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1 Comfort Eagle Comfort Eagle

This is my favourite cake song, rock n' roll lifestyle and shirt skirt long jacket are also songs this is an awesome band, more people should get into them! - dragon13304

2 Short Skirt / Long Jacket Short Skirt / Long Jacket

The chuck theme song, need I say more?

3 The Distance The Distance

Sounds like me playing NASCAR thunder 2004 at watkins glen. I finish 4 laps down every time

What a fantastic song. Like seriously

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4 Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra

Just a really great song

5 I Will Survive I Will Survive
6 Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle
7 Never There Never There
8 Friend Is a Four Letter Word Friend Is a Four Letter Word
9 I Bombed Korea I Bombed Korea

A superb song with thoughtful lyrics. Deserves to be rated highly.

10 Italian Leather Sofa Italian Leather Sofa

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11 Shadow Stabbing Shadow Stabbing
12 Arco Arena Arco Arena
13 Satan Is My Motor Satan Is My Motor
14 Sheep Go to Heaven Sheep Go to Heaven

I wish people would not just vote for songs that are played on the radio. Sad to see that those make the top 2.

Playing my panpipes bro. As soon as you are born...

Good stuff for the uncloven

15 Mexico Mexico
16 Waiting Waiting
17 Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
18 Jolene Jolene

It is not possible to assemble a list of top Cake songs that doesn't include Jolene.

19 Commissioning a Symphony In C Commissioning a Symphony In C

Love, love, love this song! Cake has a way with words that I rarely find in other artists. Man, they need to come out East more.

Really a cool song. Good solo, a bit strange lyrics, awesome chorus. Somehow I find it a bit uplifting.

20 Long Time Long Time
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1. Friend Is a Four Letter Word
2. Comfort Eagle
3. Mexico
1. I Bombed Korea
2. Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle
3. Satan Is My Motor
1. Short Skirt / Long Jacket
2. I Will Survive
3. Comfort Eagle

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