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Wicked is everything I could ever ask for in a musical. It has the most beautiful score, which accompanies an absolutely perfect story of life, love, and friendship that has you laughing, crying, and standing up and cheering at the end. The heart of Wicked, along with its many lessons about life, will bring you back time and time again.
It's so amazing! The vocals are absolutely phenomenal and the music is do empowering! I love the storyline! The scenery and the costumes are even awesomely executed! It's truly fabulous, and its something you have to see more than once. I love it! It's definitely my favorite!
This musical! How can you describe it in so many words? It made me laugh and cry and almost burst from anticipation... WOW! That's really the only way you can describe it..
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2Les Misérables
Its rich text and riveting story based on the 1862 novel by victor hugo, with an excellent music selection and performances with heart make Les Miserables the greatest musical of all time
It's really hard between Les Mis and Wicked but I think Imma have to go with the latter. I love the developed characters (except Marius and Cosette, I hated them)! EVERYBODY has a backstory. Javert is one of my favorite villains of all time. Most of the songs are amazing (but I hate Heart Full of Love and In My Life. I guess you can say I'm a MariusxCosette hater, laugh out loud). The play is full of great themes and motifs. I love the fact that the good guys don't win - they go down knowing they will lose, but they have hope for the future!

"To love another person is to see the face of God."
-Les Miserables
I love Wicked, but Les Miserables is just so much better. It's inspiring, beautiful, and incredibly complex without being confusing.
Also, some of the best songs and characters of all time belong to this musical.
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3Phantom of the Opera
It was so emotional! It made me cry. But, I absolutely loved it. :) It's about a man with a scarred face who wears a mask all the time to hide it. He "haunts" this opera house. Nobody knows who he really is, but they fear him. He falls in love with one of the singers, and tries to take her for himself. It's very sad, kind of scary (murders), and beautiful. Just all around wonderful. If you like Sweeney Todd, you'll like this.
This was an amazing Broadway, by far the best I have seen. There was so much emotion, and the actors and actresses had amazing ranges, as it was about the opera. The suspense, scariness, emotion, and romance, are spun together to create a truly worthwhile experience.
How did Tarzan honestly get past the longest running musical on Broadway EVER? This is one show that actually is all that it is cracked up to be. It's not even in the same league as most of these.
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525600 minutes, 525000 moments oh dear, 525600 minutes. how do you messure... messure a year? in daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee, in inches, in miles, in laughter, in stride. 525600 minutes how do you messure a year in the light, how about love. love. love. messure of love.

Definitely one of the best musicals of all time! A full Rock Musical, focused arounds AIDS, and gay people! What a show! The writer Johnathon Larson passed away before the show debuted. RIP John Larson. Your legacy will not be forgotton.

5West Side Story

6Mamma Mia
This is an excellent play. The idea to use such great songs by the group ABBA, in order to create this bazaar story, was wonderful. The songs used already told their own stories, and putting them together ended up working great. It is also a good way to remember and appreciate ABBA's work.
This super fun musical based on ABBA songs opened on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre on October 18th 2001 and is currently still running.
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7The Sound of Music
I love this musical it is very touching it's a story recovery life song and love
This is such a delicate, sweet and beautiful musical with a score to match.



9The Book of Mormon
Why is this not higher? This was written by the greatest comedians of all time, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It took them seven years just to finish it, and the end result is just fantastic. This musical deserves number 1 in my opinion.
Matt Stone ^^ Trey Parker, 2 of the most smartest, free spirit, funny, genius comedians ever...
Just saw this show and it was absolutely amazing.


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10Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Why so low? Heh...
Absolutely fabulous. Sondheim at his very best ever. Stunning.

The Contenders

Grease is the best musical. It's timeless. I wasn't even born when it was first shown, but when I watched it several years ago, I loved it!



14Lion King
I haven't seen many musicals (I think I would also enjoy Wicked a lot if I had watched it), I've only watched children's plays as a kid and The Phantom of the Opera, but I LOVED The Lion King. You can't go wrong with a great movie and a fantastic musical

15Spring Awakening




19Miss Saigon


21We Will Rock You

22Legally Blonde: The Musical
How can you not love this show? It defies the stereotypes of blondes and gives young girls a role model; Elle Woods. She teaches young girls to be/believe in yourself, stick up for what you believe in, and follow your heart, no matter what anyone says.


23Anything Goes

Amazing. The choreography looks amazing. Love the songs
The most inspirational to me.


26Little Shop of Horrors




30Saturday Night Fever


32The Producers

33Billy Elliot
It's full of electricity

34Jesus Christ Superstar

35Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
This is a very creative and Biblical musical. It accurately depicts a story from the Bible, but with goofy twists and bazaar music styles for each song.


3742nd Street

38My Fair Lady

39Mary Poppins


41Once More With Feeling

42The Wizard of Oz
I love it so badly. Definitely my favourite musical.


44Next to Normal

45The Music Man



48Sister Act

49Merrily We Roll Along

50Jekyll & Hyde




54Little Mermaid


56Blood Brothers

57South Pacific

58Beauty and the Beast

59Avenue Q

6025th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

61Once Upon a Mattress
This show is so fun to perform!

62Fiddler on the Roof

63Catch Me If You Can
This musical is absolutely BRILLIANT! Aaron Tveit and Norbert Leo Butz have INCREDIBLE chemistry making the show so much enjoyable. The music is FANTASTIC, it's funny and simply amazing

64Oliver! (1961)
Have you ever watched it? It's the best musical ever, Ice age even used their song, Food Glorious Food

65The Hunchback of Notre Dame

66Show Boat

Not a favorite of mine but it is what every musical since is based on so it gets credit for that.






71The Wiz

72High School Musical

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