! Long Live The Libertines! <3 Listen to them, if you haven't already heard their amazing sounds, songs and powerful lyrics.

There amazing. All their songs are sick. I only wish I was able to see them live before they split up. Maybe one day they'll have a reunion gig. Here's to hoping. But, yeah, just wanted to say what a stunning band they are. Love them. So much. Wish they never split. It's a hard *knock* life.

The Libertines... Where can I start? Every single song has an individual spark that just makes all their albums so unique and amazing to listen to. Carl and Pete together are just ace and their musical skill combined with deep, meaningful lyrics makes brilliant songs that are memorable and legendary. The Libs are ACE!

How can you not love The libertines? Pete Doherty is amazing! Don't look back to the sun is everything!

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11The Wombats

let's dance to joy division never fails to cheer me up, techno fan, moving to new york... they're just awesome :) (which British indie in general is)

Moving To New York. Therefore this band should be top of the list. - DalglishIsBack

THE WOMBATS! are amazing the best indie band in the uk now :) they alway make me smile :) I love them :) the best bands always come from liverpool ;)

Their ability to have some of the most cheerful and upbeat songs, ever, as a facade to their more deeper and darker understanding of life. That is truly one of a kind.

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12Kaiser Chiefs

Best cool indie band ever, you rock kaiser cheifs... love the upbeat tempo of last few albums! Last album bit slower

They may not be as big as some of the others on this list, but they are quite arguably the most innovative and influential, so long as you exclude Radiohead, to be honest Radiohead shouldn't even be on this list anyway as they're not actually an Indie band.

I like a lot here on the list! But kaiser chiefs stands out. Their music is great!

I predict a riot is gonna happen because of the place this band is at.

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13The Cure

If you wanna listen to real indie music go to them - or arctic monkeys.

I don't understand how can the be so low on the list.

I love them so much. Up!

14Joy Division

Please someone kill me now, how can you compare Joy Division to the Kooks. What could compel someone to claim that the Kaiser chiefs are better. Done about 4-5 good songs in five albums. Joy Division 2 studio albums 19 good songs, that doesn't even include the classics. As what has previously said insanely influential, who without, there would definitively be no other bands on this list. Horrendous list

Ian Curtis' lyrical mastery alone should surely warrant Joy Division a place above Kasabian and Bloc Party, add the fact that they make generally great music should push them to that number 1 spot shouldn't it? Oasis made good music without the lyrics to back it up, Joy Division were the complete package

The Wombats above Joy Division, easily top deserve top spot with the Smiths second with Stone Roses third, come on half of these bands are not British, why are the Strokes on this list they are from New York. Top ten should be; Joy Division, Smiths, New Order, Stone Roses, Radiohead, Libertines, Oasis, Bauhaus, Babyshambles and maybe Kasabian,

Joy Division is an amazing band. Why the HELL are they at 11?!?! - MontyPython

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15The Fratellis

Immense band! Totally under appreciated by people these days! The Fratellis have always been one of my favorite bands, and I've been listening to them for years! Real toe-tapping tunes- seriously!

Gotta love The Fratellis. Costello Music is just pure awesomeness. I'd love to see them live.

Costello music is an amazing album. Great band to see live as well. Awesome!

Love the hell out of the Fratellis

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16The Kooks

Such a good band! I love their music and I hope they will make more albums! I really love there B-side to! And there covers, I love everything of them, they are the first indie band I've ever heard and one of the best!

The are such an amazing band! The are incredible! Nothing else I can say. The really should be on the top of this list.
I LOVE them. I discovered them by accident, but it was the best accident I ever had. Just saying.

Never recorded a bad song. Inside In/Inside Out was a brilliant start and they only got better with Konk. Sway and See The Sun have to be two of the greatest songs of all time. Third album may not be as stand-out as the first two but if you don't compare them, it's still a good album. How on Earth are bands like The Script ahead of them!?

Love their music! Defiantly my favorite band! Saw them yesterday in cologne, outstanding performance! Love these guys so much!

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Coldplay are hardly Indie, they're 95% Alternative Rock, I don't know why they are even on this list. Obviously great band though and consistent too.

saw them at t in the park in 2011 and it just confirmed how much of an awesome band they are. absolutely loved them, got the atmosphere down to perfection. chris martin is such a heart throb

Coldplay owns! Best band ever in this world! But I have to agree with the guy before, they're mostly Alt Rock.

Should be way higher.

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Jarvis is one if the greatest lyricists of the past 30 years and sum up real life like no other singer. Why are they so low? Such an underrated band

You must be joking top ten at the very least, mike luke.

19Siouxsie & the Banshees
20Franz Ferdinand

Their music is uniquely Awesome. They don't sound like most of the bands out there, which is why I could Never get bored listening to all of their songs - be it b-sides or covers. They have the best guitar riffs, drums, Kapranos' voice, back-ups etc that make a great band.

On top of that, their live performances are splendid! Which is the reason I fall in love with them in the 1st place. You could never tell the difference from their recorded ones!

The most intelligent and fascinating lyrics I've ever heard. The most beautiful voice. The most energizing concerts I've ever seen. Too many "the most" for one band, but they DO deserve it. In my list they are on the first place.

One of the Best concerts I've ever seen. Kapranos is a stage animal! They deserve to be at top 10

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