Best Christian Rock Bands


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Skillet is the best of all best.
I mean, seriously?
They could rock this hard and still having real faith in Jesus Christ? I've been listening to them for years.
They're just the best!
A very difficult choice between Skillet and Red for the top spot. Red may have got a great singer but Skillet really has got something extra which makes them the top rock band...
Skillet is a great group that puts thought into every word they use, that's what makes them the best, it's not always about the singer its also about the lyrics.


[Newest]They are one of the Christian rock bands that sing less about religion, but more about inner struggles and depression in all of us. Their songs are really relatable, and are amazing songs as well. In addition, I've never heard a band that sounds anywhere close live to what they sound like in studio versions until Skillet.
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Their songs, the majority of them so far, concerns the inner struggles of a christian, not only christians, which in reality all of us has. They contain our darkest sides, revealing how we struggle to contain it and in turn is the one that consumes us. Red's songs(on my opinion) helps realize that there is always that burden, that struggle, that fear, that choice, that we humans were given the capability of. Go RED. (Sorry for the long comment)
I listen to hardrock and post-grunge bands like Three Days Grace,
Breaking Benjamin, Smile Empty Soul, Rev Theory and Story of the Year.
None of these are christian. To be honest, I didn't think christian rock had much to offer for me. I was looking for emotional music, stuff about struggles and feelings and not the conventional hallelujah. When I hear that too often, I get the feeling it's... Empty. They don't mean what they're saying, they just shout it out and say what their audience want to hear. Going through a tough time myself, I preferred darker songs about misery. It was around this time that I came across Red. Starting off with Breathe Into Me and Death Of Me, I noticed their use of classic instruments such as the cello. I missed that in my usual music list, so I put them there.

After a while of increasing admiration ("wow! This siunds really good! ") I began to see their deepness, their honesty. Gradually I started to appreciate them not only for what they said, but for what they had to say. It is now my favourite band, I have a renewed interest in christian rock and seeing this large list of bands I only want more.

Red rocks the world, and they rock the world for God. That's why they are my number one.
Red gets my numero uno vote! I love how they should that we aren't just some shiny, happy being who, because we love Jesus, get away with whatever we want. We are horrible people for what we do to him daily and He deserves better. And he still takes us as we are; Praise the King!
[Newest]They may be a Christian band but as a believer in God and only God (not believing Jesus to be God) I can relate to a lot of their songs too. While I haven't felt the Jesus factor in their songs, I have felt the God factor. I've also felt the love side as well and I think it's a little odd to deny this. Anyhow, I haven't come across a single song by RED that I could say I dislike or am iffy about. They are simply awesome and I wish they would come to Europe.
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3Thousand Foot Krutch
They're amazing musicaly wise and have catchy lyrics! They got me hooked on Christian rock. I love them!
When you think sheer rock with the Christian attitude that we wish to express sometimes, you think Thousand Foot Krutch. Love this band!
They have creative lyrics, making it addictive and you want to hear it everyday
[Newest]This band is the BEST!
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All of switchfoot's songs are very complex musical wise. Their lyrics also make you think about what they are trying to say. These guys should be at the top of this list.
Switchfoots songs are great I've listened to them since meant to live album! I don't understand why they are so down on this chart?
Sorry, but my opinion is that: Switchfoot is the best, they are #1.
They come first, or should, not only for their verses, but for their spirit, for the love they have and who sings it: God. After they give charitable donations facts and are poor.
[Newest]I think they should be at least in the third spot, they're better than Relient K for sure (although Relient K is great too).
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5Relient K
The best of all christian bands, especially from "The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek" to "Mmhmm" albums. They have been my favorite band since I first heard them. The order on this list should be:

1. Relient K (Nothing can beat "More Than Useless" and "Be My Escape")
2. Thousand Foot Krutch (The only band that I like almost as much as Relient K. The album "The End is Where we Begin" made me really like this band. )
3. Hawk Nelson (I love there podcasts)
4. FM Static (Another great band from Trevor McNevan)
5. Petra (The band that started it all. )
6. Family Force 5 (Let me see you WOBBLE! )
7. TobyMac (Even after dc Talk he's still great. Acually better. )
8. Dc Talk ("Jesus Freak" is probably the most known christian rock song ever. )
9. Switchfoot (Everyone likes Switchfoot it seems. )
10. Skillet (A great band, but a little overrated)

Hope you all agree!
Relient K is my favorite band and has been for about 6 years now. Their songs are meaningful, witty, and musically interesting. No matter how many times I listen to them, I always enjoy it.
There The Best Ever... Been Listening to Them For About 4 years now... Haven't heard anything better!.
[Newest]My favorite Christian rock band of all time.
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Greatest Christian band heck any band of all time. Their new album horseshoes and Hand grenades is one of the greatest pieces of work. Are they lacking in their live performances? No not even close they are BETTER live than they are on the CD. All of their live performances on YouTube were given a 100. Lead by Kevin Young at the mic they truly seem like a genuine group of guys that are worshiping god through their music. You would be foolish to not put them in your top Christian bands and even more foolish to not give their music a chance. Go out and buy Horseshoes and Hand Grenades today.
Should be #1, no question. They have an impressive body of work and it all rocks! That's right, all of it rocks. I thought they were awesome before seeing them in concert. Then I saw them live. Incredible is about the best word to describe it. You never have to wonder where they stand with the Lord either. They are blatantly Christian and not ashamed of the Gospel. Rock on, Disciple!
Wow, I can't believe that Disciple not in the top five. They are one of the best bands ever. A great mix between songs that actually rock and some of the best worship songs out there. I have been listening to Disciple for 5 years now and I haven't found a band other than Skillet that I like as much.
[Newest]You can kinda tell they grew up as skillet fans

kutless' promise of a lifetime meaning,... was very touching.. sea of faces, smile, and the others also do... they are given awesome talent and it's good to see them enhanced with GOD~@@!
Brilliant band, got all but one of their albums

Really inspiring, meaningful lyrics, tend to be what I need to hear when I put on my ipod

Recommended to anyone
Kutless has helped grow my faith they are so much better then 6 their lyrics are so much better then just the music because its the lyrics that touch you
[Newest]Love ALL their songs and their testimonials that go with some of them! Check out this band!

One of the most underrated bands. Simply one of the best. They are in touch with their fans from some of the footage I have seen on youtube. Powerful and driving their music artistry delivers clear positive messages to all ages. If you haven't heard Anberlin's music. Make a point to hear them today. You won't be disappointed!
They've got good instrumentals in every song, whether it's a solo or not. You can tell they know their instruments very well. The songs were deeply written, inspiring and rocking. The vocalist's voice is unlike any other and can easily be identified as an Anberlin song. They are in my Top 4, Skillet, Red, Thousand Foot Krutch, and then Anberlin. For me, their best work is Feel Good Drag. Just listen to this song then you be the judge.
My favorite band now, just love their music! Best thing to study to and to get my day to start looking up.
[Newest]I have followed thir music from beginning to the end. They are a great band their lyrics especially from their earlier albums will really move and tug at you emotions. Awesome band 5 stars!

Listen to "In Wonder", "Born Again", "One shot", "In Christ Alone", "It Is You" and many others and surely you will agree with me they really rock.
Something Beautiful! That song says it all for me. Every time I hear that song my Spirit takes flight, I mean it puts me right in the zone%I guess you could say "It's calling out my name! "
Might be a generation thing, but between Newsboys and Delirious, the only question would be which of these two are number one and two. The rest all pale in comparison to the best Praise band and the best Contemporary band of all time. Those of you who were at the 90's Acquire The Fire's can attest to this.
[Newest]I would go within the Top 10 for me! Amazing and been around for awhile!

10Disciple Thirteen
The songs 'One Day at a time', "Lord Find me' and The Face of God really have great messages in the music and lyrics, Most of their music is influenced by Celebrate Recovery and Twelve steps programs. They found a way to make it Rock and show Victory.
Be sure to visit their website at and their Facebook page at Fresno and check back often as their new CD is coming out soon! This band really Rocks for the Lord!
Disciple 13 played at a Men's Ministry a few nights ago. The congregation went WILD! When the Pastor got to the pulpit, he said that he thought Van Halen was in the house! The men kept yelling for Encore... Encore... Encore! This band rocked the house!


[Newest]These guys can really put on a great show with A Christian message in their music! They Rock
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The Contenders

They are amazing they're song Unbreakable is beyond cool I have it as my ringtone! So yea yall should listen to them!
I can't believe they were not on the list. They deserve a top 3 spot.


Unbreakable is a song worth remembering for its intellectual power that not only enhances our mood but adjusts our outlook on life as a whole when we view its stupendous beauty and take in the almost incoherent extravagance.
[Newest]I'm obsessed with them! I LOVE THEM!

12Casting Crowns
Casting Crowns has got a good begining. Lyrics really help to grow a relationship with God which we always need. Songs like American dream, Voice of truth, Lifesong... Are some amongst their best. They do their best. God bless them...
On this list of top ten Casting crowns is easily one of the most blatantly Christian bands on this list. If you are to scared to sing about your faith in a clear way it makes you seem less authentic

Bands like Red and Skillet are great bands with great messages but you would be hard pressed to find more than a handful of songs that actually mention Jesus the Christ, God, the holy spirit or even the devil. Yes they have songs that you could interpret to be about god, but they never actually mention him ex. Hero by skillet, great song but ambiguous or skillet's "it's not me it's you" could be interpreted to be about the devil or an ex girlfriend.

Coincidently the higher ranked groups have more hardcore music than those in the middle or end, but they also have a significant lack of god in their lyrics. Their faith just doesn't seem as real. They may be Christian but it isn't evident in their music.

Sorry for any offenses caused
Until the world hears rocked my world. If you are serious about god rock and Christianity. Give this guys a try
[Newest]The lyrics are very touching... I really like
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13Demon Hunter
This is a phenomenal band. They create a tapestry of sound that includes harmonies and melodies with both vocals and instrumentation. Their music includes many layers of sound. The instrumentation is fantastic. They are incredibly skilled musicians and their music runs the range from heavy, intricate and fast to deeply melodic and thoughtful. In my opinion this is a highly unconventional band that does their own thing for God, without being pigeonholed into genres.
Demon Hunter should not be rated so low. They are one of the best Christian Metalcore bands out there.
Demon Hunter is my absolute Favourite band. I have been a fan since 2009 and am still continuing to adore their work. Their work is beautiful, and is an excellent tribute to God, and to Christian music as a whole. Not all Christian music needs to be "church" music (not that there is anything wrong with contemporary music). Demon hunter is an awesome band that anybody could learn to love.
[Newest]A great band. Manly sounds. I love Christian metal.

Very deep and emotional with great healing spirtiual insight in todays youth
Flyleaf rock and all their songs have great meanings. Also you can relate to their songs and laceys voice is amazing. Flyleaf are awesome, epic and songs are relating to god in red sam the truth is jesus.
Every song is written from the heart, I love Laceys voice and this band is one of my all time favorites
[Newest]Probably the best female-fronted Christian hard rock band ever. Unfortunately, Lacey left the band a few years back. One of the few Christian bands I really like that I never had a chance to see live (at least with Lacey, that is).
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15Third Day
Third Day doesn't even get 1 percent of the votes? That's completely wrong! Listen to Agnus Dei, Surrender, Make Your Move, and the Live Wire version of Blackbird and you'll agree that they rock. They're the perfect blend of rock, southern rock, pop, worship, guitar solos and good old Georgia goodness.
Third day should be at the top 10's here's what the list should be like
1. red
2. skillet
3. third day
4. casting crowns
5. big daddy weave

Even though big daddy weave should be on here
Why in the world are they not rated higher I mean they should at least be in the top ten some of the bands on here aren't even Christian bands like skillet they say the message is hidden in their songs but it shouldn't be hidden it should be obvious otherwise any song can be a Christian song if you look hard enough and that sure isn't right
[Newest]Best Christian band ever!

Without P.O.D. , you wouldn't have heard of barely any other band on this list. Aside from that, there is this little album called Satellite that is the best Christian Rock album of all time in my opinion and in HM magazine's it's number 2. POD not only had more number 1 hits on MTV then any other Christian Artist, they had the most #1 songs on MTV of any rock band, Christian OR secular! Set it off!
How is this band not rated higher?!? P.O.D. rocks! THey should at least have the #4 spot on this list. This band is so much better than pillar and august burns red (although august burns red rocks also)
THIS LIST IS SO WRONG.P.O.D. IS THE BEST BAND ON HERE. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE. How many of these other bands have had number 1 hits or have been in so many movies. these other bands don't even come close.
[Newest]1: P.O.D. 2:Thousand Foot Krutch 3: Skillet 4:Blessthefall 5:Red 6: Disciple 7:Pillar 8:Living Sacrifice 9:Project 86 10:Switchfoot

While I am not pleased with Stryper's recent release, hands down this is the #1 Christian band of all time, bar none. To deny Stryper this honor is to ignore what it took for Christian Rock to be accepted. After all, how many Christian Rock Bands these days have to deal with both the secular world, and the Churches picketing their concerts.

While it is not an excuse, it is hard to be overly critical of Stryper when the churches shut their doors to them, and the Christian bookstores refused to carry them.

No, there is none greater than Stryper in quality, and the road they had to travel.
There is zero doubt that A) Stryper is a Christian band (look at their later lyrics? I have - check out their latest release - Murder By Pride... If you don't think this is Christian, you can't read).. And B) Stryper is the ONLY band that should be tops in this list.. They did it on the world stage first, they opened the door for the rest of these acts, and are still out their today touring the world 20-25 years after their "hey day".
Nothing against the other bands, just like these guys better and I do not agree that the glory got to their heads. They just ran into the 90's when the music industry changed. If you follow Michael and they other guys, they are about as upfront about their Faith as possible. They are not perfect, but they are one of the easiest bands to get into contact with personally
[Newest]#1 that helped start it all!

18Hawk Nelson
Hawk Nelson should be much higher on this list then 9th (and so should Thousand Foot Krutch). The top ten on this list should be

1. Relient K
2. Hawk Nelson
3. Thousand Foot Krutch
4. Petra
5. Switchfoot
6. Skillet
7. FM Static (I don't know why they are not even on this list. )
8. Newsboys
9. Family Force Five
10. Kutless
I just love this band, deep, meaningful lyrics... beautiful tone, amazing voice that makes you feel! their amazing, why doesn't any 1 listen 2 em these days! their awesome! love you guys!
Just bought their songs thanks for the Idea they are awesome. To often good Christian bands are passed over for half decent bands like one direction.
[Newest]The radio stations always know which songs to play

19Decyfer Down
Hard rocking stuff from Tennessee. 3-2-1! Play it Loud.
Decyfer Down is awesome. Trust me you will not be disappointed.
If I may say mercy me and Casting Crowns and Hillsong are not rock band, they're not even considered in the rock genre,

20We As Human
Sadly, they aren't super special, but they could be. Their guitars aren't amazing, but have so much more potential than anything skillet has ever done (using them as comparison because they are number 1). Their vocalist is like John coopers old days, well, just a plain powerful, raspy voice. The drums are nothing special, Jen ledger beats this guy out. She plays almost as well and sings at the same time. He could be more creative. The bassist, well, he doesn't do very much. I would love it if he got more creative. Not many Christian rock bands have creative bassists, or very creative anything for that matter...

My tip to we as human is to be more creative with all of your instruments, and to speak out the Christian message even more. Don't try to go secular with songs like "strike back", make songs like the first version of "I stand" and "burning satillites". Please. Guitarists, don't just use the same scales and shred on them like every other rock band. Don't just sing "Christian" lyrics that aren't definitive in either direction, don't just use the root note for bass and don't just play the drums using the same formula.

As I said, they do these things better than most of the bands here, but they have so much untapped potential

Even though skillet definitely has my top spot, we as human are by far better than any of the popular bands at the moment. They have this unique sound and aren't afraid to express who they are and their album is just amazing and I can never get enough if it. These guys and skillet should be way more famous even if they do it for the music and the fans instead of the fame.
We As Human just came out 2013 with help from Skillet. They are truly an amazing hard rock band with brilliant lyrics and really strong music. Red has always been my favorite, but this band is amazing and I am hoping will make more material and grow in popularity.
[Newest]Honestly they should be in the top 3! Their musical capabilities are insane! They are so creative and diverse in their song writing, and they are amazing live!

21Before Their Eyes
Amazing band. check out their album Redemption
Finding a way is very nice from this band

I really LOVE Pillar! "Secrets and regrets" is my favourite song, I'm listening to it everyday when I go to university... I wish Pillar was an Italian group, Italy hasn't got good rock groups (and christian bands! )
Pillar has been a leading frontrunner in Christian music for 12 years. There best two albums Fireproof and WDWGFH beat out many albums from many bands ahead of them. Pillar is set to release a new album in 2013, and it is going to be sick! Pillar is at least in the top ten and anybody who says differently is just plain terrible in choosing good music
Best Band ever ♥♥♥ love their music, play it every day everywhere I go! The band evolved through the years, but I still love each and every song.

23Sanctus Real
Sanctus real should be much higher on this list. Their music is moving and reaches deep down. Lyrically they are amazing, their songs are just so well written. I'm Not Alright is an awesome song and Promises is the best album ever, but pretty much anything they've ever done is awesome.
Sanctus Real has some of the most touching, inspirational music out there. I'm surprised it's not in the top 25, let alone the top 50. If you enjoy meaningful Christian music, check out Lead Me by Sanctus Real.
Music doesn't get better than this! The voice of lead singer Matt Hammit is incredible. This bands best songs are in my point of view Lead me (acoustic), We need each other and Where will they go. Listen those and prepare to be amazed!
[Newest]Love the song Lead Me. I think this is a prayer on many of our lips! Should definitely be near the top.

24Project 86
Project 86 is one of those bands that mixes truly epic and engaging hard rock and metal with incredibly self-reflective and deep lyrics. Add that to the fact that they've been around forever, and that they only keep getting better and better, and there is no reason why Project 86 deserves anything lower than the #1 spot.
Crazy band with great lyrics. It isn't often when secular stations play multiple hits and this band did just that!
These guys are amazing! They have been releasing hits for 15+ years now and have managed to keep up their amazing quality and unique style. Andrew Schwab is an amazing singer, writer, and performer. Definitely the best live show you will ever witness.
[Newest]Top 50 for sure. And for their style of music? Top 10

25Tenth Avenue North
These guys are awesome. I can not believe how low they are rated. I love their album light meets the dark. My favorite songs on this album healing begins and all the pretty things.
I was going through a really hard time in my life. a lot of bad things happening at once and I was contemplating suicide. But one day in the car, I heard the song "strangers here". It gave me hope. I started downloading other songs by tenth avenue north, and they were all a comfort, or addressed problems I was having. This is close to a year later, and I still listen to them. That song might have have my life, and possibly used by God to save my soul. In my opinion these guys are the best. I'm not saying that because I've heard them all and narrowed it down, but honestly, I have no intrest in anything else. These guys have it all. And I went from struggling to be free... To being free to struggle


Tenth Avenue North should totally be up near the top! Their songs are both inspiring and great for worship! Also if you are feeling bad!
[Newest]They're criminally low on this list! They have absolutely beautiful, beautiful, beautiful music and the lyrics are so inspiring. I feel like God is talking to me when they're singing, I would love to meet them someday!

TobyMac should be in the top 10's
TobyMac Rocks

I concur; TobyMac should be in the top 10 bands.
At least in the top 25 come on
[Newest]Tobymac should be up near the top.

27Love and Death
Authentic rock sound, refreshing to see a band with deep real life lyrics. Brian Head Welch has a raw approach, which in my opinion has yet to be seen in Christian Rock. This band is amazing and by far one of the best out there in lyrical content and talent. Also check out Brian Head Welche's self released album, it has some truly amazing music on it.
Musically, Brian Health Welch is incredibly creative and is ahead of most bands. His lyrics are right there with Red, Thousand Foot Krutch and Skillet, and he actually does mention God unlike other popular bands on this list. For that reason alone they should be ranked higher...
Way to low this band is amazing great music with great meaning

2812 Stones
Best Band listed, The have moved me beyond all others! Their music is life changing, life enhancing and down right epic! They have always been an under rated band, but you know that;s because most of the mindless masses follow the commercial glam. 12 stones has real heart and that's just to real for most... It's a same...
Come on people 85th really. 12 Stones is one of the best Christian rock bands in the world. "Broken" is just flat out awesome. There sound is similar to that of the band Creed. Good guitar player, great singer, and solid bass player and drummer.
WHAT? This is insane, obviously people aren't considering them Christian for some reason. But they are easily top 3, up there with skillet, red, and thousand foot krutch.
[Newest]12 Stones is my favorite band. I still can't believe how underrated they are. Do yourself a favor and listen to there songs, Bulletproof, Infected, The Way I Feel. You will never want to turn back. I love this band and whenever I just can't go on, God lifts me up with their music.

297eventh Time Down
Latest album sounds great. Love this band.
Really cool…

If you haven't heard of them, check out Just Say Jesus…
I enjoy 85% of their songs. Thanks!

30House of Heroes
Awesome. This band has great melodies, and really catchy lyrics. Journey into space and code name raven are some of the best songs out there!
This band provides phenomenal music, challenging listeners to consider their worldview without being too "religious. "
Great Christian Alternative Rock Band! Check out these songs :
- In The Valley Of The Dying Sun
- If
- Dangerous
- Elevator
- Relentless
[Newest]Love their song In the valley of the dying sun!

31Jars of Clay
"Good Monsters" and "Much Afraid" are the greatest christian albums of all time! Love their lyrics.
I love "ead man (carry me". It talks about how when you know you messed up and how you want Him to carry you and make you a "new man, out with the old plan". Love it so much it's the best song by themn and I think jars of clay deserves a higher spot then most of the bands. Like no offense to skillet or anything, but some people rnt in the mood for people who like heavy metal. Like me, I LOVE Christian rock but only to a point. Once it gets to skillet, I stop. I think skillet is too heavy. But that's just my opinion, everyone's entitled to one. God Bless!
The long fall back to earth is one of the greatest albums of all time. They also have dozens of great other songs, but the long fall can't be beat
[Newest]I'm Christian but don't like a lot a Christian rock bands, I like them cause I can enjoy listing to them.

32A Feast for Kings
Sad that Eric died (rip) but they are a local band and I know all of them well. Great band
Sad that Eric died (rip) but they are a local band and I know all of them well. Great band
These guys are so much better than the Book of Job, and the Tree of life combined.

33Nine Lashes
A band that started in 2010( I think), in my opinion, has been the best, by just listening their songs... From the lyrics to the genre! Is gonna like you 4 sure
This band is Awesome! They have become one of my all time favorite band. With a great lead singer as well as great quality music and lyrics.

Give them a listen!
Honestly I belive this should be number one, their songs surrender and Anthem of The lonley speak about changing their evil ways and putting their fate in Gods hands I also am a fan of their other songs like fear and shadows and many others can not belive this band is number 30?
[Newest]Anthem of the Lonely has the best intro I have ever heard. Praise God.

John Schlitt and Petra helped pioneer what we have today. Stayed true to who they are, ministry all the way through. John started as the lead of Head East, to leading one of the greatest rock bands I feel the Church has seen. Keep your ears open, John is preparing a solo release called The Greater Cause.
This is one of the best bands I have heard. Should be in third spot. I have been listing to them since I was 13. 'God Gave Rock and Roll' is one my favorites.
List should be:
4-Third Day
6-Casting Crowns
Wow, no doubt Petra should be #1 here and we have some very young voters. Petra is easily the greatest Christian rock band of all time, do many great albums and songs. Petra had an amazing guitarist and song writer in Bob Hartman, an amazing drummer in Louie Weaver, two unreal vocalists in Greg X Volz and John Schlitt, great keyboardist in Lawry and Slick, great bassists in Kelly and Cates. They always put on a phenomenal love performance as well, I seen them live 5 times. However, above all that they always boldly shared the gospel of Christ with everyone, the best band ever!
[Newest]Check out Jekyll & Hyde and Beyond Belief

35Family Force 5
Why isn't TobyMac on this list, he is better than anyone on this list but family force five is pretty good
I don't understand why my favorite band ever is not on the list. These guys are all about having a party for Jesus. They make listening to christian music actually fun. How can you possibly not resist the power of Love Addict?
Hillsong, Casting Crowns, and MercyMe are not rock. Creed is not Christian. This should be at the top, even though not all their stuff is completely rock, they rock every style they do so they win.
[Newest]Best band ever right I'm listening to cray button crazy huh but seriously best band ever

"Never Alone" is an awesome song, my all time favorite...
They resemble Evanescence a lot... But they have their own style of praise singing though...
Plus "Thoughts of You" song is really really amazing!
"I need You to Love me" is yet another brilliant spiritual number...
They are the most rocking' band I have ever heard! The first time I heard "Million Voices" I was in love! Lauren is the drummer and sings lead, Alyssa plays base, piano, and sings lead, and Becca plays guitar and sings! Keep Quiet is also one of my favorites because it explains why we shouldn't e ashamed of Jesus. Their new album "Love and War" also has many different styles but still are fantastic.
BarlowGirl should be a lot higher on this list. They were an extremely gifted group.

37Building 429
They are the BEST and I mean BEST christian rock band EVER! I can't believe they aren't on here yet! They're songs are so amazing! Best song by them is "Made for You". Its on the radio 99.7 all the time! "Take me as I am. I've got nothing left to lose. I am lifting empty hands 'cause I was made for You. Take me as I am.

I am Yours to use. I am lifting empty hands 'cause I was made for You". The lyrics kinda say it all.

And if your more of a softer rock person, then listen to "No One Else Knows" by them. Its about how no one knows what your going through or how you feel but the Lord Almighty. "When no one else knows how I feel, Your love for me is proven real. When no one else cares where I've been, You run to me with outstretched hands and You hold me in your arms again". Its the best for anyone and I think even heavy christian rock lovers will love this song!

Sorry guys for making the message so long but I really AM super surprised that they aren't up here! Or maybe they are and I missed them? Sorry. Laugh out loud. Well actually I'm not but ill just say I am. God Bless y'all!
"BUILDING 429"?... They are one of my favourites... And the song " WHERE I BELONG" it broke my heart into pieces, I really love the song and the band... They are incredible..., I'll vote for them forever!
This is ridiculous that they are not in the top 10! They are definitely one of the best Christian bands. In my opinion, they are number one!
[Newest]Saw them in concert, and they are BOSS! They should be in the top tens!

Needtobreathe should definitely be in the top 10! As soon as I heard them I fell in love with them. They have amazing songs like something beautiful, washed by the water, and lay em down. They're awesome! Taylor swift even had them as her opening act for her speak now tour. They're one of the best christian bands I've heard you guys should listen to them. Their lead singer reminds me of caleb from kings of leon their voices are similar.
By far one of the best Christian Song writers Ever. This band will dominate both secular and Christian charts for years to come.
Just heard it for first time and it s me who need to take a deep breath, because this is absolutely breathtaking!
[Newest]Pretty good except for "Difference Maker"

39FM Static
Great band. I don't know why it is not mentioned. It has made it to the top ten christian rock bands of 2010. Hope you would vote. God bless you guys
Why isn't Fm static here!? :(
Very simple band... I like this band and beautiful song.
[Newest]Amazing... why so low ;_;

40Seventh Day Slumber
Listen to their Finally Awake album really wonderful...... this is one of the best Christian Rock band.


Brilliant. Like many good Christian bands why are these so low? I listen to these guys all the time now. Their music really speaks to me. God bless you all
Seventh Day Slumber is just the band! Their lyrics are really awesome.
[Newest]They do a lot of songs we do at my church.

41The Devil Wears Prada
The Devil Wears Prada is the best metal band in the business Christian or otherwise, so they should at least be in the top 10. Dear love was great and so was with roots above and branches bellow and dead throne. Although plagues was pretty terrible for The Devil Wears Prada it was still pretty good.
I would've voted Flyleaf but The Devil Wears Prada is so criminally low places on this list I absolutely have to vote for them. They are without a doubt my favorite metalcore band and second favorite Christian band (second to flyleaf).
Barring dear love and plagues, every track on every release is enjoyable if not downright amazing. They are also one of the few bands who get better with each album. Each release is different than the last but they all keep that innate devil wears prada quality.

I highly recommend the Zombie EP for anyone who hasn't heard them yet, it's definitely there most solid piece of work out there.
The Devil Wears Prada is one of the best bands of all time. They have a strong focus on sin - in particular lust and materialism in their lyrics. They stand strong on their message and meaning during live performances as well. They have definitely brought me closer to my faith. "Come back to your faith, come back to grace"
[Newest]These guys are awesome, at first glance they see a little dark. Give Dem a break, try em' out

42Fit for a King
Great metal core band - saw them live just last week in Ottawa Canada part of The Frozen Flame Tour headlining August Burns Red (they should be on this list! ) Strong lyrics with positive message, uplifting and shouting out The Lord in a voice the new generation will hear and like.

43Wolves At the Gate
The best Christian heavy rock band ever. They should be on this list!

There one of my favorite bands, nice songs, great lyrics, and rocking christian songs there worship songs are great to, especially even greater and like fire
Planetshakers are awesome. One of the best worship band. Should be in top ten.
Planet shakers are the best because, I think they really rock for God, and their worship songs are in full length just enough time to praise God... Thnk you and God bless
[Newest]The band is so epic why is it I the 40's this band must be in the top 10 for me ^_^

45Ashes Remain
Such an awesome band! Listen to the their album called "What I've Become". The song song "Right Here", "On My Own", and "Unbroken", amazing songs. The lead singer has a very distinct voice, a mix between Daughtry and Hinder if you'll ask me. But his christian!
Ashes Remain are absolutely amazing! Should be way higher than 98.. Look for these guys in the future! They are going to be big!
Obviously most of those voting has never heard this band, they should be looking at the list and listening to all of them, and then vote. A band that has a lead guitarist on a Hendrix level would almost always be at the top of any charting in the music world! A rocking, clearly Christian lyrics that even us older guys can still hear and understand! TGBTG
[Newest]The guy sounds a lot like Jeremy Camp

46The Fray
Really 82 this band rocks and so many people like it
Favorite band in the world
Should be in Top 10

47Oh, Sleeper
Check out "son of the Morning" one of the best albums of the last several years!
I saw these guys in concert and they were they most energetic, talented, and humble band I have ever seen!
Awesome band! These guys have an excellent message, and rocking voices. All of their songs have the kind of quality that makes you want to continue listening over and over again.

48The Almost
Aaron Gillespie in all his projects shows how a real worshipper is
Awesome band. Love there style, would be at least top 10 on my list
Amazing band. Great songs. Should be top 10

49Sent by Ravens
It always seems to me that people are unaware of some amazing bands out there. Sent By Ravens has completely changed my life with their compelling lyrics and great sound. They are a rock band that definitely need to be recognized.
One of my favorite bands! Love the songs "Listen" and "Best in me". They share great messages in their songs.
They rock, enough said!

50DC Talk
DC Talk revolutionized the Christian music genre. They really should be put higher on this list. Their songs are still fantastic and without them Christian music would not have gone as far as it has. They penetrated the secular world more than most others and isn't that the point of the genre?
DC Talk helped shaped the Christian music market into what it is today. They continuous pumped out hit after hit, never compromising in either music or lyrical content. They were also probably one of the most unashamedly Christian artists, there song Jesus Freak being a great example. Not to mention that, as of now, all members are still currently active within Christian music over twenty years later. All three of these guys (Toby, Michael, and Kevin) are truly gifted and may God continue to bless them in all they do.
DC Talk is a classic band, and their song Jesus Freak should be like a Christian Anthem. These three great guys can't be beat! Man these guys are just so awesome!
[Newest]In all of my favorite bands this has got to be my favorite and why aren't they at least in the top twenty?!?!?!? TobyMac, Michael Tate and Kevin Max all started DC Talk but then they all quit the band with TobyMac starting his own band TobyMac and Kevin Max joining audio adrenaline and then finally Michael Tate joining newsboys. No idea why they split up though.

Amazing progressive thrash madness! This band ranks up there with the other great thrash bands on the market like Metallica, Megadeth, Exodus, Annihilator, Slayer, Anthrax, etc. Also on the first album, the vocalist sounds just like King Diamond with his shrieking high vocals. Excellent stuff here!
Tourniquet is not a rock band, they are a progressive thrash band, though they have one album that could be labelled hard rock "Crawl To China" that said Tourniquet is the best musical act in Christendom followed by Rez Band

52Satellites and Sirens

Best rock band ever! Why isn't in top 10 at least?
Check out the song "Enter this temple"... Its bound to change the rank of Leeland... Good vocal work and great songs which touches the heaven...
They have the deepest lyrics ever; Opposite way, I Wonder, While we Sing, and Chains hit the Ground are absolutely incredible.
[Newest]Leeland has great worship songs and I just love it!

54Icon for Hire
This band is beast! Everyone should have their music on their IPod.. No joke bro. They rock. Icon for hire should definitely be top 5.
Icon for hire is christian and its rock! I can't believe they weren't on the list! My 3rd favorite band is icon for hire
Icon for Hire is awesome! Its a shame its so low on the list it deserves much more! To me its the second best christian band after skillet! Shame they don't have that much songs... I want to listen to more!
[Newest]GREAT live band! I watched their set standing right in front of the stage, and could feel the bass and bass drum vibrating up through the floor. Really interactive with the crowd. Nice people too. They always take time to meet with their fans afterwards.

55The Birdsongs
Awesome band! The Birdsongs are one family group that plays all genres, but I prefer their Christian Rock. They give all the praise to God. See for yourself - "Will You Save Me"
FtA great band to see live, they are also very good friends of mine and a wonderful family

Michael smith has lead this band for Glorifying the GOD Almighty, JESUS CHRIST. Smith never took pride in him but pointed towards the Living GOD JESUS. As I saw some one quoting that jimmy is "god" this is quite ignorance and foolishness, none in this world is eligible to be called god Except JESUS who Conquered the death, risen and still alive.

If you still disagree go and find HIS Tomb Empty where as you find jimmy tomb with rotten bones, definitely jimmy might be weeping and gnashing his teeth in hell
This is my 2nd most favourite band ever. I know they have split up but they will be one of the best Christian bands that ever praised God with all they had. So sad to see them this low but they are the real inspiration.
Even though they've split up, they've left us with a great selection of rock/worship anthems.
[Newest]There is a? At the end

Most of you will never have heard of HALO. Go to Youtube and look up "Lord Of All" by HALO. If you like bands like KISS, check these guys out.

58Ascend the Hill
Very inspiring music and with good lyrics

59Rend Collective Experiment

I know these aren't super well known, but Chino Moreno's voice is simply majestic and the music is very calm and thoughtful.
Different from other Christian rock bands in that their sound has an electronic and soothing influence to it. Beautiful music, though.
I'm taking a listen now and done a bit of digging online. no indication that this is a Christian band. unless I missed something?

61Anthem Lights
Anthem Lights is probably one of the best bands out there. And Their new Covers album is number 2 on itunes right now.
Anthem lights wins! Best vocals, best melodies, best covers, great songs messages, good looking and great hearts

62Holy Soldier
I hated the 90's for music, but thank God for Christian rock during that time that still sounded like the great rock bands of the 80's. Bands like Holy Soldier, Petra, Bride, Guardian and White Cross made it seem like the 80's all over again. Great times.

63The Prayer Chain
One of the early pioneers in Christian alternative rock. Very creative and sounded like nothing out there. Shawl was the best album and then Mercury was the craziest thing I had ever heard in Christian music. If you like quirky and creative with a lot of rock, Prayer Chain is the band.
The Prayer Chain's unrefined, melodic sound struck a chord in the Christian music scene during the 90s. The band has released two albums in this millenium, however, in 2003 and 2011. Members of the band are in other prominent Christian band including Starflyer 59.

64Where the Ocean Meets the Sky

65The Wrecking

66Jesus Culture
Hey guys Jesus Culture is not a rock band it's more on the worship side but still I love this band and I think it deserves more votes. This group really made me love christian songs and I think the the singers really know how to give this touch of God to everyone. Moreover the lyrics are really powerful specially "Where You Go I GO" and "You Won't Relent". I just love their music. ATTENTION TO EVERYONE YOU REALLY SHOULD LISTEN to them they've got great messages about God and his love
Awesome Worship band! Amazing songs and ministering form the leaders. One of my favourites, hope to go to a concert soon
My very favorite band of all time. They are the reason I listen to Christian music, and gave up on secular. I've seen them in concert, and they have led me into a very amazing place of worship on more then one occasion.
[Newest]They're the best worship band!

Great band with deeper lyrics and fresh sound for sure. I know they are a great blend for people who want a bit of rock with their mid-range rock music. Like Sanctus Real, 10th Avenue North, Switchfoot and a bit 3rd Day
This band is very fresh and new.
Buy and listen There first album The Alinment To see what I mean.
Here are my top 10 christian bands,
1. Red.
3. Flyleaf.
4. Third Day.
5. Fireflight.
6. Jars of Clay.
7. Switchfoot.
8. Skillet.
9. Casting Crowns.
10. NeedToBreathe.
They need to re-name their song "Hurricane" for 2 reasons
1. The name is already taken
2. The word "Hurricane" doesn't appear that often

68Manic Drive
Manic drive is a great band and very well played



71Smalltown Poets
The Smalltown Poets formed in 1996 and performed until 2004, took a six year haitus, and have reformed since 2010. They release a number of successful single mostly in the late 90s, such as "There Is Only You" but also had some success in the early 2000s.

Probably too heavy for most, but in their genre they are as good as any other. Tight, well structured songs. Criminally overlooked. Best album is "Extraction from Mortality"

Deliverance shreds and along with tourniquet deserves to be in different category, really on the same list as superchick
Really all three deliverance, repent... Or bloodgood should be top 20 all time.
Best bands ever in Christian metal deliverance... Repent... bloodgood

74King James
When their debut record came out in 1994, they were the literal Christian Super-group. With the rhythm section of Stryper, Jimi Bennett's soaring vocals and Rex Carroll's mind blowing fret work, King James were the best of the best. Look for a NEW album SOON!

75Aunt Betty

76Robbie Seay Band
You have to listen it! Great)

77Remedy Drive
Wuho the lyrics and music were both great :]
Great group of guys that can rock out.

A Christian band with a unique sound. Their music borrowed elements of hip hop, electronica, and experimental music. While the band only found commercial success with one album with the single "One Time, " members of Earthsuit continue to work together on a couple of projects most notably MuteMath.
How can this band be so low on this list? This band was MuteMath before they were MuteMath! Seriously, "One Time" was a revolutionary sound and it gave birth to songs like "Chaos" and "Typical" that were so popular on the radio. A truly great band!

All if there mysic is really cool and they have a wide selection of music and genres. Look up songs like " Eye of the Storm", " About a Burning Fire", or " There Must be Something in the Water". They're all really good songs. Blindside should have originally been on this list, Flyleaf and We As Human should have been higher on the list, and Tenth Avenue North and Manic Drive shouldn't be on the list at all.
Blideside was an awesome band back in the day with songs such as teddybear, Silence, and pitiful
These guys rock, but maybe not quite top ten because they are too hard for pansy sissie listning
[Newest]Why is blindside so low it should be in the top twenty at least


Wow, some people don't agree with UnderOath because they don't "sound Christian"? That's absurd to me. Read your Bible and quit being so legalistic.

To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law. (1 Corinthians 9:20 NIV)

UnderOath reaches a demographic that Casting Crowns and Jeremy Camp don't. If all Christian bands were to "sound Christian" then some people might never have that message reach them. Step out of your safe little Christian bubble and be grateful that Jesus is spreading through the ENTIRE music industry, not just Christian Contemporary. I'm proud that my God can be found everywhere.
I do not agree with this band. They may have some songs that appear to be Christian but the Bible teaches you to not be luke-warm. An interview with the band told me that they would not admit to being Christian.
I just want to know... where are the Christian metal fans in all this? There's no August Burns Red, no As I Lay Dying, no The Devil Wears Prada... Also Demon Hunter's no. 33... Saddening.
[Newest]"Maybe we, why don't we sit right here for half an hour?
We'll speak of what a waste I am, and how we missed your beat again... "

82The Diverse City Band
I loved tobyMac a lot, and then I realized the background music was just as good! Diverse City is a band that makes a bunch of different types of music. They do Hip Hop, Rock, and everything else needed! The band needs to be farther up on the list, and tobyMac needs to be higher on the CCM list.
So Diverse City is the band that does the background music for TobyMac? Cool!


83Sacred Warrior

Superchick is awesome! They not only have rocking tunes like "Rock What You Got" and "Hey, Hey", but they have softer songs that can appeal to everybody like "Stand in The Rain" and "We Live". (Although I prefer the rocking out songs myself. ) Skillet is still the best, but Superchick should be in the top ten at least!
Sixty-four? Sixty-four? Superchick is not the band to make only sixty-four. They are my favorite band in the world and have been since they played at my church in about 2008.
Superchick is by far the very best band ever!
I love them so much all of there songs always touch my heart.
[Newest]I would rank them a lot higher than #238. They split up a few years back after the death of their drummer. Good band.

85Larry Norman

86Living Sacrifice
Gotta go with the legends, Got hooked on "Reject" from the Reborn album, then the "Hamming Process" dropped and WOW. Thank you.. The best concert I went to had to be when they toured with Demon Hunter
I remember seeing them live at cornerstone fest and they where sick. Vote for Living Sacrifice because they are on of the patriarchs of Christian hard rock
Great music. They put on an incredible show. Had the pleasure to meet these guys at one of there shows and they took the time to go eat with us before the show. Really down to earth guy's.



89Poor Old Lu


91.rod laver

92One Republic
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 110? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? I mean come on. One Republic is one of the best bands

This Band Should be at the top. they are more original and creative by miles when compared with the majority of the bands above them on this list.
Best Christian band ever

Surprised these guys are listed they rock!
But pretty hard and a lot of these bands are pretty easy listening... Or not even rock... I like mercy me and casting crowns, but I wouldn't rate those on a rack list, maybe country and Hillsong great worship music (not rock). Hey have not even seen blindside mentioned yet. Fig a figout, danerins
I loved the album "what remains", it had such a powerful message... You better make a choice in the God you will follow

Great up-and-coming band. Kind of similar to Fireflight.
This is a up and comming force from upstate NY.

96Norma Jean

97Sixpence None the Richer

98Becoming the Archetype

99Relentless Flood
Relentless flood is one of the best hard rock bands that don't have the annoying screaming. The have really great awesome sounding guitar along with great vocals. They should be at the #1 since I am very picky with the Christian bands I like there is no band like them.
They are new hard rock band check there song 'Come Home' very meaningful.


100The Better Way Band

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