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Dragon Ball Z


Dragon ball z rocks.. I just love this show.. I love all the characters but my favourite is Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Videl and of course Goku.. Every thing is good about this show but Goku is the best thing.. I love him.. When he died I just cried [by the way he died several times].. And it is really tough to choose between pokemon and DBZ but still my choice is DBZ.. Love you Goku..
By far the best action show of all time DBZ=best ever enough said
It deserves a spot because it brought anime to Cartoon Network and the stories were just incredible it made you happy when gohan defeated cell but it made you sad when goku left or when vegeta sacrificed himself to stop Majin Buu
Are you kidding me right now dragon ball z and adventure time are by far the greatest shows to ever come on T.V.. Dragon ball z has the greatest story and animation ever and adventure time is just plain funny. Ok I am begging you all please you will make my day if you vote for dragon ball z or adventure time
Best cartoon show of all time. I depicts real live human trait, but at the same time that cool science fiction out look of things. Also what cartoon T.V. show do you know that has lasted as long as it.
BEst BEst CArtOOn In the Universe...
It is the Best. IT was the BEst and It will be the BEst cartoon...
I love it... IT inspires mE...
I hope Cartoon network brodcast it and shows it...
PLease CArtoon Network.. We want to watch this cartoon.. PLease show it. To Us...
Wait why is this show is 9 it should be in top 3 I like other series of this as well for example dragon ball dragon ball gt and dragon ball z kai but this was best
It is so awesome, and is entertaining for kids and adults. It has been translated into many languages and is loved all over the planet. Hands down my favourite cartoon or anime ever!
Best show ever! The show is amazing and has an ongoing back story that I can't even begin to speak of how fond I am of this extraordinary series.
Best show ever! I like Gohan, Goku, Vegeta, and mostly Krillin. These people are super funny well some of them. Even the movie is awesome! I love the fighting, actions, and stuff it's the worldest best movie on earth!
Dragon Ball z is my past present and future that's the only cartoon anime series that I'll watch over and over again and not get bored of it. This series is legend
Dragon ball z has the best action ever. Its so hilarious too. DBZ is appropriate for kids too its T.V. pG! Goku Gohan gotten and trunks are the best in my opinion!
An amazing manga and anime that inspired other artists to create other mangas and amimes like one piece and naruto... Without DBZ we wouldn't have been able to view all other superb cartoons... It is an inspiration for all. I grew up watching Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Picolo, etc...
Dragon ball z is the best show in the world and if you do not believe me you are not capable of picking a good show.
Greatest one forever. great animated series in my whole life. I am totally crazy about this
It was my childhood I remember when my mom bought me my first GameCube game dbz budokai 2!
This was the best dramatic cartoon I ever sow and the story and action was hilarious.
Instant classic, great story, everyone loves it instantly! Why isn't it still showing?!
Dragon ball z rocks best action ever. Goku gohan goten and trunks are the best. Best entertainment ever! And so hilariuos!
I like this cartoon because it is fully action packed and very adventurous.
I really love DBZ. When I was 3 I started watching DBZ. It should be number 1 not 11
Dragon ball z is the highest grossing Cartoon Network show of all!
Um this show isn't even on cartoon network! Come on kids! But it is still one of the best shows ever.
Why dbz is on 11 it should be on the top. The best cartoon ever there was it far better than adventure time, ed, eddand carps like that

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