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Anyone who's played Chess knows the Queen's true power, only bad thing is when you lose her, then go pawn!

The queen smashes 2nd place and it should


Rooks aren't so dangerous and are more fun to play with. Your opponent's queen has great danger against you and your opponent's queen can be very annoying to you. However, rooks are a fun piece ton play with.


No body notice how many different combinations knight can have. It gives the moment where opponent say oh I just missed and didn't saw


King should be 1st! Your whole game depends on it. Checkmate happens when your KING can't move and is in check. Sure, the queen will do the attacking, but the king is what you need to play with. If the king is this low, the pawn can become a queen. Can it become a king, NO! The king is the piece that you lose with, but you need it to play chess.

King should be above pawn. It is a very powerful piece in the end game - CBro7

Whats Wrong with you guys king should be the first as NO KING NO GAME you sacrifise your king for any of these pices you lose king is the best

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Bobby Fischer's favorite piece was the light squared bishop. Its control over so many squares has allowed it to win several endgames.

It should be ahead of the Knight. Everyone knows that Bishops are worth more than Knights in open positions, and they're better than knights overall.


It's possible to win a chess game if you take away your bishops, knights or queen but try taking away all of the pawns and see how far you can get

Pawns Are Number 1 Better Than Queens

Thers a reason people believe in COMPLICATED PAWN POSITIONS. Tis is it

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