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A New Day Has Come
LOVE this amazing song!... only dumb people would hate this song... absolute brilliant
Good song for good singer and I like it so much I'm learning English language to listening to her song the best song in the world I love her so much as I love shakira I love her because she is from my country Lebanon I love both so so much
I love this album... It has a story.
If you listen to the song - goodbye's(the saddest word)... You will surely cry.
It is about the love of a mother to her daughter.
[Newest]I'm Alive, A new Day has come, Right in front you, ten days, Have you ever been in love, I Surrender. Just AWESOME!

2Falling into You
Album Sales(wikipedia): 31 million copies

Popular hit songs in the album:
1. It's All Coming Back To Me Now
2. Because You Loved Me
3. All By Myself
4. I Love You
5. To Love You More
6 The Power Of The Dream


Good ones I love them hearing all day long. thanks celine dion for singing these songs for us! I love you just as you love us all.
I love this album Celine it inspires me and when I am lonely I listen to this album after listening to this album I will feel that my soul has been lifted up. THANK you Celine Dion your my favorite artist and I love you thanks!
[Newest]Her best album in my opinion! My faves are all by myself and because you loved me

3Taking Chances
This album is very very nice
She is the best singer in the world and decent.

4Let's Talk About Love
This album have a lot of wonderful musics like "us" and "miles to go". Céline is the best voice of world ever.
This album is the Essential piece for a Love story.. Its is honestly one of the most romantic, heart fill albums! It always calms me down when I am having a BAD Day!
According to me the best album of Celine. All the tracks of this album are beautiful. I really recommend for those who don't know celine yet.
[Newest]There is my heart will go on

5Celine Dion
the greatest album of her. It has very good music, come on guys.
She is the best singer.
Celine released many great albums but this one was/is the most underrated and overlooked. I love all the tracks on this beautiful record


6One Heart
I have never understood why this album seems to get overlooked. Maybe because it came out just as her Vegas show was opening and was overshadowed. This was my favorite Celine album. It had the most contemporary sound and was very current and "hip. " It was great hearing Celine sing more uptempo songs this time around. I play this album straight through every time without skipping anything.

7The Colour of My Love
Her voice is amazing in this song
And this song is made by david foster and singed by her...
It'll be totally amazing
Love you celine
I have this album but I lost it... One of her best
Great album! Celine is beyond amazing!

8S'il Suffisait D'Aimer
Love S'il Suffisait D'Aimer, the music's beautiful and there's big love, which is different from in many other pop songs, there's the paragraph about children and posing the question "if it's enough just to love". So inspiring
Wonderful album written by French Jean-Jacques Goldman, all songs are just perfect.
Can't lison to this album enough. It makes a bad day go away by the lovely and dreamy voice of this fine singer. Her french albums are my favories.


10These Are Special Times
For my friend sweet friend
The bestof all pop singers is Celine

The Contenders

11The French Album
Best ever! Pure genius. If you never listened to this one you should even if you don't speak french.
And That's the way of success is :)!



My favourite album by celine!
My top 5 on this album is
5. If we could start over
4. If there was any other way
3. Where does my heart beats now
2. I'm lovin every moment with you
1. Feel too much!
So good! Never get bored of it
Never get bored of it

14On Ne Change Pas

15All the Way... A Decade of Song & Video
Nearly everything a fan could wish for

16Loved Me Back to Life
It's something different from all of her other albums it's someone current and fresh she really makes it amazing she's stretching her versatility she's expanding on what she can do her voice is more powerful and way more edgy she's just the best ever singer lived!
That was a great come back! Love the album

The best French album.
It was my first meeting with Celine's music... Thank you Celine and thanks Jean-Jacques Goldman!
The best French album of Céline Dion

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