Best Car Tire Brands

The Top TenXW

1Continental (Germany)
I used tires in truck business for 12 years and these brands in luxury cars like BMW Rover and Jaguar cars
I'm using this tyre in my cae & I feel it's ride quality
2Michelin (France)
This is a best tire company
3Goodyear (USA)
Extra long range, about 120k ran
4Bridgestone (Japan)
Best tyre of Indian roads
5Yokohama (Japan)
6Hankook (South Korea)
7Dunlop (England)
8Pirelli (Italy)
Great for high end cars, such as Lamborghini or Ferrari!
9Cooper (USA)
I have run cooper tires on all my vehicles for years without a problem and would recommend them for any vehicle.
10Coker (USA)

The Contenders

11Firestone (USA)
12Apollo (India)
13Achilles (USA)
Nice and grip well
14Uniroyal (USA)
15Kelly Tires
16BFGoodrich (USA)
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