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Just the Way You Are

Just the Way You Are
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Man how can this song be on 2nd position... it should belong to its position where it deserve which is no1.. "beautiful" song!
I let my mom hear this song while she laid in her bed. 85 years old (her last month of life) to hear this beautiful song. I told her I wanted her to hear the song because when it comes on the radio I turn it up and image my daughter Chelsea. She smiled when it was over and said it was absolutely her... Thank you. My mom passed on July 21, 2012...
This song is such a sweet song! I absolutely adore it and it would make any girl feel special. I really think that this deserves to be number 1. The lyrics are beautiful and Bruno sounds like an angel. This should be number 1.
I always thought this song was the dream of every woman. Because, women always try to be pretty and Bruno Mars here says that you don't have to change, you are perfect that way. I personally always get excited when this song appears in the radio.
I love this song, it's just so amazing. It makes my day every time I listen to it no mater how sad I feel, I love you so much Bruno Mars! This isn't a stupid song, if some one really said all that to me, I would just tear up and give them a big hug.
It really the best song of bruno mars its just so beautiful I listen it everyday... Its lyrics are heart touching. I sang it for my love. Thank you bruno mars for this lovely song
It is the perfect song to sing to a girl if you are a boy and you want them to be yours.
This is my favorite song! It is so sweet and the lyrics are amazing and so is the tune. I think it should be No. 1 as it is better than Grenade any day. It is after all one of his best songs.
This song always gets my heart. Its beautiful and its what every girl wants to hear. His voice just sings it very beautifully and feels like I'm melting, its amazing.
This a song that makes a girl feel that she is special. If any girl listen this song from her boyfriend then she will definitely feel like she in the seventh heaven
The best love song ever. It would make every girl feel special when they hear it from their boyfriends. I never get bored of hearing it. Deserves to be on the top.. !
AMAZING SONG! This song was my mums best friends favourite song, it was played at her funeral a few years back so it brings back some memories, but it's such a beautiful song!


This song is truly heart touching... It has such amazing lyrics and Bruno Mars' amazing voice... This song is very just fabulous... CHEERS TO BRUNO MARS...!
This song completely fulfills my soul. It reminds me of of a southern baptist church, because of its healing remedies. Thank you Bruno for singing this God sent song.
Great melody and openly speaks about how guys feel for and appreciate their chosen one by simply reassuring her that "just the way you are" is simply awesome!
Such a beautiful song, should be definitely at the top!

I swear I'll marry the guy who sings it for me, no kidding..
Awesome song! Dedicate this to your girlfriend and she'll never stop loving you! One of the best love songs I have ever heard! Cheers!
Nice tune… I wish I could feel something like this for someone. It is not easy to find that you want to say “just the way you are”.
I think the song called just the way you are is a good song because he has the beat and has the groove but needs to work on his dancing and singing at the same time on stage but he has awesome songs that you can listen to.
Any girl would fall in love with the man who sings this song for her... Just love it and love bruno mars's voice
This honestly may be the greatest song ever written. I mean, holy crap. Its unbelieveble that a guy can write a song that touches your heart as much as this one does. Truly remarkable. This song literally has changed people's life
This Song is The Perfect song for me and for my Crush and when I sing this song to her I hope she likes it..
Touching song... It really shows that music is a universal language.. The easiest way to convey the feelings of your heart!
This is beautiful and lovely song that can touch anyone's soul...
It really soothes the mind
Just love it
If only every guy sang this to their girl... Will make relationships better... There'll be love everywhere