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61 AIS

Advance Info Service, service provider in Thailand, one of the most famous.

62 Defense Mobile
63 Aircel
64 Reliance V 1 Comment
65 H20

This is one of the best fast internet with low payment and high payment with those who wants to get more of everything.

V 4 Comments
66 SunCom
67 EMT
68 Du

This is the best service in uae

V 1 Comment
69 Mobilink

Best internet service in Pakistan

The most power full service in the world our Mobilink

70 Chatr
71 Lycamobile
72 NTelos
73 Swisscom
74 Celcom V 1 Comment
75 Hamrahe Aval V 1 Comment
76 TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile)

Great for Italian people

77 Telcel America
78 Grameenphone V 1 Comment
79 Ufone

He is very low rates price

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80 Optus

Really good, and it has fast internet, and 5 bars almost everywhere!

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