Best Celebrity Feet

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The Top Ten

K.S. Chithra

2Miley Cyrus

3Selena Gomez
I wish I could have her feet in my face right now!

4Jessica Alba
The color and smoothness gets me not to mention the toes.
Not even close she has got it all right down to her feet

5Emma Watson
Possibly the smoothest feet ever.

6Hayden Panettiere

7Eva Longoria

8Victoria Justice

9Taylor Swift


The Contenders

11Ashley Tisdale


13Vanessa Hudgens

14Avril Lavigne
Her toes are long slender and pale not to mention suckable.

15Miranda Cosgrove

16Cameron Diaz

17Michelle Trachtenberg

18Christina Aguilera

19Lucy Liu

20Jessica Biel
Very niceley shapen with great looking soles. Hopefully they're ticklish.

21Shawn Johnson
The olympics were never so hot.

22Tila Tequila
A great way to round out the top 10

23Jennifer Lopez

24Mischa Barton

25Salma Hayek

26Jennifer Garner

27Jennifer Aniston

28Mary Kate Olsen

29Alyssa Milano
Nothing to say here except yum.

30Scarlett Johansson

31Britney Spears
If their anything like the rest of her body I don't even wanna see them to be honest..
Her feet are probably autotuned.

32Uma Thurman

33Halle Berry
Just take a look you will be pleasantly surprised..

34Megan Fox

35Elisha Cuthbert

36Brittany Daniel

37Kelly Monaco

38Natasha Henstridge

39AJ Lee

40Paris Hilton

41Ariana Grande


43Demi Lovato

44Marcia Cross

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