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1Sweet Nothing

Best song dears, florence welch is fantastic

Great music with great vocals, I thinks it is the best song of calvin harris - jiteshjaluthria1

Best Song in the world =D Greatest Collaboration ever!

I'm into heavy metal now, and this is the only non-metal song I like - Metallicafan01

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2Feel So Close

Always love listening to this song. It's so meaningful and upbeat! It's a great party song and a great everyday song. It makes me want to dance! I wish there would be more songs like this one.

Amazing song. I Can connect to the every bit of the song. :)

This is the perfect melody; an outstanding combination of electronic rock and house; makes me feel so close of what really music is; Calvin Harris should sing more in his songs; he's pretty good :'D

I'm sure that is the best and perfect music around a world.i have to many remedy whit this music I love it.i just panic that this music is not first in ranking I can't believe this!

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3We Found Love

This song is an anthem

This song is exeptional. No one can make this good song with that much creativity.

Pushed riri to great heights in music industry


A great song released in 2014. CL

Great Song for summer

Great beat especially a rare type of music can heard in this song it would be at 3 or 4

I gave my comment already! Voting about this medicine all the time! Wanna check out my comment? It's the long one starting... I had broken up...

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5I Need Your Love

So melodious song with good vocals and wonderful music...

Its like a better version of feel so close

Really awesome this so much...

This is the number one song

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6We'll Be Coming Back

I don't believe this song is at no.7..this song is incredible, I feel this is the best song by calvin harris, and let's not forget EXAMPLE, his contribution is also commendable, he just rocked this song.. Deserves to be in top 3.

The moment I heard it for the first time I just fell in love with this song, great stuff from calvin harris and example too was amazing in this song

Great song.the beat is awesome and also the vocals.

Awesome song I can't not dance when it's on

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7Under Control

Amazing ♥ can't get out of the head

It should be number 1. Can't stop listening.

Come on guys this needs to be at least in the top three, if not at number one. Not only is the video really good but also the tune is incredibly interesting! I love Calvin Harris and this is another one of his best hits

Awesome song nice tune

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8Let's Go

This song should be number 1 please vote this one up great tune all round great dance song of 2012 - mneilan

Love this song this one should be number 1 on the list great tune and dance beat all round amazing

This is a fantastic collaboration with Ne-Yo. I think it will be well remembered. Should be higher up on the chart!

This should be no1

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9Thinking About You

Catchiest song ever. Amazing beats from the best DJ in the entire world

Why isn't this higher up! So catchy, love the china cymbals in the background. This is calvin harris at his best.

I found every part of modern music in it so its perfect to me

The one song that I can never get out of my head.

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COME ON people: anytime, anywhere, anyplace music. guaranteed to make you feel a billion times better than before.

Awesome song... Makes you wanna dance every time you hear it. Love this song... Give it a listen

This should not be in the top ten and the music video's awesome

At least at top 5...

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?What's Your Name
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11Drinking From the Bottle

This song is just pure awesome, the chorus is amazing and its a song that everyone can get into and dance to.

Way better then sweet nothing. Calvin is the best dj in the world and tinie is one of the best singers in the world. Best calvin harris song. All calvin songs are good but this the best.

This song should be in the top ten really good beat vote this one up

This song has like the literally best drop for Summer nights

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Amazing beats! Brilliant lyrics! Awesome Music Video!

No words.. Best party song...

Great Tune this one should be in the top ten - mneilan


The melody is just perfect for an anthem. Ellie does a perfect job singing a long. We found love is a trashy repetitive song, please... use common sense and take it off. This song, along with I Need Your Love are TOP!

I agree with the commentator on this song. BEST CALVIN HARRIS SONG EVER! - TheMadCat25

Love this song! Upbeat and catchy music, sweet and soothing vocals. One of Calvin's finest!

Now I'm on the outside...

Of the house

Haha parody my friend made up

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The sickest song out by Calvin Harris! Nicky Romero is a producing God, they will both hit the Top 10 DJ's very soon!

Fab... Credit goes to both calvin harris & nicky romero.. Awesome beatz..

15I'm Not Alone

Deadmau5 & calvin make a deadly duo.. should be higher

Makes me feel nostalgic :')

A true CH song, one of his earliest but also one of his very best. No Top 10?


Love the beat of the song.really want the album so badly

This song should be top 10


Should be in top ten really good song vote this one higher up

Dam good song..
calvin harris remixed the song well..

Great song vote it higher up please should be in top ten


Short song but tremendously done by CALVIN...

20Acceptable in the 80s

Calvin harris' earlier songs don't get enough credit listen to this song it is way lower ranked than where it should be

It's so catchy, love it!

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1. We Found Love
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