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161 Repent

Every Christian Metal Band on here should thank REPENT for kicking the door open for them, we need bands like repent again songs like the of sin...shadows...face of with prophecy...just to name a few chuck rummans is like the keith green of christian metal.roger lee havens was one of a kind I vocals what a great team.remember this music was done over 20 tears ago so far ahead of their time.check em out.

Repent was a great band.people like the late Warren Zevon/Dan Peek of America/Aimee Mann all spoke well of this band.they reached out across into all types of music.Repent will always be known for its lyrics and vocals.I would have to say one of the best live bands I have ever seen.

Repent was one of the very first christian metal/rock bands ever.Known for some of the best christian rock lyrics ever, chuck rummans songs have are timeless.roger lee havens live vocals are what most singers can only dream of christian music needs bands like repent again.

We need bands like this again in the times we live in. Watchmen on the wall. Sound the warning. Ready yourself for the return of christ

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162 U2 U2 U2 are an Irish rock band from Dublin. Formed in 1976, the group consists of Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. U2's early sound was rooted in post-punk but eventually grew to incorporate influences from many genres of popular music. Throughout the group's musical pursuits, they have more.

U2 has never officially been considered a Christian band although three of the four members were Christians from the founding of the band. Certainly one of the best rock bands ever on any list!

What, they are #171? , people who listen to secular music can enjoy them.

#175? U2 is not only the greatest Christian band, they're one of the greatest bands ever.

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163 DeGarmo and Key
164 Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil
165 Slechtvalk
166 Resurrection Band (REZ Band)
167 Day of Fire

Love Day of fire! It should be in top 10. It's a pity that the band don't play anymore, but still they're amazing!

168 Big Daddy Weave Big Daddy Weave Big Daddy Weave is a contemporary Christian band composed of Mike Weaver, Jay Weaver, Jeremy Redmon, Joe Shirk, and Brian Beihl.

This is my favorite band these days (written in January 2016). Their masterpieces Redeemed and Overwhelmed are very powerful, and they have a lot of other songs worth listening to. Redeemed and Overwhelmed are show stoppers, the best songs I've ever heard on Contemporary Christian radio. I was looking for this band to be one of the highest on this list, but their two masterpieces are fairly recent so they may not have been given the attention they deserve now.

This is legit Christian music people need to listen to them!

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169 Rush Of Fools
170 Hillsong Young & Free

They're more electronically-based than anything. Still the best Hillsong division out there and they always will be. - RiverClanRocks

171 The 77's

Outstanding band. I know they are from the 80's but check them out and see if you agree.

172 Idle Cure

One of the Best Christian Bands of the 90s

173 Fee

Like Green Day God, way better live, though - I<3Queen

174 Thebandwithnoname

These guys are awesome, a lot of their music is really catchy and I especially like their version of Amazing grace. They should be much further up the list than this.

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175 For King & Country

I've seen them live, opening for Skillet. To be honest For King & Country really touched my heart and gave such a faithful message about the Lord. Don't get me wrong, Skillet was good. But these guys were way better!

Great band there songs have a true meaning that just makes you feel what there singing

They are by far the best band in the world, the lyrics aagive a whole new meaning on being a christian.

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176 Finding Fortress

Great new band from Wisconsin. They have a great debut album, and just got signed to Momentous Records and are working on their follow up album already. Up and coming great band here! - jimbrashear

177 33 Miles

Very Good band! Great meanings to their songs. Sound a lot like Rascal Flatts..

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178 Paramore Paramore Paramore is an American rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, formed in 2004. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York.

Went to one of their concerts in fresno and really really enjoyed everything! So glad I was able to enjoy music without worrying if this band was a part of the illuminati. I think its great that they actually do worship God and that they don't follow the rest of the cult.

Although not officially a Christian band, the original members were Christians. Great band. They should be ranked at least in the top 50.

Paramore Rock! Can't believe they are so low down! Decode is one of the bet songs

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179 MxPx MxPx MxPx is an American punk rock band from Bremerton, Washington founded in 1992 as Magnified Plaid. The band has skate punk leanings, with connections to the pop punk scene.

Old school punk rock for the Christian soul

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180 Desperation Band

They are really worshipers of God not just performers. It's all about the heart. God is looking in our hearts. It's not about how cool the music is. It's about worshiping God in spirit and in truth. I believe that music is created to worship God, It is our instrument to express how much we love and adore HIM. Christian Band must used their skills to glorify GOD. --jcw

Worship and rock how cool is that?

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