Best Chris Cornell Songs

Chris Cornell, undoubtedly the most amazing vocalist of our time, has had a lengthy career between his solo work and his collaborations with Temple Of The Dog, Soundgarden, Audioslave, etc. This list captures his best work.

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1Show Me How to Live - AudioslaveV3 Comments
2You Know My Name - Chris Cornell

I fell in love with this song and took too long to realize it was because its from the same singer of soundgarden, audioslave and just.. That voice can make you like any song. And the song itself is great and hello JAMES BOND movie maybe?! Awesome...

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3Like a Stone - Audioslave

This is the best song that Chris ever sang

Got me into audioslave, and I must say that it is a masterpiece

This one will need to be played for me instead of an eulogy!

Better than most but not top 3.

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4Wide Awake - Audioslave

This song different. It's legendary.

5Outshined - Soundgarden

My favorite isn't even on this list!

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6Sunshower - Chris Cornell

Beautiful song in a stupid, yet compelling, movie.

7Revelations - Audioslave
8Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

The song is undoubtedly the best from his collaboration with soundgarden and is the one damn meaningful song beautifully sung and written.

9Cochise - Audioslave
10When I'm Down - Chris Cornell

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?No Such Thing - Chris Cornell
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11Pretty Noose - Soundgarden

And I don't like what you've got me hanging from. Pretty noose is pretty pain.

12Seasons - Chris Cornell

I first heard this on Superman the man if steel soundtrack. Loved it but had no idea it was Chris! This is one super talented man!

Great song from "Singles" movie soundtrack.

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13Say Hello 2 Heaven - Temple of the Dog

This song demonstrates the best and the sheer range of Cornell's vocal ability. Wicked song, along with Cochise, fell on black days, last remaining light, what you are and spoonman laugh out loud, all are awesome examples of his power and range

Chris Cornell and Pearl Jam - could I ask for anything better? - Songsta41

Hands down, the best tribute song out there.. It's resonating lyrics fit few.

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14Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart

I can't stop listening to this. He has been on top of his game for 30 plus years. Awesome!

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15Arms Around Your Love - Chris Cornell
16Rusty Cage - Soundgarden

His roots! Awesome like Slavers and Bulldozers.

17Fell On Black Days - Soundgarden

Seriously? Number 17? How is this not top 5?

18Slaves & Bulldozers

He has said this is one of his favorite songs to sing...listen and you will know why! True Cornell.

19I am the Highway

This was my intro to Chris Cornell as a voice beyond the song. I knew Soundgarden music and loved Black Hole Sun, but this was a whole new amazing revelation.

How not...? The guitar solo alone makes it worthy...yo?

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20Long Gone - Chris Cornell
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