It Will Rain


Think it is better than grenade! Catchy tune too! It just shows that a person can love someone so much that it would pretty much break them if he lost her. Lyrics are great, and the music is phenomenal. If I had to pick one song from Bruno Mars to keep and everything else had to go away, I would pick this one. This song is one to remember forever.

This is the most amazing song I had ever heard!
I guess it hasn't been voted on a lot because it is fairly new, but I'm TELLING YOU, YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS BEAUTIFUL SONG, IT DESERVES TO BE IN THE TOP TEN, sure not as good as Grenade or Just the Way you are, but it's TEN TIMES BETTER THAN THE LAZY SONG, that song isn't even that good

Definitely his best song and my favourite song ever He is just SO SO talented is unbelievable I've seen his performance of It will rain on The Ellen Show (if you haven't you HAVE 2 watch it on YouTube! ) and he was just AMAZING Love him love him love him Love him:-)

WOW this is Bruno Mars' newest song and it is definitely a smash hit! It is no my favourite (1. Grenade 2. The Lazy Song) but I am really determined to get this into the top 10 because it really deserves it. Bruno Mars never disappoints.

I love this song... If one can feel this song then he is sure that one's eyes will do the same like clouds do...
Apart from "grenade" ^^ "just the way you are" it's one of the best song of my personal favorite Bruno

Really great and meaningful song... Probably one of his best songs! I could just listen to this song again and again and again... What an effort from Bruno Mars... Overall, it's awesome!

There’s no religion that could save me
No matter how long my knees are on the floor
So keep in mind all the sacrifices I’m making’
Will keep you by my side
Will keep you from walkin’ out the door.

Is that good or what?

It's totally the best. It should be in the first position. The lyrics are not just amazing. They are supernatural. I have listened to it for more than a thousand time and I'm still liking it.

Love it! The lyrics are so touching. I would want my boyfriend to sing this to me! It is amazing! It is so emotional and it shows off his range. I do NOT THINK THIS SONG SHOULD BE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST!

This is an unbelievably awesome song! It just captures the essence of a guy's heart and how he feels about a girl he truly loves! I listen to it every time I miss my girlfriend as there will be no sunlight if she walks away!

And just like the clouds my eyes will do the same if you walk away, everyday it will rain,.. I think there are not words like those can express the feeling of losing someone you love :(.. I love this song!

This song is the best song I've ever heart! This guy is just amazing. I also love just the way you are, actually I can't choose between this one and just the way you are. But I've chosen this one, because I've heard this song the most of all his songs

I think this is the best song bruno could have sung, though I had to ponder a lot on which song to vote for, since all his songs are AWESOME. Anyway it will rain has no match. Bruno rocks and so does this song! Vote guys

Although I love all his songs but this song is by far the best in the list! The lyrics so meaningful, the music so awesome and what can you say about Bruno's singing... He is awesome as usual!

My Girl Friend Used To listen Bruno Mars. But when I start listening to him the first song that I listen is IT WILL Rain and after that it is my favorite song. Great song great lyrics

Bruno Mars is the best singer ever. This song should be number one it is my favorite song, this guys has some amazing talent. I think him and Katy Perry should make a song together.

For me this will not be the amazing song of Bruno Mars, but This Is The Most Remarkable Song For Me. In Every Word it Contains A Greta Meaning In Our Life. A Girl Should Always be Especial. That Is The Goal Of That Song.

Nice, fabulous, wonderful. And it's kind of... Brilliant, the beautiful lyrics with great melody. And, as seen on Breaking Dawn, as amazingly as the love story itself.

The song is really musical, I must say that the song created a deep impact over me as I totally got lost in the music which creates a enchanting effect over the listener, believe me, you'll really sway and swing with melody, it catches on to U.. you should really listen to it
Feel bruno mars...

Whenever I'm feeling sad or not my best, this song let's me vent my emotions. It expresses exactly how I feel, and I could listen to it a million stand never get tired of it! Definitely his number one song

Very Good Song to listen!
The one that should be Listen by Everyone.
This is the one that made me to like bruno.
When I was heartbreak, this song made me perfected.

I absolutely adore this song. It has me tearing up every time. I wish every guy would sing songs like this to win their girl back. Guys, learn from Bruno! Beautiful song.

Best song of bruno mars ever. by listening to bruno mars songs I have learned one thing from him that if you love someone do anything for that person.

Beautiful lyrics... Amazing voice... The song touches your soul... I totally and absolutely love it... This one deserves the top slot..!

This song feels so good especially when it's rain and you feel blue..
It is just perfect and no words can speak of it till you hear the song