Top Ten Best Cartoon Characters

Here is a list of the most famous cartoon characters ever. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Homer Simpson
If there were ever a character who could do so much wrong and yet so much right at the same time, Homer is it. While he may in fact be the worst father/husband ever drawn (although Peter Griffin would like to argue), he still is a father/husband because deep down he loves his children and his wife, and we adore him for. And what more can be said about that catch-phrase? Were I feeling funny during a moment of pain, all that would be uttered would be "D'oh!"


Homer quote : I like my beer cold my television loud and my homosexuals flaming!


Homer Chokes Bart and it is funny! and homer is like Patrick the star no Brain!
[Newest]Homers cool and funny always puts a smile on faces

2Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob has been with me forever, as I've gotten older, spongebob hasn't, I never miss an episode of this sweet little sea creature's story, his love of everyone and his laugh will always make him the best and most memorable cartoon character ever!
SpongeBob?! Are you nuts?! He did not take over the world properly!
Almost voted eric cartman, but spongebob is a legend
I like spongebob because my classmate love all this and I have collection spongebob''
[Newest]Come on who doesn't like this awesome character he is funny and awesome

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3Bugs Bunny
Bugs should be number 1 for that "what's up, doc? " only
Why did he have to be 5th.
Doesn't make any sense!
Mr. Witty.
The Intelligent Mastermind.
Mr. Perfectionist.
Looney toones has preserved because of bugs bunny.


The original drag queen -- animated or otherwise!
[Newest]How is SpongeBob ahead. That guy sucks!. Bug's should be number 1. He's a classic.
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4Eric Cartman
While his relentless anti-semitism/immigration politics and superiority complex have been the subject of much controversey, they have also made Eric Cartman one of the most memorable cartoon characters ever, and certainly the most unforgettable one constructed entirely out of cardboard.


Cartman chopped up his own father, ground him up into chilly, and then fed him to his half brother. Need I say more.
Kitty, these are MY spicy hot Louisiana chicken tenders. KITTY!


[Newest]I hate this kid. This is a kid I would've whooped years ago. This kid (sorry if I'm offensive) deserves to be abused!

5Stewie Griffin
baby stewie is the most complex character of the show and at the same time the funniest, that shows that his character really has a great evil/cute charm
While every member of the Griffin family has their humorous quirks, infant Stewie and his insufferable desire for word domination and the cold death of his own mother by his hands make him the best of the show. Yet perhaps his most essential feature is his inexplicably British accent, which helps change him from angry baby to miniature James Bond movie villain, and for that, he earns a spot on this list.


Stewie is the best of all cartoons I ever seen, he is classical character in all animation history. He can make you cry in 2 minutes and that's is very good :)
[Newest]Wrong in so many ways but so funny

6Scooby Doo
Love Scooby Doo. He is my favourite and the best cartoon character in the entire world. He is the only cartoon character that can make me laugh and go aah. He is so cute. I especially love the old classics such as Scooby Doo where are you, the New Scooby Doo movies, the Scooby Doo Show, Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo and A Pup named Scooby Doo. Scooby Doo is my number 1 for ever. He is classic and rocks!
Scooby is the best cartoon character ever! He Rocks!


Scooby Doo has got to be one of the best cartoon characters EVER! The Great Dane makes all the other cartoon characters say, "Ruh-Row! " when compared! With classic cuteness, a funny attitude, adorable catchphrase and a scaredy-cat sidekick, the show will make you howl with delight! Now the only left is to give me a Scooby Snack, and then I'll be ready to ask, "Scooby Doo, where are you? " On my T.V. screen, that's where!
[Newest]Scooby doo is the best cartoon character ever and it always be the best cartoon ever and hope they carry on making his cartoons forever he is the best

7Tom (Tom and Jerry)
Jerry's enemy, Tom made us laugh and it still can because these cartoon's are timeless


This isn't even in the top tens? This cartoon show is the most brilliant thing that's ever happened to me - that's why I live


His name is Thomas The Cat lol rofl


[Newest]Unlike Jerry, tom is not a jackass

he is great, very positive and able for any fight thats all!
Goku is brilliant but Dragonball z wouldn't be the same without Vegeta he makes the show so brilliant he should be number 1!
vegeta really is the strongest because vegeta never gives up in train more than goku
[Newest]Goku is very lazy guy
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9Mickey Mouse
While he may not be the edgiest character ever, Mickey Mouse is undoubtedly the best. Unlike any other character on this list, Mickey's warm personality and famous face, complete with over-sized ears, gives off the impression of not just a character, but also an old friend who was with me throughout my childhood and will be remain my friend forever.


That is the most beautiful cartoon ever!
I love him!
I agree. In fact, he was my childhood character I enjoyed when I saw him in Disney cartoons. Fast forward to the present, Mickey Mouse is still a cartoon legend with great character and determination. One of the funniest, cheerful, and upbeat characters in animation.
They don't have cartman land, they don't have Tom and Jerry land, etc... Disneyland is one of the most recognized, if not the most recognized resort in the world! And Mickey Mouse is the one that everyone comes to see. His shadow is more recognizable than any other cartoon character in the world. I love Disney and have ever since I was a youngster.
[Newest]I think that Mickey Mouse should be one I am 21 and I still watch Mickey Mouse

naruto is the best cartoon ever made in this world I am crazy about naruto I have almost all the episodes of naruto and the total size is 7.25 gb there is no other cartoon in this worlds that could tackle naruto according to me it should be in the first place
Naruto Is The Best I Have ever Seen Before. He Has The Guts To NEVER GAVE UP.
Vote naruto because he have many tricks that you dint see yet
[Newest]Ichigo is more badass, he lost one of his parents and never cried at that moment, instead, kicked the hollows asses. Naruto failed almost every ninja test there was, up until then, I kept saying "Naruto needs to get his head out of his ass, and once he does, I will start watching"
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The Contenders

11Patrick Star
hahaha patrick is so funny, I love him hahaha, like the episodes survival of the idiots and chocolate with nuts
SQUIDWARD: Patrick go be stupid somewhere else!
PATRICK: Not until 4:30
ME: Hahaa and then I pee
Patrick 4 life!


Patrick is the most funniest cartoon character I know that doesn't curse Shanghaied is the funniest episode ever
[Newest]He ain't funny, just rather a stupid troublemaking cretin.

12Super Mario
I hope my kids know who Mario is. I want them to be able to pick him out of a lineup. If he keeps making games like "Super Mario Galaxy" than they definitely will be able to.


Okay, I will list my opinion on this. Mario is a GREAT video game character, but not a GREAT cartoon character. Mario shouldn't be on this list, he should be on top 10 best VIDEO Game characters. This isn't really a 'Cartoon'. But Mario is awesome. Sorry to correct you buddy but in the Super Mario Bros Super show, that is peach, not daisy. Daisy never appeared in a cartoon.
I like that mario show and I feel sorry for anyone who loves it... JUST KIDDING! I love Mario and he rocks so damn good. For anyone who watches Mario's show they'll think that the princess is peach but she's not. It is Daisy, and for a fact Birdo is also in it too.
Princess Peach deserves to be top 1 on the Top Ten Worst Cartoon Characters list.
[Newest]He can jump high

13Peter Griffin
stewie is just world domination freak but peter is actually got real comedy


Stewie isn't even that funny should replace him with peter


Dope! oh wait Fricken Sweet!


[Newest]Bird bird bird is the word

14Daffy Duck
the best comedian the world has ever seen
You're right. He is one of a kind, and a original cartoon character. Everything he does is funny. And his speech is also funny!
"I agree with the other posters about this character. Everything about this character is funny, and everything he does is funny. I don't know anyone who doesn't like Daffy Duck.
[Newest]He deserves higher than 14!

Sad this show is only number 11. It was by far the best cartoon I ever saw as a kid. I'll take any episode of this show over what Cartoon Network has on now. Not to mention how bad shows on Disney and Nickelodeon are too. It's a mystery as to why SpongeBob is #3 since it's no exception.
That is right, son. The mind is a terrible organ to shuffle. LOL!


Ed is the funniest cartoon character ever!


[Newest]Why is Ed so low on the list?

16Mordecai (Regular Show)
Yeah-yeah Come on this guy NEEDS to be in top 20 he is the best Cartoon Network character EVER!
I love mordecai but what happened to rigby
Finally someone puts Mordecai in the top classic cartoon characters list.
[Newest]Mordecai is so cool, he deserves a higher place on the list!

The only anime character to appear on the list, Pikachu's appeal comes entirely from his adorability. The little guy can only say his name, and he has red dots for cheeks. Come on, now. While the video games and trading card game helped, Pikachu's appearance as a cartoon character is what has made him a worldwide icon for the Pokemon franchise and japanese animation in general.


I used to love this little guy when I was little and I still do. I also think that he is so cute with his little red cheeks and how he fried ash many times (with I think is also so cool)
It is very cute and very powerful and all of that it is ash's best friend. It is only Pokemon which is able to do all atacks which is only for next level.
[Newest]It is the best Pokemon in all

18Donald Duck
Who doesn't love him?
He's the coolest out of all cartoon characters.
And also the best personality of them.
Mickey's too nice. Donald's the one who always gets me laughing with his speech impediment and quick temper. He's definitely one of the best cartoon characters of all time.
I've grown up reading Donald stories, he truly is one of a kind.
For me he'll always be that character that I've always wished was real...


[Newest]He sounds like toad from Mario

Bender is a god with several variations of his catchphrase.

"Bite my Splintery Wooden Ass! "
"Bite my Glorious Golden Ass! "
"Lick my Frozen Metal Ass! "
"Bite my Collosal Metal Ass! "
"Bite my Red Hot Glowing Ass! "
"Bite my Shiny Metal Ass! "
"Maybe you could interface with my ass... By biting it! "
Contrary to the episode, Bender should be allowed on T.V. More often. The Homer Simpson of the robot universe.
Bender is great, he should really be way up on this list. "I need mouth to ass resuscitation". Fry is the story behind Futurama, but I think Bender should have been.
[Newest]Bite my shiny metal ass meat bag

20Bart Simpson
THE SIMPSONS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER! I wanted to vote for Homer but he was going to stay at the top 4-EVER!
(Pst I like that show Invader Zim but... IT GAVE ME NIGHTMARES! )
I <3 The simpsons, invader Zim and Spongedybobety! ROCK ON THESE SHOWS!
Ay Curumba! GO BART!



He's laugh out loud

21Invader Zim
Invader Zim IS and always will be the best show of all time (in my opinion anyway). It only got cancelled of some bad views... But I know that its been 11 years since the shows cancellation, but I still and always will love this show.
Why is Zim so low? Invader Zim was a great show with great characters, Zim was my favorite! He was always shouting with his cute voice and he should be in the top ten at least. I was very sad when I found out the show got cancelled and I still am. ZIM FOR EVER SHALL RULE! Oh and why is a sponge number 1?
This character should be in the top ten. I know this show got canceled but gas a huge fanbase. This is the best show ever! Everyone will obey the zim hands of ZIM!

22Jerry (Tom and Jerry)
Jerry kills... Tom and Jerry is the best old cartoon I've ever seen in my entire life! WHY IS JERRY DOWN HERE AND TOM IS WAY UP THERE! ^
Yeah! Why jerry did not join tom there? Trying to be independent? Oh my! I like them when they're together.. I like their company.. Wohoo
Jerry should be on first because EAST OR WEST JERRY IS THE BEST
[Newest]It's funny every time Jerry saves the little duckling from Tom.

23Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic is STILL the icon of international gaming... More people are likely to think of him over even Mario or Link (which is interesting given Mario is the #1 video game character in the world... )
I love sonic he has some of the best video games of all time they should keep making them FOREVER!
And Sonic and Amy should be together!
Sonic is cool the fastest thing alive he should be number one on the list
[Newest]Sonic has more interesting character than Mario. Yes he had crappy games, yes, game theory said he was slow, but he doesn't have evidence to back it up, math and games don't go together when you are talking about this character, he has a light hearted nature and would go to any length to save his friends and family, super form was a ripoff of super saiyan, but I don't care, sonic is still a goofy badass to this day, enough said.

24Timmy Turner (Fairly Odd Parents)
How could you go wrong with a character like this? He proves to be rather a great character in moments like: Befriending Elmer in "A Wish too Far", freeing Chompy from his pen on "Dream Goat", giving Tootie his Crimson Chin toy in "Boy Toy"... I could go on and on with how spectacularly cool Timmy Turner is. Sure, he has flaws in character, but who doesn't? I believe all the positives of Timmy overthrow any negatives he may have. And he's funnier than most people give him credit for too.


Hilarious. Just straight up hilarious. You know you are going to laugh when Turner is on the screen. His personality is so emotionally moving, too. He might be a little selfish, but proves to be a good person overall.
In, like, many years from now... I bet Timmy Turner will have the status of Bugs Bunny or something. Okay, maybe that might be unlikely. But Bugs Bunny has buck teeth like Timmy and they're both equally looney.
[Newest]He is voiced by one of my favorite cartoon actresses Tara strong

VEGETA so ROCKS! He should be way higher this sucks
He's one of the only one's who make the show worth watching.
Vegeta is by far better than goku I'm surprised vegata is so far from goku every body says oh goku is so stronger than goku but if they had the same amount of training vegeta woulld be stronger and go vegeta fans
Vegeta rocks! He should have been 1 he is wayy better than goku! Vegetas the only reason I watch dbz
[Newest]My favorite quote from Vegita: " It's over nine-THOUSAND! "

26Squidward Tentacles
He is probably one of the funniest cartoon characters ever. His design is original and very expressive, his voice actor, Rodger Bumpass, is a comedy marvel with the dialog.
It's his body language, his facial expressions, his rounded and very human personality which contributed to him getting a LOT of sympathy from fans in later seasons... he's like a very deadpan, very sarcastic Daffy Duck. The guy who can never win so chooses to be snide and sarcastic about everything.
And we feel for this guy because most of the time the world is just out to get him. Whatever he tries, he can't win. He can't escape it. Wherever he goes, trouble finds him.

I know that quite a bit of the time, he IS the trouble. He's the one causing problems for his neighbors either because he thinks it's funny or because he thinks he's better than them. What an ego that guy has! He's only a half-decent clarinet player!

And boy is he hilarious. In the earlier seasons, his reactions to everything were comic timing perfection, whether he's making mischief or reacting to something weird that Spongebob or Patrick does.

And he's not perfect. Of course not. That's what makes him so great. That's what makes him one of the funniest, most relatable, most rounded cartoon characters I've ever seen in my life.
Everyone's a critic for not putting me up in the top ten. I mean really Patrick and Spongebob are deemed better than me.
Hey, he and Spongebob are same, he should be at least number 10


[Newest]Why isn't he in the top 5?!

Gir is the awesomest dumb robot in a dog suit ever


"I love this show. " And I'd love this list if Gir was higher!


aw come on gir is hilarious!


[Newest]I LOVE GIR and Invader Zim, though my favorite character is Dib.

28Dawn (Total Drama: Revenge of the Island)
Dude, this is one of the best total drama characters! Dawn is so sweet and kind. I don't know anyone who wouldn't like her...she is amazing! That's all I have to say about my favorite total drama island character...
Dawn is definitely one of my favorite characters on the show. She also ain't that bad looking. She can read my aura anytime
She is the best total drama revenge if the island character and my 4th favorite out of everyone. Courtney is the best but dawn is my 3rd favorite female.
[Newest]Favorite TD character ever!

This is crazy. The last poll I saw ranked Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Snoopy as the three most recognizable cartoon characters worldwide. I am a fanatic of the comic strip Peanuts. How did these three not get in the top ten of this list?!
When people hear Peanuts, who's the first character they think of? Snoopy! That's who! Heck, you could say Charlie Brown and people will STILL remember Snoopy, his flying ace routine, his friend Woodstock, and that wild imagination that has kept his name remembered to this day! Did I mention he's been in the Thanksgiving parade longer than any other character? Well, he has!
Snoopy is SO cute
[Newest]Charlie Brown is a familiar character but Snoopy is even more recognizable. He's the true Peanuts icon.

30Rigby (Regular Show)
He is really hilarious! In video game wizard he was really emotional!
This guy should be in the top ten! He is hilarious! But 205! Is that all! Something is wrong with you kids!
I love regular show so much
Rigby is my favourite charc
And strong guy
[Newest]Rigby is the best cartoon character ever! Should have been in the top 3!

"Everyone knows that it's Butters! "
"That's Me! "
He should of been called tomatoes

32Ben Tennyson
My childhood from 3 to 7 I loved the old ben ten when he was small and forearms and cannonball and ghost freak etc
Ben is the best in the world and he will kick the ass of all 28
I liked the various characters in it
[Newest]Agreed. Even Gwen, Kevin, Rook-Blanco, and Grandpa Max are amazing.

33Johnny Bravo
He is a pimp. he would get all the girls, but they are all lesbos in his world
Johnny Bravo deserves to be higher than his 11 year old ripoff! Johnny Test is basically Johnny Bravo plus Dexter's Lab!
Come on!

Who wouldn't like his hair!
[Newest]NO. 1... And why the hell is Doraemon ahead of this
? No. ONE!

Bubbles is so cute, she should get a higher place on the list. She's actually quite relatable and she's such a sweet little girl and light blue is also my favourite colour.


She is so adorable so cute I mean come on this should be at least in the 20
There are two bubbles I'm familiar with; bubbles the monkey, or bubbles, one of three powerpuff girls, for bubbles the monkey, meh. For bubbles, she kicks ass

35Eddy (Ed, Edd n Eddy)
Eddy's always made me laugh. He will always be one of my favorite cartoon characters.
Don't have a bird, Double D. ha ha Love that quote.


Eddy is very funny. He's completely underrated.


[Newest]Sweet Nazz don't give me gas!


36Fred Flintstone
fred flinstone has killer style
Barney I'm going to kill you! Fred Says. I laugh really hard after he said it.
Wow. Good thing these people don't elect presidents. Or do they?

37Winnie The Pooh
Winnie the Pooh is a very sweet and kind cartoon character for both children and adults. He tries to help out his friends and teaches all of us what kindness really is.
When I saw his name on the list I literally went, "Aaww! " Pooh bear is so adorable, kind, sweet, and innocent - an icon from people's childhood. He's so simple and wonderful. And sometimes, we need to step back and just appreciate the simple and innocent things in life.
I grew up with him. Literally. I was watching Winnie since I was 3 and I had all those dolls and books that came in about Winnie. He is awesome. My first role model ever!
[Newest]He's Winnie the pooh! He's so friendly and loves cuddles

Doraemon and his gadgets give me much pleasure. If there were really someone named doraemon, I would try to be his friend.
Doraemon is very funny robot. It always help nobita anytime...
I am a big fan of doraemon but please make it more funny so that all the kids
Be very happy
[Newest]Should be in top 40

39Pink Panther
One of my favorite cat characters

40Kenny (South Park)
Wow... I don't see why Kenny's not in at least the top fifty. He's a great character, much more built up than Cartman. Everyone recognizes the ever so familiar orange parka. He's so much more than just a pervert; he's an iconic character in many different ways, I just can't even explain. In short, Kenny's an awesome character and deserves better than 105th. Okay, rant over.
From: South Park
Kenny is Radical!
He's this type of Character you usually Feel Sorry for.
I think it's So Funny That he Dies in Every Episode
No Kid in South Park Can Ever Replace Kenny
You Hear that People YOU CAN'T
I think that pretty much everyone can relate to this pint- sized pervert. He has both good and bad traits, and unlike most characters, he never really takes a side in good- or- bad. Plus, when Trey and Matt give him dialogue, he's one of the funniest characters.

41Roger Smith
Roger is awesome! He can crack anyone up when he dresses up as all kinds of different people. He should be in the top ten.
I just love how he is his self even if he is an alien.


I love his personas and how he goes out in public and nobody notices that he's an alien.

42Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom deserves more. He has made many kid's childhood and he should not be forgotten! I love you Danny! Plus having ghost powers is so wicked! It's an original idea not taken by anything but people are trying to copy now. And if these copies take more credit then it's very unfair to Danny and this poll. MAKE DANNY PHANTOM FROM THE TOP TENS
He's pretty awesome, and taught kids it's okay to be unique and different because there will always be people who care about you. Plus, he's an adorkable badass, which is the best type on character, in my opinion. Let's get him into the top hundreds!
Danny phantom is a Jackie chan fighter anime character. He is my favorite anime show besides victor off of the secret show

43Blooregard Q. Kazoo
This cartoon character NEEDS to be within the top ten!


Bloo seriously needs to be number 4 after Spongebob, Homer Simpson, and Bugs Bunny. EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH FOSTERS HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS! ALONG WITH SPONGEBOB! He always does funny stuff and he hates everyone (except Mac) and is very selfish.
He NEEDS to be in the top ten.


[Newest]Yes! This character is amazing!

44Daria Morgendorffer
I was so glad to see Daria on the list! BEST CARTOON OF THE 90'S. BEST TEEN SHO OF THE 90'S. And obviously sums up the 90's perfectly!
don't worry,i don't have low self-esteem, its a mistake, i have low esteem for everyone else.
I was going to vote for her. Bender got in the way
[Newest]How could she be higher than Beavis & Butthead?

45Randy Marsh
Greatest fictional character of all time! Every time he's on screen your guaranteed to laugh... THE BEST
"For what?! Arresting me for what?! I'm not allowed to stand up for my self? I thought this was America. Huh?! Isn't this America?! I'm sorry I thought this was America."

~Randy Marsh

46Big the Cat (Sonic X)
I like Big: slow and annoying in the game, funny and cuddly in the anime
Big always is funny & cuddly. Also, he's actually very underrated!
I don't hate big. I like hI'm on sonic x and he is funny but I don't like him in games


47Tweety Bird
I love tweety bird

48Gumball Watterson
Gumball has to be the best character, he deserves a spot in the top 10. honestly he is super funny, super cute and WHO DOESN'T WATCH GUMBALL! If you have you have got to love the characters. and his sister is super intelligent for a four year old and so cute. whoever didn't watch gumball, it would be understandable if they don't love gumball. though if you haven't I'd say give it a shot and you wont regret it.


Gumball is the most amazing dude don't have time to say all the good things about this amazing dude!
This guy deserves a medal because he has such a crazy attitude and not afraid to express that to everyone :3.
[Newest]Mordecai is okay, but Gumball is the BEST!

49Kick Buttowski
My favourite episode is when Kick dance with Brianna (It was graceful but still extreme).
Very nice cartoon character
This show is so awesome! It's actually funny and not stupid like most cartoons nowadays. But it might be canceled after only 2 seasons! :, ( go to project mellowbrook to sign the petition to save this awesome show!

50Raven (Teen Titans)
Raven is one of the best characters of all time. She's awesome and powerful, and her sarcasm and dry wit are hilarious. Raven is also really real: Because of her past and her identity she has certain issues with herself and others. She is misunderstood... Something many of us can relate to. I love her to death, she was my role model when I was little! Haha. Raven should at least be in the top ten...
She's a great character that has awesome telekinesis and darkness powers. Her sarcastic comments are hilarious and she is a vital member to the Teen Titans. She super loyal to her friends and would do almost anything for them.
The Raven from the original Teen Titans is much better than that stupid pony-loving one from the new show.

Why in the world is this #39 on the list? It should be up a LITTLE higher at least---it deserves it! This is one of my favorites that I can still watch today. Totally better than some of the modern stuff nowadays
The spinach eating sailor!
From: Popeye the Sailor Man
He's Strong All Right!
This Character Teaches Kids To Eat Their Vegetables
Plus he Kicks Bluto's Butt and Captures Olive Oyl's Love Every Time
He's On a Roll!

52Courage (Courage the Cowardly Dog)
He's my favorite all time cartoon dog, disagree if you want to
A cute dog who will go out of his ways to save muriel
One of the most different and interesting shows I ever seen
If you don't like it keep it to yourself, after all haters gonna hate
He's theme song is the best one yet to me it should be rated the best song ever
[Newest]That is the best cowardly but Brave dog

53Optimus Prime
Autobots roll out
I sense megatron's presence
Optimus vs megatron is awesome
I think he should get 1st place
Have of this world cartoons would have not seen the light of day due to his sacrifice.

54Cosmo (Fairly Odd Parents)
He's super cute. If he was upset or alone, I will go over to him and give him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. He would say, " hey. Thanks for the comfort but I am OK now! " I would tell him that I won't leave his side no matter what! We would give each other hugs.
Cosmo is my favorite character. I wish to talk and hang out with him. I would hug him really hard.


Cosmo is really funny, I wish more people voted him.

55Perry the Platypus
He's like the best cartoon character of all time he's a semi-aquatic egg laying mammal of action what is better then that.
Just think he's cool
PERRY is so cute! He is so good at hiding his job from the boys! Keep it up!
[Newest]Perry has to be the best platypus spy ever

56Scuzzlebutt (South Park)
Scuzzlebutt is the best monster of all!


Scuzzlebutt Vs Manbearpig = Scuzzlebutt Win!

57Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls)
Hey, Buttercup deserves a higher place. She's a cute little kickass with a slightly boyish edge to her voice, she should be top 100 at the very least!


She is awesome and strong. She should be number 1 instead.
The most kickass character on this show, my favorite.

I put both these 2 together because how can you include one without the other, right? :) They're both equally as cool in my book. And their show is a classic blend of comedy and animation rolled into one.


beavis is so dumb yet so funny!


Old times beavis and butthead
[Newest]Why is there still no new episodes since 12/27/2011?

59Shaggy Rogers

The best cartoon character to be born in the new millenium, Chowder's insatiable hunger and colorful purple appearance give a cute appeal, while his unending innocence and slightly twisted view of the world give a favorable resemblance to Spongebob Squarepants.


61Edd (Ed, Edd n Eddy)
There has always been something about Edd that I liked.


If you know Edd, then you must know Russell Ferguson (Littlest Pet Shop), because both are played by the same actor, Samuel Vincent!
There's a good reason why Edd has so many fangirls.
Okay, I'm also one of them.

62Darwin Watterson
Darwin is one of my favorite characters on this list he shouldn't be down here
This dude is simply a really loyal and supportive brother and a really kind and likeable fish!
I take that back I like darwin the fish


63L (Death Note)
L is amazing and extremely smart. Well I guess he's a genius. Eru (L) is an interesting character and has a unique personality. He totally deserves a higher position.
L... Is the BEST Character in the world. He's a super genius detective, plays with his food like a child, loves sweets and is SO VERY funny to watch. In my opinion L IS #1!
Come on! This character deserves a higher position!

He is a Character in DragonBall Z!
He is kinda cool and stays calm!
I say he should be in the top20s.
I am sure he should fit somewhere out there!
He is my favorite.


He is the best he crushed cell like the worm he is.
He is kind, caring and cool.
He wants to be like his dad when he grows up and he should be first in my option.
He is my favorite


66Samurai Jack
Certainly one of the coolest main characters in a cartoon.

67Brian Griffin
Family guy is my favourite show. I knew who to look for on this list. Brian is hilarious. He has always been my favourite animated character. I can compare with him and have a lot in common with him. Brian is the best cartoon character!


He's got class, character, brains, and an ambition to sooth over his troubles with a martini.
By far the most interesting character of Family Guy... Quality!
[Newest]He's my favourite character of all time

68Phineas Flynn
Oh my gosh! I think I will have a heart attack. Phineas No 52? Are you joking? He should be the first man. His cool inventions made me totally crazy. And I like when he says, "Ferb, I know what are we going to do today. "and"Hey! Where's Perry? "
Why is he low on the list? He should be number 1 I felt bad for him going to reform school. Plus he is funny and makes cool inventions. I love phineas.
Phineas and Ferb enjoy unending summer vacations, during which they create stuff you can't imagine. That's amazing for kids of their age. Secondly, perry and dr. Doofenshmitz are also fun to watch. I would rate them top 30. -dzisan
[Newest]Should be in top 50

Luigi talks funny he should be 1st
What a pro not a hoe

Haruno sakura is a brave, pretty girl in naruto


71The Grinch
He is one of the best cartoon characters who have a dislike for Christmas.

72Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Is this seriously the highest any Avatar character has reached on this list D: I watch a lot of cartoons, but the characters of Avatar are some of the best I have ever seen. The story is sublime, with a perfect balance of action, comedy and seriousness. It sticks to its morals and teaches serious, adult lessons as well as having a great balance of fun. That's what this show was, fun, a show that you could watch as a kid and have the time of your life, but enjoy equally as an adult! It was brilliant with amazing characters! Character so memorable that you wanted them to be real. I mean, where the hell is ZUKO or AANG or SOKKA or TOPH or IROH!? Katara is a fantastic character but where are all these other masterpieces? This show is seriously underrated. Only 3 seasons long :( But with one the best conclusions any series has ever had, very satisfying. At least it had a sequel, The Legend Of Korra... Which makes me ask, where is Korra on this list? :D
118? Really? This list makes me sad. She is a rare combination of good and talented, but not a Mary-Sue.
Strong willed, powerful, clever, defensive, and also hot. She is a pretty cool character, and the show is on my top five (absolute favorite show: A:EMH, absolute favorite character: Black Panther from A:EMH). Shame that it only lasted so long, and I am ready to destroy Jeff Loebb for replacing A:EMH after only 2 seasons!

73Cleveland Brown
The generous guy from The Cleveland Show he is funny and sweet.


74Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony)
I love pinkie pie! She's so cute and funny!

He's more badass than Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee combined! I mean he defeated the rest of the Justice League on his own for cryin' out loud!

76Betty Boop
betty boopers shouldve been in the top 10!!!! she may not be the most modern-day kids/teens icon, but she sure is a vintage look at cartoon animation.
Betty Boop should be on top 10 because she's da BEST. And who eva dont like her dont no nothin bout modern cartoons!!!!
She is so cute, besides that's she isn't the biggest icon in the world, shes been around for a while, she one of a kind!

77Tinker Bell
Nice, cute, lovely, never hurts anyone, says sorry in her mistakes.
Tinker bell is the ultimate fantasy cartoon, she is magical, funny & TINY
This is a nice cartoon even a game is there pixie hollow it is nice game we can make team name tinker bell and we can the make our favourite name
[Newest]I think tinker bell is the most beautiful, talented, and creative fairy ever

78Yogi Bear
Smarter than the average bear!!!
(What are we gonna do now, Yogi? ) - I don't know Boo-Boo. Let's go rob some pic-a-nic baskets! - (but what about the ranger, Yogi? )
Smarter than the average bear.

79Maggie Simpson
She's my 2nd favorite Simpsons character after Lisa.
She shot Mr Burns!

80King Bowser Koopa
Imagine King Bowser Koopa raping Amy Rose big time! Also, he's EPIC!

Chapter 27/36, Bowser would be a grandmaster!

Sasuke is hot! I love him he is so cute also! Man I wish he was real so I can go out with him! Laugh out loud...
he is horribly beautiful and cool! he is the more beautiful then any anime character who is ever draw


I love him so much

82Hello Kitty
Hello kitty is the sweetest, kindest, and most adorable cartoon cat ever! In my opinion of course. She never gets angry and loves everyone around her, even her enemies. She is one of the best and cutest cartoon characters ever made-she was made at 1976! (Is it 1976? I don't know it's about 1974-1976) I LOVE HELLO KITTY!
Hello kitty is not cool because she can a little bit annoying
Hello kitty is so cute. I have mostly all of her jewelry.

He is so cool and the ears are killing me! No wonder my sister likes him so bad. I do not get why he is 76th place in best cartoons. He should have switched places cartman.
Two words, dog ears

84Herbert (Family Guy)
How the hell isn't he here he's awesome yet disturbing.

85Woody Woodpecker
If you think SpongeBob has an annoying laugh get a load of this guy

86Ralph Wiggum
Me fail english. That's Unpossible.

Bart: I-M-P-
Nelson: Bart said I am pee. He's made of pee.
Ralph: I made Bart in my pants.

Class in what year was 1 plus 1. The answer is Amazing Ralph
Ralph is hilarious and everybody should like him!
he is just the best. the things he says make me wet myself


87Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes)
Erm... This isn't a show. BUT I adore both Calvin and Hobbes.


88Wakko Warner
Wakko should be much higher on this list...
"I'm not wearing any pants! "

89Penelope Pitstop

90Itachi Uchiha
I think he's an interesting anime character, he sacrifice a lot just to save Sasuke and at the end of the fight between his brother he gave him his powers...
He is the best cartoon character ever
Oh man! Just can't believe he ain't number 1... He may not b funny like other cartoon characters but anything a man would ever wanna be.

91Sandy Cheeks
She is cool and the only land creature that lives in the sea


92Minnie Mouse
She's a very sweet girlfriend to Mickey.
She is not the best person she's the worst

93Hank Hill
He is the funniest cartoon character in a subtle kind of way. What makes Hank Hill funny is not how dumb he is like the other characters on this list, but how quirky he is, like his love of propane, mowing the lawn (why would anyone do drugs when they can just mow a lawn? ), Tom Landry, America, Texas, steak, and his naivety and awkwardness, not to mention his scream. He definitely should be higher than 80! Come on people.
Dude hank hill number 93? He was on the third longest running american adult cartoon of all time behind the simpsons and southpark, hank represents the average american with morales and standards dude was great "i sell propane and propane accessories"
He's the coolest guy around

94Plank (Ed, Edd N Eddy)
Come on! Plank is the best thing ever! Surely none of you could have thought of making a piece of wood a lovable cartoon! Genuis
Plank Why Not Vote He's a Piece Of Wood For Crying Out loud. Why not? It's Awesome!
Why is this show way down here it's a bit unfair

95Stan Smith
This character is the one that brings the laughs in American Dad.

96Road Runner
He is awesome I mean really

97Monkey D. Luffy
Beside from Naruto, Fairy Tail, and Hunter X Hunter, One Piece main character, Monkey D. Luffy deserves to be in the top place.. He's an idiot, he's funny, he eats a lot he also cares for his friends and comrades.. He is a very optimistic person.. He will become the Pirate King soon..
Guys this character is the greatest in the world and the strongest in the great pirate era. This is a genius idea having a rubber man who just fights to become the king of the pirates. The other crew memebers should be up here to. Everyone vote fot this guy. This is one of the longest running cartoons ever. Even longer than the simpsons!
My favourite comic book ever..
[Newest]This should without a doubt be higher on the list.

98Laney Penn (Grojband)
I have the biggest crush on laney


99Yosemite Sam

If Fluttershy got here sooner, and everyone knew who she was, she would have a spot closer to the top like Hello Kitty.

And for the question above me, no. 4 or 5 other people hate rainbow dash.
You have to vote for fluttershy because she'd like to be a tree.
Fluttershy is awesome! Get her to the top! (and am I the only one who hates rainbow dash? )
[Newest]Everyone loves fluttershy shes cute

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