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Dan is so funny and he makes me smile every time I watch his videos. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I personally prefer Dan's videos over Charlie's, although they are both great.
I love Dan he is so funny and down to earth. He is so amusing to watch. I love the videos with Phil too! Phan! Plus he isn't hard on the eyes!
Dan just make me smile every time! I love him, and he is so down to earth! His sense of humour is awesome. GO DAN!
[Newest]Dan is really kind letting us have a glimpse of his unlucky life
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When I started watching Zoella I was very immature and childish, after getting to know her I watched her videos 24/7, my mum will always say to me, COME ON OFF THE COMPUTER NOW, she wouldn't get a reply. Before I started watching her videos I had lot of my baby toys and didn't want to get rid of them all. a few days ago I watched a video, made by zoella, about her dressing table and make up collection, of course I loved and when I love something so much I will watch it and watch it over and over. I could now do that video myself and repeat exactly what Zoella said! I do suffer from anxiety of being away from my family, home or my puppy, watching Zoella has helped me loads more and they are NEARLY gone. what I am trying to say is, Zoella has made big impacts of loads and loads of girls from all of the world to 2 doors down from her. I hope that she continues her videos and continues to write her blogs. Another thing she helps me with is bullying. I get bullied a lot at school because I am in secondary school and it is hard not to get bullied. Before I watched Zoella I always used to retaliate to the bullies and it showed them my weak spot and so they kept picking on it, Zoella said in one of her videos that if you ignore bullies then they will eventually see that you aren't bothered and so they WILL stop. I think that she deserve to be in the top 10, because of all these reasons and because of more, loads and loads more! She always makes me smile xx
Zoella is gorgeous and very genuine. Her hauls are fantastic and she has a great sense of fashion. Her vlogs with her friends are guaranteed to make you smile. I definitely think she deserves to be in the top ten for sure.
Zoe's 'Panic attack and anxiety' video really helped me through a lot of things. I suffer from anxiety too and her video made me say yes to a lot more things!

I watch her videos on her main account and have been for a year. Over this time, I have learned that she is inspiring, friendly, beautiful, funny, gorgeous, helpful and so so sweet! I love watching her collaboration videos. She gets a long with her friends so well and the videos are great to watch!

On her blog channel, she shows what she gets up to in everyday life. She always keeps the viewer interested and entertained. She's often with her friends and family and you can tell that she is such a sweet, kind person by the way she treats them!

In her beauty videos, she is accurate and soar the looks amazingly and she is self taught! She lets you know what products were used and where you can get them

On Zoe's social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr), she interacts with her fans and is always reading get YouTube comments! I also read her fantastic blog which I advise you to take a look at!

Overall, I think she has an amazing personality, is gorgeous and has funny, inspiring and great videos! Xx
[Newest]She's just the most amazing person ever and she helps a lot of us in many ways
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Jack is always so funny, and his accent is so adorable that I smile at everything he says <3
He's definitely the best youtuber ever :
And the fact that he has an identical twin! UGH DIE OVARIES DIE
Jacks video are the funniest. They always make me smile. I've never been interested in watching someone. Not to mention he is very attractive and so is Finn. These boys will surely make your day.
Jack is hilarious, watching his videos always brings a smile to my face. Him and Finn give me endless laughter, they are also very good people and help with loads of different charities and travel around the world which shows they really care about others and I love that. The good thing about their videos is that they aren't stupid things they are quite normal but yet very very funny, they are also very good with interacting with there fans, answering fan mail and replying to people on twitter. Not to mention the boys are extremely attractive :). I love jacksgap❤
[Newest]He's just too attractive for all girls. His photography and filming is just too good. And the fact that he has and identical twin just makes me love them more, cause there's two of them.
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Absolutely love Phil he's very clever with the quality of his videos and never fails to put a smile on my face. I highly recommend.
Phil is the absolute BEST YouTuber! He will never fail to put a smile on your face! He is very cheeky (; And let's not forget that he is immature, but not in a bad way! In a cute, cheeky way! I love AmazingPhil (Phil Lester<3)
I love phil, he cares so much about his fans, his videos are so funny and original and he makes me feel confident when I don't think it's possible. He also has inspired so many people to become youtubers.
[Newest]Phil is the sweetest person you can ever meet and he puts so much effort into making videos for his fans. Generally he's an amazing person who never fails to put a smile on my face.
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Alfie is so cute. He's got great sense of humor and his laugh is adorable! I love him so incredibly much and I really recommend you guys to watch his videos, cause he's amazing.
Where to start? He's really funny and has a range of video types from dares to simple blogs.
Alfie is the best youtuber! He's so funny, nice and not to mention very cute! I recommend his videos to all of my friends!
[Newest]Alfie is very good and so is stella they are great together

6Marcus Butler
Marcus, overall, is such a funny guys. He's also incredibly sweet. He genuinely loves his viewers. He loves interacting with them also. His INTRO, I thing, is the best. I don't think anyone compares to Marcus's intro. It's simple and great. It's adorable, like him. His videos always put a smile on my face. (: <3 His laugh is super contagious. He's always happy and he's such a cutie.
He's very funny and really cute! I love his intro in his videos! I just love how he talks about anything that relates to other people and life. And he just seems like a really sweet guy. Personally, he's my only favorite English Youtuber. All of my other favorite YouTubers aren't really from Europe. Anyways, I love his face.
Marcus butler is very funny and sweet! I would recommend all of his videos to my friends.
[Newest]Oh gosh Marcus is so entertaining and I think he can defiantly make someone's day he had such a good sense of humor and he's such a cool guy

I found him through his sister zoe (zoella) and fell in love with his videos and himself. He is hilarious and you should most definitely watch his videos!
Joe is hilarious and I always die laughing from his videos! He does amazing impressions and accents, plus he's super cute!
Joe is so silly and crazy and I just love him to pieces! Why is he all the way down here? His videos are great and he deserves way more credit and subscribers!
[Newest]Love love love him. Please check him out!

8Caspar Lee (DiCasp)
Casapar is the funniest youtuber EVER! He continues week after week to create entertaining and funny videos! And his accent is adorable! I LOVE CASPAR LEE!
Caspar is so funny and I really love his videos and south african accent!
He is so funny and cute. I adore him.
[Newest]Caspar is just amazing! He brings a smile to my face and always has that one cheeky smile that lights me up! I LOVE you CASPAR! Xxx

Lovely, zoella's best friend and I love baby glitter too!
She has such a positive outlook on life and is also so funny! I love to watch her videos, they always brighten up my day
She brings out the positive of every thing! I haven't seen that in a while, I love her
[Newest]She is so funny and baby glitter is the cutest little thing EVER!

She is so funny and I adore her
Emma is just amazing! She has such a beautiful voice&is so good at playing the guitar! I've watched all her videos&scream when I see a New one up:) she dye's her hair a lot & looks good in every colour<3 definitely my favorite YouTuber:') once you watch one of her videos, what do they say? Once you go Blackery, there's no going Backery<3 love you Emma<3x
Emma is awesome! Shes an amazing musician with and amazing voice! Shes funny and sarcastic. Shes like a female danisnotonfire!

The Contenders

How on earth is he so far down on this list? Should definitely be Top 3. Almost 10 million subs and is one of the funniest guys out there.
So funny, best youtuber there is.


14? This guy is hilarious! Bromance for the win!

I crack up every time I watch him! I loved the "Bieber Fever" one.
Charlie never fails to make me laugh on his videos! Plus he's a great singer too! And cute ^_^


Charlie just has such a sincere personality. As Hank Green says, "he has the ability to convey really complex ideas and thoughts, but make them accessible for many. " Although I like other youtubers (like Dan), often I feel that they are lacking Charlie's humble and gentle spirit.
[Newest]He is the nicest person ever and has a great talent at making me laugh

Pj is incredible and his videos are beautiful and captivating. I believe the reason he doesn't have as many subscribers as other people is because people say they don't understand him. What they don't realise is that you aren't meant to understand everything and you should just simply appreciate incredible creativity
Pj had the incredible power to make videos that make you feel great without even talking an awful lot
I'm sorry I can't make this any better but what he is and does can't be put into good enough words
Pj is an inspirational person to most people.
He has a wide variety of video from ones that are so meaningful and make you think to others that are unusual but put a smile to our faces. He's really down to earth and just wants to show his viewers what he enjoys doing whilst at the same time, inspiring others to have a turn too.
He's very artistic, both when making videos and when illustrating them. There are two sides to PJ and both are extremely entertaining. There's an intriguing dark side to his work but he's also a very charming nerdy guy.
[Newest]He is very creative with his skits and short films! They inspire me

14Jim Chapman
Funny, handsome and smart Jim Chapman! All his videos are witty and makes your stomach hurt because they are so funny!
Jim is the funniest out of all of all of them and he and Tanya are the cutest couple!
This man is adorable and has a beautiful nature.

I love Maz! I actually really think he is hilarious, and genuine. He is not a hater, and actually I think he is a good person.
I love max, he's so funny and he seems like such a good guy.
He's cute funny and so real and he loves what he is doing it really shows
[Newest]He is hilarious, amazing, and has the power to take your breath away

I love this girl. She deserves to be on the board for sure
MusicalBethan is 3 things:
1) Pretty
2) Talented
3) Funny
She's just amazing to watch and is good at singing too. You guys should check her out.
She's great! She is amazingly funny and has a great gift with music. She has a ton of qualities thatd make great youtubers. She deserves a lot more subscribers for sure. She's not afraid to be herself. She'll make it big one day.

Weebl is a YouTube legend. He's amazing, creative, epic and awesome and he was the first youtuber I wanted to meet, he's really random in reality too with makes him even more great to me!

His videos always make me laugh and my favourite song is Narwhals and my favourite series is Weebl and Bob!
Awese British guy right here!

She is like a big sister and has a lot of advice that really helps! She is really lovely and her videos are awesome! She has an amazing personality and is really warm and it feels like you've known her for ages!
I love this girl! She is funny and down to earth and I always enjoy watching her videos! I can't believe she's become so popular in so little time but she deserves all the attention she gets!
She somehow, mixes advice, comedy, thoughts and knowledge into a single channel. She deserves to be in the top ten. Very sweet, very funny, very helpful, and she doesn't prefer to swear on camera, so its good for younger viewers.

The queen will send him a telegraph, when he hits 100000 subscribers
Incredibly funny gameplay, coming from a guy from Essex, what more could you want?
He's so witty and nerdy (hence the name)
You gotta love him.

I just knew he was going to be on this list; he's a natural! At first I thought he was just one of those you-tubers for younger kids but when I started to watch some more of his videos, I found that he was actually quite funny. I <3 u Stamps!
You are the cutest kitty ever! I love cake as much as you! I subs you and squid and you are making me more confident talking really loud and not be afraid in front of my class. You guys encouraged me by making me think my own way and be origanal and... Can't forget, Weird. Stay weird both of you!
Awesome Videos! He has came so far in a short time. Worth subbing to!

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