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41 This Side of Paradise V 1 Comment
42 I'm Ready I'm Ready

One of the Bryan Adam's I just recently discovered. This is absolute and pure magic. No other words to describe it. Having heard and loved all the other songs in the top 10 list at one time or the other, I'd say that this is right up there with Please Forgive Me, Best of Me and Heaven and Everything I do among the most lyrical songs from Bryan, maybe even better cause this song never seems to get hold. He's the best no denying it. I hope in the future as more younger generation gets to listen to this song and its deep but simple meaning, it'll be voted up there to the top 3.

I was surprised when I found that it was not even in the list//

Oh what an amazing music it is... Still green.. Still young.. Still fresh..

The acoustic version from the MTV live record is just superb!

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43 Hearts On Fire Hearts On Fire

For my money this is the best from Bryan. It didn't get the huge radio play that many others did, but to me that makes it even more appealing. My iPod has over 20, 000 tunes and this one is among only 230 that have my coveted 5 star rating. Great song!

This is a great song to hear at an Adams concert. Also way too low

44 Sound the Bugle Sound the Bugle

Your right it is so underrated.. At least a few know about this.. This song helped me to cry when I couldn't stay with the person I loved

This song has the emotional makings to make a grown man cry.. Bryans voice and the lyrics truly touch you deep in your heart.. It should be in the top three if you ask me

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45 Remembrance Day Remembrance Day

The Best Song By Bryan Adams this song is a message to our Soldiers who died in war..

Best bryan adams song and it have to be the lead single rather than heat of the night...

46 I Finally Found Someone I Finally Found Someone

Should have been in top 10...

47 She's Got a Way She's Got a Way

That is a really awesome song! How come it is not even anywhere near? Please vote it to make it move up!

48 Open Road

Song for the rodeo. No comparison with other, simple genius.

49 When You Love Someone When You Love Someone

Great song for yesterday, today n tomorrow.. This song complete me

How CAn Anyone Miss This MAsterpiece?
THis one Is ONe of the MOst Mesmerizing SOng Ever...
BRyan Adams At Its Best

To many people have covered this song and its very hard to look it up on utube with Bryan Adams actually singing it, it is very frustrating.

I'm a's a nice song..i like

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50 Tonight in Babylon

Superb! Awesome! It should be among his top 10s. Gotta nice warm feeling around it!

Trance music at its best. The video is amazing. Words come from the heart. What else do you need?

2012 Floorfiller with a very modern sound like Calvin Harris or David Guetta. Produced by the London underground dance music group Loverush UK!, it was well-recieved in bars/nighclubs in London, but never charted in the Top 100 in the UK, due to lack of airplay, except on 106.9fm WHCR. Great song, under-rated and not well-known enough. Listen to this you'll be suprised how good it is?

51 I Thought I'd Seen Everything I Thought I'd Seen Everything
52 There Will Never Be Another Tonight There Will Never Be Another Tonight

What a dishonourable place for a song like this...! This song easily deserves to be in top 15.. #salman_porag

53 Take Me Back Take Me Back
54 Not Guilty Not Guilty
55 Diana

Love this song along with the Adamix that was on the 12-inch, plus was out when teenage boys lusted for the princess.

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56 Star Star
57 Oxygen Oxygen V 1 Comment
58 East Side Story East Side Story

The song east side story from the album best of me by Bryan Adams is also another beautiful song. It should have been in the list within top 10. Its totally awesome. I became speechless the first time ever I heard it.

59 Christmas Time Christmas Time

My favorite Christmas song, from 2001

60 Reckless Reckless
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