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41It Began In Afrika

I think it's an excellent rhythm!

42Galaxy Bounce
43All Rights Reversed
44The Devil Is In the Details
45Burst Generator

I don't know why, but it's my favourite by a mile.

46Dream On
47Container Park
48My Elastic Eye

This is not at the top because it's a good song on a tremendous album. It's too catchy actually, so catchy you love it at first and then get tired of it after a few spins, while songs like Star Guitar, The Test, Come With Us, It Began In Afrika and galaxy Bounce never get dated. The album Come With Us contains so many overwhelmingly awesome songs it's easy to understand why a very ok song like My Elastic Eye gets overlooked. But that's just my opinion.

I simply can't undesrstand why the hell this song wasn't on the list... This, alongside "Escape Velocity" and "Galvanize", is the Chemical Brothers' best song!

49escape 700
50escape wavefoldV2 Comments
51Wonders of the Deep
52Loops of Fury
53Get Yourself High

What guys this is one of the best song

54Song to the Siren
55Marvo Ging
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