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Budgie, a 70's Welsh Classic Rock band has been so underrated and has not received the media coverage deserved. They have been very influential on some of our more successful bands who have covered their songs such as Soundgarden, Iron Maiden & Mettalica among others.

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1 Breadfan

By accident I came across Breadfan on you tube. How come I never heard of them. Zep. Floyd, Stones, Beatles, Yes, csny. I would say Budgie is not as good as these bands, not even close but, nobody is. They belong with the likes of rush, triumph. Still not as good as either of these two. But the song Breadfan, when putting together a list of songs that kick ass Breadfan belongs.

53 years old and thought I heard all rock. How did I miss miss band. But thanks to Dave Mustaine book, I have now found one of the best raw rock bands ever. Love um

Good melody. Good band. Good riff. Great solo. Maybe from the greatest heavy metal songs of 70's.

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2 Parents

If you want to know how to play the perfect guitar solo, listen to this.

Tony Bourge has a unique & emotive guitar sound, which is put to full use in this song...AWESOME.

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3 Can't See My Feelings
4 Melt the Ice Away
5 Crash Course In Brain Surgery

Best driving song ever!

6 Guts
7 Who Do You Want For Your Love
8 Gunslinger
9 Wildfire
10 Slipaway V 1 Comment

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11 Homicidal Suicidal
12 Rolling Home Again
13 I Ain't No Mountain
14 Napoleon Bona Part 1 & 2

Metal masterpiece from as early as 1975

15 In For The Kill
16 Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman V 1 Comment
17 We're All Living In Cuckooland

A reunited Budgie releases new CD 2006 - Kaluyuti

18 Zoom Club

One of the pioneer New Wave Of British Heavy Metal songs.

19 Breaking All the House Rules

Budgie is a far better band than most people think. This track is a proof.

20 In the Grip of Tyrefitter's Hand
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