10 Best Chelsea F.C. Players


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41Nicholas Anelka

He is the best won golden boots
He is a truly tremendous player

42César Azpilicueta

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43Nemanja Matic

I really do like Serbia but I'm not sure he plays in Serbia

Probably the best midfielder in the prem

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Pedro a really good striker score quite a few goals for Barcelona and he was a good buy, and maybe the next hazard this season

45Mark Hughes
46Damien Duff

Great winger what why so low in the rankings

Wow not even there

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47Andy Townsend

Player of the year in 1990

48Oriol Romeu
49Salomon Kalou

That's why we love Salomon Kalou
Absolute hero deserved more credit that he got

50Gary Cahill

BEST! He is really good at playing and defending

One of my favorite defenders. For me the man to take JT's spot (when retired)

52Mohamed Salah

He is best but is young he will be the best player in chelsea

Best player ever awesome at every position currently the best player in the world and always will be
Your the best salah

53Kurt Zouma

Kurt Zouma is the legend of header great defense, great attack

54Löic Remy

He is a great player and he was in Chelsea Audi challenge he also is maybe better then David Luiz and Torres. Chelsea in 14th place

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55Ricardo Carvalho

Wake up people One of the best all-time!

56Joe Cole

No one better amazing

57David Speedie
58Vinnie Jones

Great defender no nonsense stuff wish we had him now and that goal against liverpool was incredible. He's the G.O.A.T.

59Andrej Sevtchenko
60Filipe Luís

Filipe Luis is a very good player. He is a good defender too

I don't know why he's got zero percent

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