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1F**k You

Really enthusiastic dance song to get everyone moving. You'll love it after listening to it!

I pefer F*** youuu better then forget youuuuuu this track deserves to be number 1 everyoneeee vote forrr this trackk :) :)

It is so great and gets me moving when I listen to it! Best song VOTE 1 :) It gets me in the mode when playing sports and gets me so pumped

Love this tune!

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2Forget You

I love this song so much(: its amazing I'm like in love with it. BEST of his songs yet I LOVE this

like this version better beacuse it fits the rhythm better but the word doesn't make sense =P - decorulez97

I LOVE this song SO much. It's one of his best song. Me and all of my friends agree. EVERYONE VOTE FOR THIS SONG! This version is better because it really fits the rythim, but sometimes the wording doesn't make sense

That's the JAM,..loving Cee Lo Green!

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Whomever wrote this song was manic. Wow... Loved it! Bipolar maybe? But upbeat at the same time. For such a serious problem.

Love this song should be number 1,2 or 3 please vote this song its his first song he made love it really good beat - mneilan

Love love love thing song I have from the first time I heard it and still love to listen to it thank you for this song

Best song ever 10/10

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4It's Ok

I haven't heard any musicians playing this type of music in so long its ridiculous. Cee Lo has a great range of styles, this for me is what makes him a true musician. His variety is a breath of fresh air and even more inspiration for me to soak up and put into my music. Basically it's an old style but with a fresh prospective and and a beautiful voice :o)

5I'll Be Around
6Bright Lights Bigger City

This is a cool song which is also WWE summerslam theme, the music reminds me of Michael Jackson's Billy jean, just awesome..

This is his ONLY decent song, every single other song this guy has made is annoying, makes my ears bleed. I can bear this one though.

Too listenable...the way the tune is given to the lyrics is awesome

Best chorus in any song I've ever heard, easy.

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7I Want You
8The One

This song should be higher up the list great singing and guitar

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10What Part of Forever

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11Closet Freak
12Cry Baby
13Fool for You

I love this song is amazingly priceless!

I can't get enough of this song. Where can I get a copy with Alice Smith singing it. I can't sit still when I hear it!

14The Other Side
16Kung Fu Fighting

I just somehow love it the beats awesome.

17Mary, Did You Know?

I love this song. I feel lifted and thankful every time I hear it

This is the best song of CeeLo Green
Should at least come in first five..

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Awesome song 1 2 be listened

19No One's Gonna Love You
20Old Fashioned
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