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Donald Glover is a writer, actor, comedian, and rapper (just to name a few.) His popularity is increasing as word spreads about how insanely talented he is. I made this list because I feel there are a lot of people who care about his music like me, and his music deserves to be discussed. The order is definitely up for debate. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Freaks and Geeks
I love this song it inspired me very much
Amazing song. Needs for recognition. Pumps you up
The song has a great beat and it pumps you up

Even people who don't listen to Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) know this song...


This song is amazing in how intense and sincere it feels. Not to mention the ending which is hilarious
Personally think this is his best

From Camp. Others would say that this should be higher; I don't think he really tells a good story in this one, just raps about his love for women with with jokes thrown in. Though there's no denying the effect that his Casey Anthony line can have on anyone and everyone who listens to it.
First one I heard and still the best in my opinion. High energy, great punch lines, gym mix perfection. Good music. #1
Just found this song somehow but great song

Awesome song favorite by far!
Very catchy, easily one of his top 3 songs.
Great song, bass is amazing with some good headphones.
[Newest]I love the first verse!

From Camp. Personally, I think this is his third best song but I know the support isn't there yet, so I put it at #5. This is my pump-up song before anything important, and it has some of his best one-liners.
First song I ever listened to by Gambino.. By far my favorite
Best pump up song!

Some of his best lines are in this jam! One of my all-time favorites!
My favorite. Too addicting after listening to it a couple times.
Great song, Great Lyrics, definitely in the Top Ten

7That Power
Just a beast song, best outro ever. Ties up the album perfectly! Good lyrically but that beat is next level!
The first part of the song is great all by itself, but the outro/story at the end ties the whole Camp album together.

8Break (AOTL)

(featuring Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul)
My favorite, freaks and geeks after
Bathroom DVR? That's unessacary but this song isn't.

10Shoulda Known
This and NOTGOING BACK are the best
Best. Hands down you shoulda known

The Contenders

11Bitch, Look at Me Now

This is the hardest Childish Gambino song, has the greatest lyrics, and is an AWESOME pump up song
This song is a bit strange but 100% in a good way and worth listening too

13Not Going Back
Some of the lines in this song are just crazy good. This, freaks and geeks and outside are probably my 3 favourite of his songs, but then again, I change my favourites every few weeks. There's just way to many. Geez Donald.
The final verse is probably the best verse Gambino has ever done.

14Telegraph Ave
One of his best songs that people don't know. great song to cruise to at night
Best song to drive to. Great song overall

From Camp. Tells the story of his childhood, growing up the only black kid in his school, or the whitest black kid in his other school. Amazing chorus that really sets the tone for his whole album.

"He's saving up so we can get our own place
In the projects, man that sounds fancy to me
They called me fat nose, my mom say you handsome to me. "
Seriously guys, the meaning of this song, the one-liners, the wit, just Oh my god, the whole thing is perfect. Donald

Why isn't this more near the top ten? This is one of his best.
Hands down my favourite Gambino song.

Why is this not on here?
The slow steady rhythm of this song and the lyrical genius puts this in the top 5 for me

18We Ain't Them
This song deserves some serious recognition.

19The Last

20It's On
The chorus really hooks you and it's catchy as hell.

21Pink Toes

22The Worst Guys
This song has a mad beat and childish also spits a few bars at quick pace, it also has some hilarious punch lines. It includes my other favourite rapper, chance the rapper.

23F*** It All
From Culdesac. A song about suicide that sends a good message but also feels genuine. Starts off with his feelings after a tough break up, but transitions into explaining how everything bad in his life has made him stronger.

24Lights Turned On
Awesome beat, raichu reference.
Great song, nice beat, awesome lyrics

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26Hold You Down
A beautiful and catchy song that really deserves more recognition.

A slow, smooth song that still fits gambino's style
How is this not on the list?

28Zealots of Stockholm (Free Information)
Best song on Becasue the Internet
Best song lyrically in my opinion.
"If you gonna miss heaven, why do it by two inches? Old money and new bitches."

29All the Shine

30The Party

31Fire Fly
Amazing song. Gets you pumped and has great lyrics

32Partna Dem
Part of his stn mtn mixtape. Literally his best song ever. It has it all just under 2 minutes. Best beat ever, his life, his city (Atlanta), and everything in between. Literally best song ever.

33Life: The Biggest Troll
Great rhythm. Fits perfectly in the 'because the internet' with a much deeper meaning than most rappers could understand.
This songs suits the album 'Because the internet' so well.
Like most comments, this song really fits the album and has a good meaning as well. Plis great beat.

34All of the Lights (Remix)

Off sick boi, this song has a great beat, and gambino delivers a great verse. His fellow Derrick comedy member nick Packard has the best verse on the entire album

36Flight of the Navigator

37My Hoodie


39N**** F*** Yo' Blog


How is this not on there? This song is amazing

42Eat Your Vegetables

43The Longest Text Message

44My Shine
Best song by him 100% can't stop listening to it

45Rolling In the Deep

46Do or Die
This song pumps me up, flux Pavillion beats & gambino lyrics is a perfect combo. Video's pretty badass too!

47U Don't Have to Call

His finest slow-jam, doing some smooth vocals on a nice beat. Gambino, the versatile.

49You See Me
Best song by far. The word play is on another level.

50Do Ya Like
Can't believe this is last it should literally be first...
From Culdesac. The song that he says put him on the map. Explains his growing popularity with women and the direction his career taken with amazing lines thrown in.

"Hovy with glasses, Weezy but geeky
Girls in the lobby tryin' to meet me
I ain't afraid to say it, yeah I love these hoes
And their glasses, and their jacket, and their hipster clothes. "

51Be Alone
From his EP. One sad and lyrically beautiful song, enough said.

"Music was my side chick, but now we’re moving in together
Always felt misunderstood, I guess I have to tolerate
My swag Jehovah Witness, dude, it never take a holiday. "
His best song. Lyrics are amazing with a sick beat
This is a great song. My favorite of his.

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