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41Rolling In the Deep
42The Party
44The Longest Text Message
45Partna Dem

Part of his stn mtn mixtape. Literally his best song ever. It has it all just under 2 minutes. Best beat ever, his life, his city (Atlanta), and everything in between. Literally best song ever.

46U Don't Have to Call
47Black Faces
48All of the Lights (Remix)V1 Comment

Off sick boi, this song has a great beat, and gambino delivers a great verse. His fellow Derrick comedy member nick Packard has the best verse on the entire album

50My Hoodie
52N**** F*** Yo' Blog
53Do or Die

This song pumps me up, flux Pavillion beats & gambino lyrics is a perfect combo. Video's pretty badass too!

54Candler Road
55Grindin' My Whole Life
56All Yall
57The Palisades

Amazing song, highlights the relaxing Glover style and highlights his amazing vocal talent, also has a nice beat.

58Do Ya Like

From Culdesac. The song that he says put him on the map. Explains his growing popularity with women and the direction his career taken with amazing lines thrown in.

"Hovy with glasses, Weezy but geeky
Girls in the lobby tryin' to meet me
I ain't afraid to say it, yeah I love these hoes
And their glasses, and their jacket, and their hipster clothes. "

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59Be Alone

When he referenced "So fly" in verse 3. Chills. So fly by the way also amazing

This is a great song. My favorite of his.

His best song. Lyrics are amazing with a sick beat

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