Best Christian Rock Bands of 2013

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The Top Ten

Best of the best their songs neva bore you
Because they have swag
Skillet is the best! I love ALL their songs
[Newest]Kill it with SKILLET. Skillet is clearly the best band EVER to walk the face of the earth.

Vice Verses is phenomenal! The War Inside is in my top five of my workout playlist! I have been able to utilize the entire album in motivating myself both spiritually and physically. I recommend this album with two thumbs!

3Thousand Foot Krutch
Simply the best rock band around.
TFK Is just one of those bands that you either love or haven't heard enough of.
I genuinely love all of their songs

The new album Release The Panic rocks!
Awesome band be sure to listen to their best song "breath into me"

They are the best band ever I know all of their songs!

6Tenth Avenue North
They are awesome so many great songs
The Best Band ever
Awesome group and songs.
[Newest]Best new band period!

7Third Day
Southern rock Christian style

8Disciple Thirteen
Still the best Christian recovery rock in my opinion


10The Devil Wears Prada
They have more faith in their lord and jesus Christ.

The Contenders

11Sanctus Real
You guys rock our world
Amazing lyrics and music

12Jars of Clay
Jars of clay is so awesome! I love the song lift me up!



Greatest Band Of all Time





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