Runaway Baby


My favourite song of Bruno Mars is The Lazy Song. But I vote for this because it's very underrated. For me this song deserves top 3.

I LOVE THIS SONG! It just rocks. It is so fun and catchy and just makes me happy! And how is it not in the top ten?!?! This just blew my mind. People don't know what their missing.

I listened to it like a million times I like the beat and everything it should at least be in the top 10 because all my friends love it andI memorized the whole song

Just love it!
Whenever I think I've found the latest and greatest Bruno Mars song, I find a better one. I just love how upbeat it is and that chorus is so catchy!

I thought this was just a typo of Runaway Baby but it's not. It's a different song and has a nice tune. I could listen to this all day if I could

This one puts Bruno outside of his poppiness and into a more rock and roll based track about getting some from just about everyone.

This is my song I have to hear it everyday or my day just don't go right

Love this song, but honestly all songs by bruno mars are great to be listen, so keep voting

I really like this song its very dynamic but there is better

Man, this is THE BEST Bruno Mars song ever, the lyrics are awesome, and the rythms is so cool I can't stop listening to it. My Itunes had 70 plays in least that five days. My favorite song ever

His performance of this song at 2012 Grammys was AMAZING!

Nice song. The first song which I heared of Bruno Mars. It should be in top 10 list.

This is the best song ever! How did it get 2 num. 13?!?! Its WAY more upbeat than his other songs and Bruno Mars has the most AMAZING VOICE ON EARTH! And this song is SUPER catchy!

I can't believe this is #14. It should be #1!

The beats make me go crazy... ! Love it

' I just loved his performance in the grammies.. So retro and funky, love the sound of the song!. Love bruno mars! "love him".. Best male vocals I've heard in a while!..

This is a great song!

Love this song
It is amazing can't belive he sings thins song it's so hot

I remember when he sang this at the grammies... I just hate the fact that adele won most of the grammies Bruno was nominated in but hey Adele is a real talented contender