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41 Thad Carlson
42 Dan Wilson
43 Juri Karamazov
44 Constantinus Brakus V 1 Comment
45 Eunice Pound
46 Gloria Jackson
47 Edward Seymour II
48 Mr. Wiggins
49 Chad's Dog

It poops for you to put in a bag? What more can you ask!

50 Dr. Crabblesnitch
51 Ethan Robinson

"You like that crane? Hah! It was a tiger not a crane! "

52 Tom Gurney

Who would not love a guy that has permanently black eye, a scar, and a strong and totally awesome New York accent? Besides, he's much more matyrebthan the other bullies. Yeah, I think I like him. He's totally ' awesome cool!

V 1 Comment
53 Lola Lombardi
54 Lefty Mancini
55 Lucky De Luca
56 Cornelius Johnson
57 Bo Jackson Bo Jackson
58 Casey Harris

"You're going down, smart-ass! "

59 Luis Lana
60 Angie Ng
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