Best Car Tire Brands

Unless something goes very wrong, your car's tires are the only part of the vehicle that make contact with the road. As such, the driving experience your car provides is largely dependent on the tires underneath it.

There are a number of benefits to having the right tires on your car including better gas mileage, improved traction, smoother ride, less noise, and improved performance, but perhaps the most important is the safety of the people in and around it. You may have the most advanced anti-lock braking system, multiple other driver assists, all wheel drive, and more, but if your tires are worn out or not right for the conditions, you're going to have a hard time accelerating, turning, and stopping.

So whether your tires are getting a bit on the thin side, aren't suited for the season, or otherwise are holding back your car's potential, it may be a good time to look into purchasing another set. There are few things you can do for your car that will have the positive impact of a new set of tires.

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1Michelin (France)

Michelin tires have never let me down in the 45 years I have been driving them. I feel they are the best tire on the road bar none!

Michelin tires have high quality rubber. I feel safe and comfort when driving car with michelin tires.

Michelin takes the knowledge it obtains dominating the 24 Hours of Le Mans and applies it not only to their car tires, but also to the tires they produce for everything from bicycles to earthmovers to airplanes.

I safe and comfort on michelin tyre

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2Continental (Germany)

Founded in 1871, these guys were producing tires for carriages and bicycles decades before there even was a market for care tires. With that sort of experience, it makes sense that Continental would be at the top of the list.

I used tires in truck business for 12 years and these brands in luxury cars like BMW Rover and Jaguar cars

Noisy after 22K on Honda CRV OEM tires will keep me from ever buying Continental again.

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3Goodyear (USA)

Goodyear has given us the best mileage from a tire. Rotation of tires also help us in getting the best mileage from our tires.

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4Bridgestone (Japan)

My family's life was saved one day thanks to the outstanding performance of our Bridgestone tires in the rain. I will forever be grateful. - ignoble

My Bridgestone tires have lasted me 4 years with no problems!

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5Pirelli (Italy)

Pirelli tires will get you to your destination on any kind road and in any kind of weather. My Outback was transformed as we forged through the storm never losing traction and maintaining control in a blinding downpour that had others skidding off the roadway. Love the power of Pirelli!

Great for high end cars, such as Lamborghini or Ferrari!

I'm an American driving only Toyotas and no matter what comes on the car from the dealer, I always buy Pirelli. They've gotten me back and forth along several thousand miles in rain, sand, heat and even snow. Once a Pirelli Girl, ALWAYS a Pirelli Girl!

6Hankook (South Korea)

My family's life was saved one day thanks to the outstanding performance of our Hankook tires in the rain. I will forever be grateful

I have run hankook tires on all my vehicles for years without a problem and would recommend them for any vehicle.

7Yokohama (Japan)

Had these on my car for seven years before I needed to replace them from the dry rot. Long lasting tires apparently!

Makes the Chelsea kit so obviously the best

Bought truck/suv set last year and car set 3 years ago. Both have preformed great.

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8Cooper (USA)

I have run cooper tires on all my vehicles for years without a problem and would recommend them for any vehicle.

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9Dunlop (England)V2 Comments
10Apollo (India)

I am using I in my car they are the best

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?JK Tyres (India)

I have used its very good tyre service...

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11Firestone (USA)

Working well so far on my silverado - conroy85

Excellent tires bought for my wife's Chevy Venture van.

Provide excellent handling and wear

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12Coker (USA)
13Toyo (Japan)

This was always in need for speed

14Kavir Tire (Iran)
15Kumho (South Korea)

Just bought this, is this a continental subsidiary

Worse tires I've ever bought every pothole or bumb in the road tears your car up...super hard tires would not recommend on any kind of pavement!

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16BFGoodrich (USA)
17Nankang (Taiwan)V1 Comment
18Ceat (India)

Awesome products I been using around 40 years

19Uniroyal (USA)
20Kelly Tires (USA)
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