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21Tomb+mic+lulz+glaze - Beyond Her Tomb

Totally underrated. Best brony song EVER.

Just look at the lyrics

22The Gypsy Bard - Friendship Is Witchcraft

It's a good motivational song in general.

23Acoustimandobrony - Loyalty

Most brony songs are dance mixes. While I do love those, rock will always make the better song!

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24Eurobeat Brony - Luna (Alex S.)

Without a doubt the best remix of the Luna song and the best pony song I have ever heard. The vocals are amazing and emotional at the same time and fit perfectly with the songs sad setting, the dubstep drop is quick paced and doesn't take away from the song at all, and everything is pieced together into musical perfection.

25Vivere Nocte, Vivere Lunae - DuskShine

Brilliant orchestral/electronic instrumental of the best new lunar republic songs

I WROTE THIS... Seeing it so far up makes me overly happy

26Join the Herd Pop Vocals - Forest Green
27Baasik and Blackgryph0n - Crusader (Are We There Yet)

This song is absolutely beautiful. I love how well they capture the CMC here, and how they wrote it so even a non-brony can enjoy it... without realizing it was a brony song in the first place. I'll never get tired of it. This is the theme song the CMC deserve.

28Its Great to Be Different Forest Rain

I love this song and that's all I have to say about it. I can't think of anything to say about this song that isn't positive.

29Rarity My Rarity - 34103070674978532046

This should be higher! Although, it is nowadays 34103070674978532046 sings whilst playing an instrument.

Sad that not many knows this one and Fluttershy's Wish

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30I'll Be Waiting - MandoPony
31Interrobang Pie Invades Equestria - Icky

Cool use of video game sounds!

32Lullaby for a Princess - Ponyphonic

The emotion in the lyrics and tIhe sad love that speaks from the music.It makes this one of my all-time favourites.

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33Replacer, Feather, & I - Until the Sun

A brilliant song. Really emotional, and a great reflection of Dash and Fluttershy's friendship, but horrendously underrated.

This song is too over looked, it has so much emotion to it and just is a work of pure genius.

34Brony Metal Medley - Bronyfied
35Yelling at Cats - Becoming Popular

Very cool and energetic song - pashafli

36The Living Tombstone - Stuck In Time
37Kindness - Acoustimandobrony

Definitely the best Mandopony song, and my favorite in the fandom.

38Glaze and Mic - Nightmare Night
39Dbpony - Daddy Discord
40Colt and Mare - 34103070674978532046
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