Best Cable Television Shows


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The Top Ten

South Park - Comedy Central
Smart, current, topical...brilliant and thought provoking while providing huge laughs!
south park is one of the best shows ever


2Psych - USA
One of the Funniest shows ever!

3The Colbert Report - Comedy Central
He is just hilareous my favorite joke from him was : The circle of taking life, Americans make better weapones

4The Soup - E!

5The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Comedy Central

6The Sopranos - HBO

7The Bill Engvall Show - TBS

8Curb Your Enthusiasm - HBO

9Monk - USA

10Best Week Ever - VH1

The Contenders

11Six Feet Under - HBO

12Dexter - Showtime

13Rescue Me - FX

14Burn Notice - USA

15Sex and the City - HBO

16The Wire

17Justified - FX

18The 4400 - USA Network

19Leverage - TNT

20The Suite Life on Deck - Disney Channel

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