Best Characters Out of All Call of Duty Games

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41Grinch - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

He sacrificed himself, give him some credit

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42Raul Menendez - Call of Duty: Black Ops II

He is a very good brother, very loyal, he never forget his sister and he's very professional!

Menendez is the second best villain after makarov he didn't deserve 46th

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43Yuri - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3V1 Comment
44David Hesh Walker - Call of Duty: Ghosts

He is a good man who trying to fight for his family and his team. And follows his fathers foot steps

Hesh is the hacker of the ghosts but when he was homecoming his father was still alive.

A good man and a great ghost, my new favorite character!

Hesh is as swag as nan

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45Private James Ramirez - Modern Warfare 2

Takes orders but is so cool. Just way too cool. Ramirez would take out an AC-130 with a Throwing Knife if Foley told him too. Ramirez is just awesome.

This guy did the most work than anybody on this list. He was a great soldier.

Ramirez should be in the top 10 he does everything

"Ramirez, do everything! " Always he does everything!

46Pvt. Nichols - Call of Duty 3

Could he be the younger Papa Nichols from Drake & Josh since Papa Nichols fought in Europe against the Nazi's since older Nichols thought he was still in WWII and thought Craig and Eric were German Nerds - bman1994

Baddest player in the game always risking his life for his men

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47Elias Walker - Call of Duty: Ghosts

Elias use to be leader of the ghosts until he got shot by Rorke ( brainwashed ) shot him 3 times in front of logan's and hesh 's eyes.

I like elias he is captin of the ghosts and dad of Hesh walker and Logan. Warker

48Abigail "Misty" Briarton - Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies mode

Very tough, reasonable and sexy hot chick

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49Sgt. Kamarov - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

He is like a Russian Price... And when you need him 20 troops and him always appear from a Bush nearby... Plus he saved Price and Soap when no one else would come for them..."You are going to be alright my friend" BEST WORDS EVER.

50Brooklyn - Call of Duty Big Red One

All the Big Red One characters were fantastic, sadly not many people know of them or this one gem of a game, may it always shine bright in the memory of everyone who knows it

Why is everyone forgetting about all of the earlier amazing Call of Duty Games?

51General Shepherd - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Total dark twisted badass mastermind

He IS THE WORST! Anyway he's a bad guy

52Pvt. Joseph Allen - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Although not being in MW2 long he is very underrated. I hate you Makorov for shooting him!

53Salvadore Guzzo - Call of Duty 3
54Gabriel Rorke - Call of Duty: Ghosts

Think about this: Rorke is the only Call of Duty villain to actually turn the main character into his minion (since Dragovich's plan backfired on him). He is a boss because he could take any of the Ghosts in a one-on-one fight and his only mission is to kill them all. He kills two of them (Elias and Ajax), injures two of them (Hesh and Merrick), and brainwashed the most important one (Logan). He also took a bullet through the chest and was subsequently submerged in the ocean but he still survived. Can't wait to see him in Call of Duty: Ghosts 2. Best Call of Duty villain ever!

Rorke is one of the most bad ass villians ever. And the beat in Call of Duty. he goes threw being dropped in a flooded city, tortured by the federation, shot by logan and survived a train being shot by loki. And survived with enough energy to break logans ARM and drag him away.

Best villain ever deserves a number 2

He is a cruel, but an awesome badass at the same time

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55Nick Reyes - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
56Sgt. Randall - Call of Duty 2
57Sgt. John Davis - Call of Duty 2
58Imran Zakhaev - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

This guy is a badass he had no arm but that didn't stop him from killing Americans and launching neucliar warheds

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59Pvt. Jack Mitchell - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Really should be higher up because who hangs from a bus by one arm will killing two terrorist gun men then jumps onto the front of the car and breaks the armor plated windscreen just to chuck the driver into a lamp post killing him and I quote Joker "just badass"

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60Gideon - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

58 people don't know who is actually GOOD anymore

A british guy in an American game

He is crazy he is a tough fighter

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