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41 All In the Waiting All In the Waiting
42 For Mom For Mom

It's a touching piece, One of the best in the category of slow and sentimental ones.
Please try it out

43 Frozen Brains Tell No Tales

Awesome guitar work, the riffs and the random quirky pieces of catch phrases, then the solo comes blooming in with "HE'S GOT A BUCKET ON HIS HEEAD! "
Beautiful song.

44 Jump Man Jump Man
45 Swomee Swan Swomee Swan
46 Hollowed Out Hollowed Out
47 It Smells Like Frogs It Smells Like Frogs
48 Carpal Tunnel Slug Carpal Tunnel Slug

Nice song, mixes between slow and clean, then, fast and distorted. Has a high quality guitar solo.

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49 Andrew Henry's Meadow Andrew Henry's Meadow
50 Mrs. Beasley

This is one of his saddest songs. Every time I listen to it I can feel my heart beating (and not in a good way). It's a very sad and very emotional song. I would recommend it if you haven't heard it. Even you will feel his emotion. - Gigan

51 Gory Head Stump Gory Head Stump

Its cool. I like it.

52 Asylum of Glass Asylum of Glass

If this rank 40 song got stuck in my head I fear what damage soothsayer do to me...

53 Telling Number Telling Number
54 The Homing Beacon The Homing Beacon

Greatest Buckethead song for sure. All of his emotion pours out onto this, and I'm sure Michael would be proud. One of the greatest instrumental pieces, if not compositions, of all time.

55 Plastination Station Plastination Station
56 Night of the Slunk Night of the Slunk

From album Monsters and Robots... Its electrifying
Another song is Asylum of glass!

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57 Machete Machete

I have been a huge fan of Buckethead for years. I listened to all of his songs and own half of his albums and I believe that Machete it the most emotional song he has composed. Every time I hear his bends I am overcome with a feeling I cannot describe with mere words. Buckethead is a true musician and the master of the guitar.

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58 Earth Heals Herself
59 Stretching Lighthouse Stretching Lighthouse
60 Botnus Botnus

Honestly the only metalcore song I can stand.

Really nice heaviness, one of my personal favorites.
The live versions beat the studio in my opinion.

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