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This song is pure toxic... can kill your boredom... anytime... and charge you up... so.. just taste it...

A song with a great melody that has one of the sexiest lyrics ever. When Britney says "Do you feel me now? ", you can really feel that something's taking over you. The catchiest tune ever and the greatest song of the 2000's decade.

Taste of your lips I'm on a ride, you're Toxic I'm slipping under, with a taste of a poison paradise, I'm addicted to you, don't know you know that you're TOXIC <3 THZ BEST SONG EVER

Shes not amazing but this song is really good - Clubberoni

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2...Baby One More Time

one of her best pop songs. she could actually sing then. I love all her songs.

So catchy - her BEST ever song! This really started her career! I wish the old Britney was back but she's grown up, just like everyone else... LOVE YOU BRITNEY!

She is the best singer I've ever seen! she is so beautiful, so pretty, gorgeous.. I really really love her

Her biggest and first hit that put her on the scene!

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3Till the World Ends

its the latest and its really. the beats are catchy and the vid isgood too. this should be in the top 10 at least

I will love Britney Till the World Ends!
Just a perfect club song, everyone loves it!
A songs that makes us dance, sing and feel all the best of Britney

Love this song it's her second song from her new album amazing song - mneilan

Britney spears is the one of best pop singer for all time

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4Oops!...I Did It Again

It has a catchy beat, and the video is great too. You just can't help listening to it again and again! Most people love this song because it gets stuck in their head! I'm no exception!

This is definitely the Greatest One. - ninjacobra

ausmn song. I love her and her songs especcially this one

This and criminal are probably the best songs I've ever heard the weird thing is, the first time I heard this was in a pewdiepie video - PinkCyclops

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5Gimme More

Should be either 1st or 2nd. Catchy and sexy song. The video ain't bad either... - BreakingBen

Truly awesome song! Drives me Crazy! My ALL TIME FAVORITE!
Love the way she moves herself with the Beats! 'n' that 1st line is the best of all!

Are you kidding me? This song should be in the top 3 league. In my opinion this is the most catchiest song of Britney ever! The opening lines to the song are the best, the rhythm and the beats are mesmerising. To sum it up this song needs to be appreciated. So please vote for this song guys and iin case if you haven't listened to this one, you are missing a lot in your life!

My favorite all time Britney song. A deliciously hypnotizing sound that sucks you in and tempts you to just listen to the song on repeat for hours.

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Best song I've ever heard her sing! I find myself constantly pressing play again on my ipod. I wish everyone of her songs were like this one. You will never get tired of this one.

love it when Brit does ballads. More ballads on the next album please!

Beautiful yet simple and it is sung very good live too, plus she wrote it.

Very beautiful and sad song... - DieGedankenSindFrei

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Superb Song, paired by an equally superb video.

I love this song britney is really a legend
No one. Can argue with that I love all her song but this is my favourite now it is so god
you're a womanizer womanizer I absolutely love it spears rocks and always will

Womanizer, Woman-womanizer, you're womanizer oh womanizer, oh you're a womanizer... I love this part the most! Her voice is so sexy... Directly in love with this song when I first tuned this song Love you Britney!

I just love this song

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I played it almost 6 times and still I couldn't get bored with this song it should be near 1st place it's awesome

All eyes in me in the center of the screen just like a computer

The anthem of Britney Spears' career life. Her life is like is a circus. We're the audience and she's the ring leader. Better pay attention when she's the center of attention. The show is about to begin.

Love Circus! This song made me a big fan of Britney!

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9Hold It Against Me

Her voice is so powerful in it. Her entry from FEMME FATALE shows that her days in the world of music are not over. She still rules it.
Love you britney

The ultimate comeback... Not that she ever left. Brit is more Brit than ever before. She is the best out there an nobody can top her. So don't hold anything against her!

Britney you are really the true Femme Fatale! And you proved it with this single!

This song is iconic and won many awards so what the hell with 10?! Should be at least at 3

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Love this song! There has to be number 1, because in many charts this song was in a higher position... Therefore I want the song "3" rose to several positions at the top!

biggest jump on the Canada billboard 100 from 97 to 1. great song - lassidoggy

This song should enter the top ten! One of her bests. It entered number one on Billboard Hot 100. Please vote!

- Louie Jay Doronio

It made me dance

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11I Wanna Go

Britney Spears one of the great song... L love this. Very good video to. Britney spears is looking awesome.
Excellent song.

The beat is sick! All my friends love it very much, this should be in the top 10 at least. Love you Brit!

Truly awesome song. Fab music, great video, brit luking superb as usual. Fells kike listen to it again and again

This song is the beat

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12I'm a Slave 4 U

Absolutely the best song! This is the song that transformed her into a full sex symbol woman! Any girl who's trying to understand her sexuality can fully relate and it's amazing to just be a slave to the beat!

Hottest video of all time and the best song by britney... The beat of this song is awesome!

! How is this song at 16?! This definitely deserves a spot in the top 10! It's got a great beat and it's extremely catchy. everyone vote for this song

Classic Britney

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13If U Seek Amy

Please guys you gotta vote it. It is one of the most amazing songs of Britney. It at least deserves to be in top 10 well I am really shocked that why this song is not. This song has got amazing beats.


Hmm... Subliminal Messages... Reminds me of the movie "Josie & The Pussycats"... - lassidoggy

I love this song

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awesome song... should be at least in top 5...!

It is definitely a masterwork by Brit. she expresses her feelings with a song..

I absolutely love this song! Awesome, catchy, almost dance-like beats make this song stand out. This is definitely one of Britney's best underrated songs, that deserves more attention. This song also has an awesome music video! I really miss the old Britney and her old music, but she is still the best! (: We love you Brit!

Amazing song

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Guys, vote for this beautiful song please. Stronger is one of Britney's best ones. Great lyrics and very inspirational - Alexandr

Kelly Clarkson's stronger can't even compare to this masterpiece! Vote it up!

My favorite Britney song tied with Toxic.
Great video, great beat, so sad that she's not performing this one on the Femme Fatale tour

This song should definitely be in the top 10. The production, the vocals, the power and an iconic video.

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Forget about provocative video. Critics always say bad things about Brit.
Criminal itself, is wonderful song - one of Britney's greatest songs ever - Irina2932

Mama I'm in love with this song!
This is one of her best songs. Although it's video was mature but the song is fantastic.

! This one should be in the top-7 for sure!
Wonderful song! Truely it deserves a spot at the top!

I've been obsessed with this song for years. It's just amazing and really unique. The flute sounds and the building up of the percussion towards the chorus is just perfect. Her voice is beautiful and matching to the song.

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17Piece of Me

Everybody just want a piece of Britney after listening this song
It's just her classic that I can't stop hitting the replay
Nobody can do electropop better than Britney!

"Piece Of Me" is such a unique song with such a unique vibe. Only she can make a song of barely any pitch range extend to this amazing standard. The production of the track is amazing as well. Love this song!

Brit has many great songs. I choose Piece of Me because it ranked #1 everywhere and made her come back look very successful - Magnolia

"Piece of me" is her best song. It took ages to grow on me but when it did I began to really love it

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18Work Bitch

This song will be number 1 soon...its very inspirational and a good workout song. If you want a hot body or a fancy car or house or whatever, you have to work for it. Kudos to the producer. Great music - dragonfly99

New n nice dance song. Listen it you'll definitely like it

The best songs forever this is the best list of britney songs
1. Work bitch
2 oops I did it again
3 I wanna go
4 hold it against me
5 3
6 telephone
7 gimme more
8 piece of me
9 till the world ends
10 Baby one more time

Definitely grew on me

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Don't care if this song is going' to be the last or first. I just love THIS song and I really miss the old Britney sweet innocent songs. It's perfect, mellow, and tuneful! You better listen to this guys! Won't miss it!

Prettiest lyrics EVER! Brit is forever the queen I don't care of that bitch called... How was it? LADY GAGA
"If there's nothing missing in my life
then why do these tears come at night? "

Love this song!
But she cry, cry, cry with a lonely heart
If there's nothing missing in my life
So why do these tears come at night...

Can't believe this is so down the list.. :(

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20(You Drive Me) Crazy

Very nice song but it is same like oops! I did it again but it is also dam goo

I don't understand why it's not that popular. It's the best party song EVER!

Amazing song! I get that the melody in Crazy, Oops, and Baby are really similar, but I feel like they fit in different places, like Crazy is more dance oriented than the other (they both are also extremely danceable), Baby is the catchy heartbreak begging song, and Oops is like the confident song.
I think everyone who hasn't heard this song in a while has forgotten it and since it's so far down they don't vote for it, and they probably only remember Baby and Oops, while this is a huge contender in the trio.

I love this song! This is so catchy!

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