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Crazy B*tch
Best song ever. Makes me happy every single time I hear it. It's just really really fun.
Awesome song good lyrics awesome music
It's literally impossible to listen to this song without smiling


[Newest]LOVE this song! It always puts a smirk on my face.

Amazing song if you've just broken up with someone, or had a fight where things that shouldn't have been said, got said. Really powerful lyrics, overall an amazing song that is worth listening to


Best song ever... Love the lyrics and the whole acoustics. this is from Jerry Lee Lewis niece and my name is Marian Jean Terrell
Amazing Buckcherry song with powerful sorrying lyrics in a great singing atmosphere


3Lit Up
Classic Buckcherry. This should at least be #2
That Bridge! The definition of coolness, in my opinion.
This is their best! No doubt!

It has an amazing balance of head banging rock while still being kinda a grunge song

5Check Your Head


7Too Drunk
This song is just really, really awesome. The lyrics are amusing, and the music is really good.
What a song!.. Its too good!.. And catchty as wel.. Most of al lyrics r excellent and makes you feel to get drunk!
What is the real diff!

8Say F*** It

9Next 2 You

10Open My Eyes
Romantic song for these hard rockers to produce! But I think it is amazing, I think it should be played on the radio.
A surprising song from the band just shows how broad their music can be
Love this song it sums up how I feel about my husband.

The Contenders

Can't believe this song wasn't on here such a great song to just jam to
This song is so awesome. I love it.

12Rescue Me
Amazing song... Awesome notes and lyrics... Just connects with your soul simply love it. Give it a listen

13So Far

14For the Movies

15All Night Long

16I Want You
AWESOME LOVE SONG... As long as you are not thinking that he is singing this to his boyfriend. Laugh out loud. By not doing so, it is actually an AWESOME LOVE SONG. The lyrics are prefect, I do really LOVE his voice. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against a same sex relationships.

17Porno Star

18Don't Go Away
Love this one... Feeling it in life

19Without You
A nice song better the a lot of songs above

20Open Your Eyes
Great hidden track! After side to the guys

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