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I have had At&t and virgin mobile, sprint and tmobile With everything one I have always had a issue with something weather it be the phones them selfs messing up or the coverage area of service being terrible. I have had a verizon cell phone new one every upgrade not cause they don't work right or nothing but just cause I wanted a new one. I have only ever had to take one phone in because it wasnt working correctly and they were very nice and solved the problem quickly and gave me a new phone. I started with prepaid and then went to a plan I have been a Verizon customer for 5 years and I wouldn't leave them for nothing!
I have Verizon and I never get dropped calls. I think that Verizon should be number 1! when I clicked on the link I thought that it would be between at&t and verizon not verizon and t-mobile! Also if you walk into verizon you get great costumer service and if you walk into t-mobile there's like nobody there! but soon enough verizon will be back on top!
I use to be AT&T customer, they are the pits, glad to switch to Verizon that year when we was able to switch wireless company and keep our the same pnone number I had about 4-5 month to end my contract with AT&T I couldn't wait I cancel my service with AT&T and paid the early cancellation fee and went to Verizon and I know people also switch from T-Mobile to Verizon!
[Newest]To bring phones like droid turbo

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It's the verizon service and reception at a cheaper price. Service reps are all nice, kind, caring and understanding. Their level of professionalism is through the roof! I cell reception everywhere-in the mountains, in my basement, etc. I know people who are paying 150 a month for one line on Verizon's network and can't even get the reception I get.
I had verizon, never got reception and it never worked overseas which sucked. Now I got the iphone on AT@T and it works great. Barely get dropped calls and once in a while I dont have service but after about a minute or two not having service it comes back and works even better. The biggest advantage about AT&T is that works overseas, this is especially helpful when you go on vacation.
I love at&t in are area we have no cell service but now we have full bars, because of at&t.

Yes T-Mobile. I laugh every time someone talks about oh at&t this verizon that. I can go to Europe, Asia, or North America and find T-Mobile. What about you? It is also a lot cheaper, which leaves me with some extra money in my pocket for traveling ;). Well I just have to say T-Mobile is really great and I will continue using their service.
T-Mobile is super cheap. Right now, you can get a flagship phone on T-Mobile with unlimited talk, text, and web (well, for the first 500mb) for $75 bucks a month. Which is way better than companies like At&T (who charge $60 a month for unlimited talk, no text, and 300 mb in ram) or Verizon which flat out wants at least $80 a month for a "share all plan".

T-Mobile is the best CHEAP mobile competitor out there.


t mobile is the best no doubt about it its so cheap and awesome I have the gravity 2 I really don't like it 2 much but it has other amazing phones such as the g1 my touch sidekick my touch slide the cliq and other amazing phones nd it has service everywhere so thats y I advise you 2 get tmobile =] =] =]
[Newest]The internet price went down by 63.89% since I switched (yes I did the math)
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I've been with Sprint for about 6 years now, and have had no issues so far. My interaction with customer service has always been quick and painless, and I rarely get dropped calls (rarely because I travel through areas that don't have good coverage by any carrier).

I carry a Verizon BlackBerry for work as well. I have noticed that when I am out in the middle of no where, I will have a better signal on my iPhone vs my BlackBerry. Granted they are two different technologies, so it's not a fair comparison, but it is all I have to go off of.

The few times I have been in a Sprint store, they have always been very helpful towards me. Even if I just wanted to ask a quick questions, they seem to always have the answers.
I have had Sprint for 3 years now and have no complaints. They have been more than helpful with any questions or concerns I have had. My husband had Verizon before and could never get a straight answer from them. The only complaint I have about Sprint is that I used to be able to upgrade my phone every year and now they've quit doing that and gone back to two year upgrades.
I was with AT&T for about 6yrs. I my estimation, the service I had with them went from high to low; then high and finally barely mediocre. I wanted and needed to switch, and chose Sprint as my next carrier. I have been with them for nearly 4 years and haven't been sorry. Glad I made the switch.
[Newest]Sprint is the best.

5Virgin Mobile
Virgin is tops! Price and coverage. Tried them all and many others not listed. Frank comments concerning what is passed off as "service" would undoubtedly lead to law suits. Except for the Canadian Koodoo and the Life Alert scam, hidden fees are the mainstay of other cell phone providers. The other companies are grossly over-priced; the contracts are oppressive. With no wires and no service fleet, cellphone service should be about $9. There are no free phones-don't fall for that scam.

Be advised the US governments are beginning to level fees and taxes even when service national (hint: this is illegal taxation).
They do have the best and cheapest phone plans in the business. I love my LG Optimus V Android phone, and plan on getting the LG Optimus Black when its available. But I think The best thing about them is their customer service. Always listens carefully, and helps you with your problem then calls back to make sure everything is OK. I have Sprint Also, Also good Company. I have had AT&T, and Verizon in the past, too expensive.
I love them! Great service... Great Prices... Great phones... I have been with more cell phone companies then most and I must say in the areas that I travel to it works.. I love the GPS and all the app's.. I have a Droid... I just went from a iPhone to a Droid and I love that I save %55 a month. Great reception, easy texting, Youtube, facebook,3G, and all of the above.. Customers service is also fast to work with you.. Also fast number ports...
[Newest]Better than everyone's phone brand it is such a good brand

6US Cellular
I love US-Cellular, never had a phone that didn't have a signal anywhere. The phone selection isn't great but at least they carry LG and of course Samsung for Samsung and iPhone are probably the best out there. They also carry windows phones which are more like computers which is neat.
I have had four carries including Verizon and like US Cellular best. My phone picks up a signal just about everywhere I go. Just wish they had more phones to choose from.
There is only five places in the state of West Virginia that I don't have reception.
[Newest]Absolute best network. I have had AT&T, Verizon, T Mobile, and Sprint, and US cellular is by far the best

Faster than other phone company to charge online with paypal, I use another company and is very slow to charge the phone with paypal.. It's the only thing I can say because I don't use vodafone.. But all my family use vodafone and the only thing someone complained is the call center.
Not the best service but great value for money
I've been using it for past eight years.. It's good

I have had Verizon, AT&T and Metro out of the 3 I wouldn't use anything but Metro even if you paid me. Verizon and AT&T BOTH ripped me off! They are way too expensive and jerks to deal with. Metro is getting better and better. I haven't had any dropped calls and the coverage keeps expanding. You know exactly what you get with Metro and the don't charge you up the wazoo for going over any stupid minutes!
I've had Metro since around when they started. I don't use the internet on my phone much, so I don't have a big opinion on it. Everything I do use has increasingly improved since then, and the price has always been fair. I've tried T-mobile otherwise, their service is shameful and leaving them is like a divorce. I've never had a definitive problem with Metro, they're quite straightforward. The price is quite fair, always has been.
I have been with metro for four years now and I've got to say it has been treating me pretty good so far I have had three phones from metro I plan on getting a new one and even though the internet is a little slow its still pretty good
[Newest]It's great both my parents have it

Best service ever. I always prefer Airtel over other service providers. It's expensive but good quality always comes in a higher price.

My Broadband plan is also from Airtel and I have to say that they are the best when you compare to other providers.

Again expensive but I choose 8 mbps plan and got the wifi router cum modem free.

Thumbs up Airtel!
Awesome network coverage.. Expensive, sure. But you never run out of signal bars anywhere.. Currently has the 4th largest consumer base in the world..
It is best network among the all. Verizon is best but service is not at upto mark, then AIRTEL
[Newest]Network coverage to the fullest!

It is the best service in mobile and cricket is also very popular in India.


Coming up!
No probs, but reaching a live person with customer service is my only gripe. Other than that, I have everything I want at a great price.
[Newest]I love cricket you can tell them what plan you want and they give you that only and the service is great you can do what you want on your phone and the price is always the same never goes up unless you purch

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11Straight Talk

Verizon: Great Phone Service, Way overpriced! A monopoly that doesn't care about your problems. You could buy a $2000 car with 3% interest that is still cheaper than a standard plan with Verizon...

AT&T: In my opinion better than Verizon, Older and better.

T-mobile: Just Pathetic, Great everything except for the reason you buy a phone, Service.

Sprint: Better than T-mobile but not by much.

Virgin Mobile: Cheap, Great if your in the city! But still doesn't have amazing service.

And By Personal Favorite!

Straight Talk: Great service, (Same as AT&T and Verizon), HALF THE COST, UNLIMITED EVERYTHING FOR $45 A MONTH! WHAT MORE DO I HAVE TO SAY?

Bottom line: Verizon is ok, but I've been with them for years and never had anything special, THEY KEPT SENDING ME BILLS AFTER I HAD CANCELLED THE SERVICE! Which tells me that they just want the $$$$$$, and nothing else.

I hope that clarifies everything.
Cheap service
Vzw with out vzw pricing hm not a hard choice to make
[Newest]I agree I have net ten but it is the same thing just you can buy it at a lot more places

How come Koodo is not in the top ten? It's ranked Canada's best cellphone carrier! They also have amazing plans and phones. The people there are extremely helpful and nice. It also doesn't have fixed contracts. This should be in the top ten at least!
Koodo is a cool name... more of a retarded name but still retarded

alltel has the best service ever. I have never had problems with my phone til verizon took over that sucks. alltel needs to come back to south carolina please. please come back
Alltel ROCKED Never had any problems with them. Then i get booted to verizon and now my phone sucks! But if I want to pay 40 extra bucks a month I can have a cool phone again!
Verizon sucks. We want the "Tell" back!



Everything is up front, I do not know why this isn't #1.
Inexpensive and reliable. Never had a problem.
Best phone better than Verizon in reception

Always everywhere.. no match in India
Cheap and a bit faster in India

I have Rogers and it's the fastest
It's actually good

It's a Turkish phone services and oldest.
Perfect Turkey Mobile service.



Very cheap data plans. Especially 3G net and instant service


Best Service provider in the India

25Republic Wireless
Absolutely unbeatable carrier. 25 dollars a month gets you 5 gigs of data, and unlimited calling and texting. Plus 5 and 10 dollar plans if you're on wifi all the time.

With the additions of the Moto G and Moto X phones, this carrier is undoubtedly the best.
One of the best carriers ever made
Best service for the price. $25/month for unlimited talk, text, and web.

26Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
Very good services in all over India
Good network in India


Best signal in Indonesia...

Always been happy with their service.


Providing good service in Pakistan.
This company have operation in Middle East, Asia and Europe
One of the best in Norway, a bit expensive though..


Why is Telstra not number 1? Best network in Australia!
Really? 26? Best in Aus! But then, most people on this site probably not from Aus!
Best in Australia


33Tata Docomo

Bangladeshi company & it provides 3G service which is fast & low cost.
Best Telecom Service Provider in Bangladesh. Superb network, and Extreme High Speed 3G Internet. Very Affordable.



Three has to be the best, in Ireland it has amazing 3G coverage, with Samsung's infrastructure in 4G and the cheapest, €20 a month gives you unlimited internet, Talk and text, it's also one of the biggest across Asia and Europe

38Smart Communications
No. 1 in the philippines



The UKs largest and have the fastest overall network here!

42Consumer Cellular
Many people think of this plan as "the old folk plan" because of the cheaper phones but the plans are awesome! You figure out what you need and pay that amount. No contracts and you can add or remove some features w/o being penalized. It works everywhere because they borrow others' towers. You should take a look and YES THEY HAVE I-PHONES.. I am a Android user and am sharing my fathers plan so its cheap... cheap... cheap.

I recently was w/ T-Mobile but don't need unlimited everything.
Great firm, just purchased an Android Smart phone great purchase.
It's not your father's phone company!
This company is great. Top rated in Kiplingers and have been a customer for 2 years. My bill is roughly 1/2 of my friends bill with at&t. They deserve a look.

43TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile)

Not all about how much money they can get from you. I have had T-Mobile and Verizon and both lie to you and are only interested in getting money
Only $49/mo.



Best Malaysian phone service ever... Yeah by ikhmal...

48Telcel America

This is one of the best fast internet with low payment and high payment with those who wants to get more of everything.
Great signal almost everywhere. very inexpensive rates
Love H20, never a problem, service on Hwy 5, the interstate in Arizona, even in Cabo.


My wife and I are part of a 6 phone plan. Our total for the two of us averages about $37 a month.
I am satisfied Ting customer. I pay $12 / month for the same quality as Sprint. Good customer service too.

Simply the best (at least in Greece! ).

Super Cheap and great packages
Love the unlimited internet



56Free Mobile
2€ per month with 2 hours, unlimited data and messaging… what else. Something else, it's completly free if you already have Free Internet.


58SK Telecom
One of world's most advanced telecom services.


It's awesome although it's a bit expensive they offer good deals and its 4G connection is awesome with our 100Mpbs plan.

Really good, and it has fast internet, and 5 bars almost everywhere!

The best service in all Mexico.

63Cell C
Been on cellc for 9 years didn't have any signal and they fixed the problem. Very good service. Deserves to be in top 30 or 20
Best network in sa and also cheapest I've had vodacom and mtn and is very expensive.



The best in Portugal!

67Hamrahe Aval


69Element Mobile

70Altyn Asyr (TM CELL)




74Ultra Mobile
Very good company for a cheap price



One of the richest men in the world owns this company.


BEST IN Nicaragua

Best mobile company in Canada. Nothing beats their plans and service!






The best in all Quebec


It brings the future technology today.. Finest customer care services

87Lightyear Wireless
Can somebody tell me about Lightyear Wireless?
There not even listed here?

88Appalachian Wireless
Is this the only company that provides service to the people in the Appalachian

Best service provider in Finland

This is ridiculous, how can O2 be 99th? It is surely at least top ten?


Best internet service in Pakistan

92BT Group

The best in all Mexico better than Movistar

94Woolworths Mobile

Unbeatable, unlimited calling/texting cross-Canada for just $60/M.


972 Degrees


It's the service through Target. They Piggie back off t-mobiles network, yet have none of the perks of having t-mobile:/ also, 50 a month, only 1 GB of 4g:'( I h8 my phone

Advance Info Service, service provider in Thailand, one of the most famous.

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