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It is an amazing;highly developed and absolutely safe capital city, but also regarded as one of the best capitals in Asia and can be competed with any glorious capital city in the world - even from a highly developed country. There is no doubt that international developments are rapidly appearing in nearly every corner of the city. Its unique and awe-inspiring surrounding makes it more than a capital! If compared with Delhi (capital of India) it will surely win. Each and every Pakistani should pleased with such a world-class capital, despite the financial crisis political and religious conflicts, vulnerability to terrorism across the country and several other issues. Thus making a Pakistani proud for what he/she has
I love this city I search in Internet for this city is so beautiful I have never been there always wanna be there but I live in London it is in Pakistan I have heard that Pakistan is so beautiful place to visit I love this country always wanna be there I love there national anthem as well I can't understand in there language but the translation is so beautiful
Clean and green, peaceful and quiet with all sorts of places to go to and all sorts of activities to do.
[Newest]Islamabad is the most attractive city due to its natural beauty and well planed service its also known as the heart of Pakistan.
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London has more history and it's landmarks are recognised throughout the world. It's one of the world's top financial cities and at the height of the British Empire it was the most powerful city in the world.
'When a man is tired of London! He is tired of life' - You can find almost anything and anyone (one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, anyone from any country will surely find a restaurant or shop or community centre belonging to theirs), there's constantly new things opening here and new areas to explore (I. E dalston and Stratford being redeveloped), there's something for everyone and it's so easy to get around with the underground transport, this is also where much of the world has been ruled and developed from historically and where so much has and will happen
London is the natural and totally apt international cosmopolitan capital of the cultural world. No other city can come close to the historical, cultural diversity, architectural, commercial, financial and internationally connected hub that London is. It spans the globe and belongs to everyone on the planet!
[Newest]I haven't been to London, but my father who has been there told me that London is quite a nice place. And I also wanted to see the Big Ben and London Bridge so badly since I was still a kid.

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Even after being completely destructed during the 2nd world war in 1945, still city like berlin was able to rise up and include itself amongst the topmost earning and the busiest capitals of the world.
So much history and very nice people, I would say this is by far better than London as it is safe and not full of drug smugglers who want to mug you. There is a diverse culture, many museums and fantastic architecture. So vote for the best!
One of the best city I have ever been!
[Newest]Best city I have been too! Amazing culture, great history, people are friendly, lots to see and do. Great public transport, mega cheap for a capital city, easy to get around and amazing nightlife! So much more I could say!

Incredibly safe and clean, amazing foods, fashion, arts, sophisticated cultures, you are just spoiled for choices.
Beautiful city with both modern and traditional part nice people and food
In the Japan itself it has proved its hardwork
[Newest]I have been there and liked it, the people are nice, the culture is nice, relatively clean, safe, food is nice, technologically advanced, smart, and unique. Tokyo has the mix of traditionally Japanese and modern into a package of cool city that I like.

Paris is for sure the most beautiful city in the world, and has so much landmarks! If I were a country, it would be the 11th economy in the world! Paris is strong on all fronts and is therefor the world's best capital city
Beatiful architecture, few eyesores, great atmosphere
Paris is a romantic city with beautiful monuments, perfect shopping and restaurant, very different neighborhoods and good transportation. I travelled a bit and nothing is equal to Paris!
[Newest]I visited Paris and there was SO much graffiti.

A great capitol city with impressive architecture
Nightlife there is awesome, I gotta visit again ^^
It should be first it's a crappy list
[Newest]Highest murder rate in USA

Ottawa is magnificent. The Neo Gothic Parliament Buildings are second to none. The Parliament Buildings are situated on Parliament Hill, on a precipice overlooking the Ottawa River and Province of Quebec across the river. Ottawa has some of the best "green belt" parks of any city in the world, let alone a capital city. It is a compact city, easy for walking. In the winter, it is glorious to skate on the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO Heritage Site. Is amazing to see civil servants, with their long coats, suits, ties and brief cases, skating to work on the Rideau Canal. Where else in the world would one see this? Amazing. In May the tulip festival is also worth a visit. The tulips are an annual gift from The Netherlands in thanks for Canada harbouring Queen Juliana, who gave birth to one of her daughters while in exile during WW2 in Ottawa. The Dutch have never forgotten. Ironically, it was the Canadian army that liberated most of Holland in WW2. In the summer, there is Chamberfest, an annual Chamber Music Festival for music lovers. Lots of great museums in Ottawa. See photos of the 78 officers who escaped in the tunnel in The Great Escape at the Air Force Museum in Ottawa. The National Art Gallery is worth a visit to the city. Great collection.
Its perfect! Good night life, world class museums, many land marks, great places for site seeing, great food and culture. Also it's not a concrete city, balancing nature with the city, a great place to visit in all seasons

Beautiful Ottawa
Amazing place, can't be beat. The best part is enjoying a nice crisp winter day in ottawa!
[Newest]Best country, that has a beautiful city, country has great economy and safety

Rome is wonderful city, which I have visited. It is wonderful to see such great constructions and historical legacy Rome have, especially the monuments speaks their history and culture
Birthplace of the roman empire, church, so much history! Totally amazing!
Everything there is amazing.
[Newest]Charming yet ancient, another favorite Italian city of mine aside from the ever-so-beautiful Florence.

9New Delhi
Delhi has the worlds best malls I refer to select city walk. The Christmas celebrated in this mall Farr better than the New York Rockefeller centre one.
New Delhi has the historical monuments coolest places in India.
Developing in IT sector and infrastructure
[Newest]I don't believe this..., New Delhi is the best

Just amazing! A beautiful city were history is in the air, it's also remarkable that it was the most powerful city in the world during the Spanish Empire. Best gastronomy on the whole globe. Full of museum, amazing monuments and one of europe's biggest parks, the Parque del Retiro, with statues and a big pond with little boats on it. A modern, metropolitan city where tradition and modernity are combined wisely.
Amazing nightlife, amazing culture, amazing art, amazing people! Number 1 for me and I am from Barcelona.
Very nice city with lots of contrasts between old buildings and modern structures. Very interesting

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A must see before you die...
Agree with the dude who said a must see before you die.Athens is not only damn gorgeous but it hss also amazing friendly people gorgeous girls and great food.Its also very safe.
It's a lovely city I think it should be higher in the list because of the amazing climate, the museums, the safety it provides to you and the great food.

Old city with long history and lots of skyscrapers!
Best place with the best women
Awful people, gangsters, skinheads...
[Newest]Amazing city with a lots of old and modern things

Is actually the capital of Australia, not Sydney, which seems to be higher rated in this list.
The dumbass who put Sydney on the list obviously knows nothing about Australia. THIS is the capital city, not Sydney!
Canberra is certainly one of the most amazing capital cities in the world in terms of wealth, education, security and environment.
[Newest]I live in Canberra and it is a fantastic city to grow up in!

I lived in Stockholm for a year, it's a very safe and friendly place
If are in Stockholm visit the Vasa museum. It is a whole ship in there! And also go to Gröna Lund to go on eclipse. You can't not hate This city.
Nice people and a beautiful city!
[Newest]Number one its beautiful, low crime rate, and clean as hell what more do you need.

Moving and good nightlife a

Beautiful beach and friendly people. The land of smile
Beautiful culture and anything for good life
The most beautiful city for tourism in the world by travel+leisure and the most visited city in the world by master card serve in 2013

Beijing would be a so much better city if communism isn't exist in China anymore. I just think that Beijing is quite a wasted potential because Beijing has quite many things to offer as a city and many interesting places to enjoy, yet Beijing's potential is completely ruined by the communism in China.
The problem is that Beijing is in China and it kinda has a communist government

Great place to live or visit, with tourist attractions worthy of visiting. Friendly people that are always up for helping anyone who needs it.
Beautiful city, beautiful people and a relaxed environment
Wellington is beautiful, cool, interesting, friendly, safe, compact, FABULOUS!

It is the best


Beautiful city, friendly people, good food and excellent Hungarian wine
The most Beautiful City where I was!

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