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61 Where is the Love
62 O' Holy Night O' Holy Night

The most beautiful rendition I have ever heard. I listen to it all through the year!

This should be in the top 10! How did not make it on list of top 67?!

Celine Dion has a Christmas album that was released in 1981 I believe (I was born in 1980) and every time I hear the songs on it, it reminds me of Christmas time when I was a kid which were some of the happiest times of my life so it's sad that there isn't more mention of her Christmas performances on this list :(

63 Did You Give Enough Love Did You Give Enough Love
64 Call the Man Call the Man
65 A World to Believe In A World to Believe In

This song should be in #1. It is the most powerful song of celine dion. Just listen to it and I swearyou will vote for it

66 I Have Nothing
67 Faith Faith

Faith is one of my favourite Celine Dion songs of all time. For me, Celine sings about wanting to be accepted, wanting to be loved, despite her faults, an inspiring, relatable message. "Just take me as I am, so please have faith."

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68 Love Can Move Mountains Love Can Move Mountains

Amazing this should at least be in the top 20 Celine is the most amazing artist ever

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69 The Greatest Reward The Greatest Reward
70 You and I You and I
71 In His Touch In His Touch

This song was very powering and amazing

72 Misled Misled
73 Sorry For Love Sorry For Love

This song is the best for me.. 'because this song is perfect. her voice was great and powerful made me admire her that much..

74 At Last At Last V 1 Comment
75 That's Just the Woman In Me That's Just the Woman In Me
76 I Know What Love Is I Know What Love Is V 1 Comment
77 Love You Blind
78 Shadow of Love Shadow of Love
79 Naked Naked

A very beautiful song by Celine Dion, awesome chorus and great voice, Love Celine for ever. Just listen to it and judge. - anastas123

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80 Unison Unison

I love Celine's classic ballads but I think she is at her best when she is really rocking the house! Her renditions of Unison, Simply The Best, Delivre-Moi, Alone, Dans Un Autre Mode, Fade Away, and Treat Her Like A Lady are incredible. Check out the live versions on YouTube.

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