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81I Don't Know
82Why Oh Why

It is very good, modern song, must be in top 10

84Only One Road

This is the first song of hers I listened to as a child in 1995. Audio whole meal

85A Cause

This song in the French language is paramount, fascinating and I really like. It is very difficult for me to choose one song from the best singer in the world. Celine is a goddess.

87Stand by Your Side
88Unfinished Songs

This is very good song, and it is energetic

It is very beautiful modern song!

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89Celle Qui M'a Tout Appris
90Hymne de L'amour
91Right Next to the Right One
93Is Nothing Sacred

Wow This Is Really Amazing Song I Adore It

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94Can't Fight the Feelin'
95Water and a Flame

Amazing song!

96I Believe In You

I was in a bad mood that day. But when I heard this song, I felt so good and strong. It's a beautiful Duet from her French compilation album. The song binds from the start to the end. You should listen to it once. It's worth it.

Great mix with il divo. Great song.

I can't believe it!? #81!
This is her best after #MyHeartWillGoOn
I Love this song

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