Top Ten Best Cartoon Characters

July 31, 2015 - Here is a list of the most famous cartoon characters ever. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Homer Simpson
If there were ever a character who could do so much wrong and yet so much right at the same time, Homer is it. While he may in fact be the worst father/husband ever drawn (although Peter Griffin would like to argue), he still is a father/husband because deep down he loves his children and his wife, and we adore him for. And what more can be said about that catch-phrase? Were I feeling funny during a moment of pain, all that would be uttered would be "D'oh!"


Homer quote : I like my beer cold my television loud and my homosexuals flaming!


Homer Chokes Bart and it is funny! and homer is like Patrick the star no Brain!
[Newest]He is hilarious, and the reason why I love the Simpsons so much. If I remember right, he once went crazy because they were out of donuts.

2Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob has been with me forever, as I've gotten older, spongebob hasn't, I never miss an episode of this sweet little sea creature's story, his love of everyone and his laugh will always make him the best and most memorable cartoon character ever!
SpongeBob?! Are you nuts?! He did not take over the world properly!
Almost voted eric cartman, but spongebob is a legend
I like spongebob because my classmate love all this and I have collection spongebob''
[Newest]Okay, I didn't realize how abysmal he could be

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3Bugs Bunny
Bugs should be number 1 for that "what's up, doc? " only
Why did he have to be 5th.
Doesn't make any sense!
Mr. Witty.
The Intelligent Mastermind.
Mr. Perfectionist.
Looney toones has preserved because of bugs bunny.


The original drag queen -- animated or otherwise!
[Newest]Bugs bunny always say whats up doc and I don't know why he has to be number one and I love looney tunes
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4Eric Cartman
While his relentless anti-semitism/immigration politics and superiority complex have been the subject of much controversey, they have also made Eric Cartman one of the most memorable cartoon characters ever, and certainly the most unforgettable one constructed entirely out of cardboard.


Kitty, these are MY spicy hot Louisiana chicken tenders. KITTY!


Cartman chopped up his own father, ground him up into chilly, and then fed him to his half brother. Need I say more.
[Newest]Cartman is so funny even though he's racist, sexist and every ever ist possible. He is also probably the most evil cartoon kid ever

5Scooby Doo
Love Scooby Doo. He is my favourite and the best cartoon character in the entire world. He is the only cartoon character that can make me laugh and go aah. He is so cute. I especially love the old classics such as Scooby Doo where are you, the New Scooby Doo movies, the Scooby Doo Show, Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo and A Pup named Scooby Doo. Scooby Doo is my number 1 for ever. He is classic and rocks!
Scooby is the best cartoon character ever! He Rocks!


Scooby Doo has got to be one of the best cartoon characters EVER! The Great Dane makes all the other cartoon characters say, "Ruh-Row! " when compared! With classic cuteness, a funny attitude, adorable catchphrase and a scaredy-cat sidekick, the show will make you howl with delight! Now the only left is to give me a Scooby Snack, and then I'll be ready to ask, "Scooby Doo, where are you? " On my T.V. screen, that's where!
[Newest]He is my favorite dog ever! He was entertaining to me for years


6Mickey Mouse
While he may not be the edgiest character ever, Mickey Mouse is undoubtedly the best. Unlike any other character on this list, Mickey's warm personality and famous face, complete with over-sized ears, gives off the impression of not just a character, but also an old friend who was with me throughout my childhood and will be remain my friend forever.


That is the most beautiful cartoon ever!
I love him!
I agree. In fact, he was my childhood character I enjoyed when I saw him in Disney cartoons. Fast forward to the present, Mickey Mouse is still a cartoon legend with great character and determination. One of the funniest, cheerful, and upbeat characters in animation.
They don't have cartman land, they don't have Tom and Jerry land, etc... Disneyland is one of the most recognized, if not the most recognized resort in the world! And Mickey Mouse is the one that everyone comes to see. His shadow is more recognizable than any other cartoon character in the world. I love Disney and have ever since I was a youngster.
[Newest]The best little mouse, have ever seen

7Stewie Griffin
baby stewie is the most complex character of the show and at the same time the funniest, that shows that his character really has a great evil/cute charm
While every member of the Griffin family has their humorous quirks, infant Stewie and his insufferable desire for word domination and the cold death of his own mother by his hands make him the best of the show. Yet perhaps his most essential feature is his inexplicably British accent, which helps change him from angry baby to miniature James Bond movie villain, and for that, he earns a spot on this list.


Stewie is the best of all cartoons I ever seen, he is classical character in all animation history. He can make you cry in 2 minutes and that's is very good :)
[Newest]He is a evil baby and he do bad stuff.

8Patrick Star
hahaha patrick is so funny, I love him hahaha, like the episodes survival of the idiots and chocolate with nuts
SQUIDWARD: Patrick go be stupid somewhere else!
PATRICK: Not until 4:30
ME: Hahaa and then I pee
Patrick 4 life!


Patrick is the most funniest cartoon character I know that doesn't curse Shanghaied is the funniest episode ever
[Newest]Patrick are you serious! Patrick star is so stupid, and I don't mean dum stupid I mean the other kind of stupid!

9Tom (Tom and Jerry)
Jerry's enemy, Tom made us laugh and it still can because these cartoon's are timeless


This isn't even in the top tens? This cartoon show is the most brilliant thing that's ever happened to me - that's why I live


His name is Thomas The Cat lol rofl


[Newest]All the way best ever

10Daffy Duck
the best comedian the world has ever seen
You're right. He is one of a kind, and a original cartoon character. Everything he does is funny. And his speech is also funny!
"I agree with the other posters about this character. Everything about this character is funny, and everything he does is funny. I don't know anyone who doesn't like Daffy Duck.
[Newest]He deserves higher than 14!

The Contenders

he is great, very positive and able for any fight thats all!
Goku is brilliant but Dragonball z wouldn't be the same without Vegeta he makes the show so brilliant he should be number 1!
vegeta really is the strongest because vegeta never gives up in train more than goku
[Newest]Goku is going to beat up Bluto and slice him to no end using only Frieza's energy disc.
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Bender is a god with several variations of his catchphrase.

"Bite my Splintery Wooden Ass! "
"Bite my Glorious Golden Ass! "
"Lick my Frozen Metal Ass! "
"Bite my Collosal Metal Ass! "
"Bite my Red Hot Glowing Ass! "
"Bite my Shiny Metal Ass! "
"Maybe you could interface with my ass... By biting it! "
Contrary to the episode, Bender should be allowed on T.V. More often. The Homer Simpson of the robot universe.
Bender is great, he should really be way up on this list. "I need mouth to ass resuscitation". Fry is the story behind Futurama, but I think Bender should have been.
[Newest]Bender: bite my frozen metal pan, RAMONA!

13Peter Griffin
Stewie isn't even that funny should replace him with peter


stewie is just world domination freak but peter is actually got real comedy


Dope! oh wait Fricken Sweet!


[Newest]I hate Peter griffin with a burning passion. He is fat, lazy, stupid, and a drunk. Used to be funny in the early 2000s but in 2007 he started to be a ripoff of Homer Simpson. This son stewie also sucks because he likes to kill people. Peter griffin should go straight to hell.

14Mordecai (Regular Show)
Yeah-yeah Come on this guy NEEDS to be in top 20 he is the best Cartoon Network character EVER!
I love mordecai but what happened to rigby
Finally someone puts Mordecai in the top classic cartoon characters list.
[Newest]Not Really. Regular Show Stinks

15Invader Zim
Invader Zim IS and always will be the best show of all time (in my opinion anyway). It only got cancelled of some bad views... But I know that its been 11 years since the shows cancellation, but I still and always will love this show.
Why is Zim so low? Invader Zim was a great show with great characters, Zim was my favorite! He was always shouting with his cute voice and he should be in the top ten at least. I was very sad when I found out the show got cancelled and I still am. ZIM FOR EVER SHALL RULE! Oh and why is a sponge number 1?
This character should be in the top ten. I know this show got canceled but gas a huge fanbase. This is the best show ever! Everyone will obey the zim hands of ZIM!
[Newest]Zim is at 23. TWENTY THREE! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I AM JEN! I will not stand for this atrocity. Prepare your bowels for imminent evacuation! Human WORM babies. How can you be so tall yet so idiotic? I mean, Zim deserves to be at least above 15, at least.

Sad this show is only number 11. It was by far the best cartoon I ever saw as a kid. I'll take any episode of this show over what Cartoon Network has on now. Not to mention how bad shows on Disney and Nickelodeon are too. It's a mystery as to why SpongeBob is #3 since it's no exception.
That is right, son. The mind is a terrible organ to shuffle. LOL!


Ed is the funniest cartoon character ever!


[Newest]He is addicted to jawbreakers and stinky stuff. His voice is weird but is hilarious. I thought is was funny when he was mad because he had a pebble in his shoe and told eddy to shut up. Ed Edd and Eddy is way better than today's cartoons.

17Super Mario
I hope my kids know who Mario is. I want them to be able to pick him out of a lineup. If he keeps making games like "Super Mario Galaxy" than they definitely will be able to.


Okay, I will list my opinion on this. Mario is a GREAT video game character, but not a GREAT cartoon character. Mario shouldn't be on this list, he should be on top 10 best VIDEO Game characters. This isn't really a 'Cartoon'. But Mario is awesome. Sorry to correct you buddy but in the Super Mario Bros Super show, that is peach, not daisy. Daisy never appeared in a cartoon.
I like that mario show and I feel sorry for anyone who loves it... JUST KIDDING! I love Mario and he rocks so damn good. For anyone who watches Mario's show they'll think that the princess is peach but she's not. It is Daisy, and for a fact Birdo is also in it too.
Princess Peach deserves to be top 1 on the Top Ten Worst Cartoon Characters list.
[Newest]Mario isn't a cartoon character, but don't get me wrong, Mario is AWESOME! Instead of sitting on his butt in the castle, Mario goes out to try and kill Bowser and rescue peach even if it takes him to space. He can throw fireballs, which link, sonic and pac man can't. He can use any power-ups to kill anything in his way.

Mario will always be in my and other people's heart even though he was born in 1981. Oh one last thing: why is Mario only 18? He might not be funny; but at least he is powerful.

Bye! ✌️

18Bart Simpson
THE SIMPSONS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER! I wanted to vote for Homer but he was going to stay at the top 4-EVER!
(Pst I like that show Invader Zim but... IT GAVE ME NIGHTMARES! )
I <3 The simpsons, invader Zim and Spongedybobety! ROCK ON THESE SHOWS!
Ay Curumba! GO BART!



Bart Simpson appeared in so many Butterfinger commercials throughout North America.


This is crazy. The last poll I saw ranked Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Snoopy as the three most recognizable cartoon characters worldwide. I am a fanatic of the comic strip Peanuts. How did these three not get in the top ten of this list?!
When people hear Peanuts, who's the first character they think of? Snoopy! That's who! Heck, you could say Charlie Brown and people will STILL remember Snoopy, his flying ace routine, his friend Woodstock, and that wild imagination that has kept his name remembered to this day! Did I mention he's been in the Thanksgiving parade longer than any other character? Well, he has!
Snoopy is SO cute
[Newest]Charlie Brown is a familiar character but Snoopy is even more recognizable. He's the true Peanuts icon.

20Jerry (Tom and Jerry)
Jerry kills... Tom and Jerry is the best old cartoon I've ever seen in my entire life! WHY IS JERRY DOWN HERE AND TOM IS WAY UP THERE! ^
Yeah! Why jerry did not join tom there? Trying to be independent? Oh my! I like them when they're together.. I like their company.. Wohoo
Jerry should be on first because EAST OR WEST JERRY IS THE BEST
[Newest]Are you kidding me? Jerry should be in the top 3 because he's my favorite cartoon character ever!

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