Best British Indie Bands

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101Cocteau Twins
102Everything Everything

Saw them live this past November, great great band

103The Music

Great band great tunes,should be top twenty easily, not done anything for years but well worth checking out their back catalogue,

104The Neighbourhood (The NBHD)

Simply an amazing British indie band and I was confused as to why this band was not on here, as they are pretty famous and successful and sound great too!

Simply and amazing band that deserves every single fan that support them (and more)

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English band for which Sophie Ellis Bextor was the lead singer of before she went solo. "I Know Enough (I Don't Get Enough)" is a great hit.

106The Crookes

So much better than 70% of the bands on this list. Have produced two stunning albums plus an extended ep and plenty of other wonderful songs. Deserve to be playing stadiums!

107The More Assured
108Life In Film

You can't forget about this band

110Snow PatrolSnow Patrol are a Northern Irish rock band formed in 1993, consisting of Gary Lightbody, Nathan Connolly, Paul Wilson, Jonny Quinn, and Johnny McDaid.

That would be "CARS" not "care".

This band took over the charts with "Chasing cars" but I prefer the lightning strike and chocolate for instance, the first mentioned becoming the "love" and the "Break up" song of whimsical young lovers across the nation, if there was even going to be a pre cut vynil wall sticker of lyrics o some soppy girls wall it would be from chasing cars, along with the regrettable tattoo!

An example of stunning work and musical talent by a band that is undoubtedly being forgotten about now days (unless you still have those lyrics sun bleached into your bedroom wall or haven't yet managed that cover up! ).

Oh come on! Chasing care? Open your eyes? COME ON!

111The Real People

Oasis stole there sound. Could and should've been one of the worlds biggest bands!

113The Brilliant Corners

Fantastic band! Should be much higher on this list.

114The Starkins

Need to be higher though I guess it's more alternative, unlike the script majority of their stuff is awesome.

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No comments and #109?

Athlete are second only to Stereophonics and they should be around No15!

117The Fall

Mark E. Smith is a wordsmith genius.

118London Grammar

Truly stunning work from LG with the "If you wait" Album but it is early days for LG and have yet to prove themselves a continuous band rather than a young one hit wonder band, I sincerely hope not!

There is an underlying triphop feel to the only Album but far enough to stay within the realm of indie, thankfully far enough from pop, don't expect reverb and distortion from overdriven guitar if you have never heard of them, the "if you wait" album if simply melodic and makes for an easy listening album.

Wait London grammer is 110?!?! Crazy they should be like 80 something I love Londongrammer they are one of my favorite bands

Their musics are amazing. I knew them from Masterchef Australia Judge, Gary Mehigan. This band is so "Masa Kini"

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119The Sound
120And Also The Trees
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