Best Chuck Norris Facts

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Jesus can walk on water, but Chuck Norris can swim on land.
oh my god, this is by far the funniest of them all... couldn't stop laughing!
Swim on land... That's the best one there is here! I love it! I guess physics just got crapped on.
by far the best nobody can do this but Chuck Norris... I'm still laughing man. Chuck Norris is the best, better than the Zohan
[Newest]I'm laughing so hard

2Chuck Norris once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now just The Islands.
This fact REALLY made my day!
I laughed so hard as soon as I read it!
Chuck Norris FTW!

P.S. : Chuck Norris can strangle someone with a cordless phone... xD
Voters! Please get some sense of humor... This one should be at the TOP! Not down here!


TOO damn hilarious. This was the best fact ever created. So simple, yet so complex in it's true sentence. I probably just saw god... Okay no, not really. But this is better than any other, and some even get kinda... Blah? I guess, this never get's old.
[Newest]So he took virgin out of the name

3If Chuck Norris falls into a river, Chuck Norris doesn't get wet, the river gets Chuck Norrised.
"Chuck Norrised"... Haha! Virtual bouquet of flowers to whoever came up with this one! Awesome. Oddly enough, I haven't come across this one before, but as so many have declared--this one is gold.
Haha. Chuck Norrised... Love it. This ones a keeper for sure. CHUCK NORRIS for the win Pure awesomeness here
[Newest]Nice :) Pretty hard to imagine though.

4Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding.
I always wondered what he was hiding from but the answer is quite simple.
This one never fail to make me laugh It's really funny! I think this one should be on the top 3.
Yeah, it's funny because waldo is so wimpy looking.


[Newest]I love this one I kept going around tell people joke for a long time nobody laughed

5Chuck Norris' tears can cure cancer, it's a shame he's never cried.
I love the added its a shame he never cried at the end. Laugh out loud This one is by far the funniest. I hadn't seen this one before but it rules.
I love this one! Its hilarious! (mike fizzle chisel has approved this message. )
Then the president of each country asks Chuck Norris to cut onions in a cancer hospital. He then got a Nobel prize.


6Chuck Norris can touch MC Hammer.
all of these are great but this one is the best


Laugh out loud this one is just so amazing. How can it be number four when it should be number one and then some with a side of chips well done and medium rare
[Newest]I agree, it the best can't touch this well chuck norris can haha

7Chuck Norris can delete the Recycling Bin.
It's really only funny for those who have actually tried to delete the recycling bin.
This is just the best 1 out there! Props to whom ever made it up. How much trash do you have to write here to be able to Post?
This is so brilliant! The person who invented this is a genius. But not more of a genius than Chuck Norris. Definitely not... Who are you? NO! Please don't! I'm gonna -
[Newest]You all suck chucks ass

8When the Boogieman goes to sleep at night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.
Well that is just really weird you know. I mean when I go to sleep the room is filled with boogiemen. I guess they chose to hide in my room. Laugh out loud
Well, everyone is afraid to be Chuck Norrised after all, but boogieman? Clever move chuck!

Hahaha undoubtably the funniest Norris joke ever, laughed just about every single time I have read it somewhere!
[Newest]Reverse food chain, or is it...

9Chuck Norris knows Victoria's Secret
Simply laugh out loud... I laughed my butt off after hearing this one... Its simple and funny...
Simply the best, also the Jesus one is good
I have a secret love for him, but it's NO SECRET, because everyone KNOWS I LOVE him! 😉

10Chuck Norris' calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd; no one fools Chuck Norris.
Hey guess what I just fooled Chuck Norris! What is he gonna do! You now what? I DARE him to come over here and start banging my head on the keybkjsdkljdfnvughfjfhskakwmdjfjcndmd
Chuck Norris is very assertive with the way he acts, NOBODY can make fun of him even "natural phenomena" can't be a "smart ass" against Chuck.
Guys don't worry I'm sure that chuck norris keyboard slamming thing is just a mythfhdghfhdhbxusjfhftjjffjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjjffjfkkffjjfkjhggddsdccvbjkkkhfgdgddtdggddyyddydg
[Newest]Best one in my opinion.

The Contenders

11Chuck Norris can speak braille.
Lmao I can't believe this one isn't in the top 5. Do yall even know what braille is? Lmao
This is the best one I have ever heard. The other good ones made me chuckle but this one seriously made me burst out laughing. Please go look up braille if you don't know what it is!
He can also speak French, in Russian. He can hear sign language too.

12If you spell Chuck Norris wrong on Google, it doesn't ask what you meant. It simply comes back as RUN.
Laugh out loud, most of the Chuck Norris jokes are quite repetitive but this one is just plain awesome. Good job to whoever made this up

Because He's WATCHING! Nice change from the usual pattern of Chuck Norris jokes, which let's just say are a teensy bit repetitive.
[Newest]I spelled Chak Norris on Google. It showed pics of Chuck Norris. Not run.

13There is no Ctrl button on Chuck Norris' keyboard. Chuck Norris is always in control
I cracked up the moment I heard this, in my opinion this is one of the best Norris jokes ever.


That's so very true. Chuck Norris is always in control.


If he presses w while typing will his internet browser close?


14Behind Chuck Norris' beard there is no chin, there is only another fist.
Man this jokes is awesome.
Family guy! Made me smile
Kinda like the guys from ZZ Top hahahahahaha. It's true they don't have lower jaws

15There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of animals that Chuck Norris allows to live.
I love it when these facts can come up in intense debates. Nothing better than throwing someone off with some Chuck Norris!
A very good one indeed, it really reflects Chucks longevity, he's been roundhouse kicking dinosaurs into extinction
Oh my Gosh! This is made my day. So damn funny
[Newest]Nice! It's like Chuck Norris rules!


16Chuck Norris got stabbed by a knife. After 2 weeks of pain the knife died.
$ made me laugh so much! @@@ I love this one so much!


Although this one is a classic, I love it.


17Chuck Norris converted God to atheism
AHAHAA that's just great, it says that he saw God and convinced him that HE doesn't exist!
This one is awful. It should be on the bottom of the list
Guys, come on, I know we can laugh but that's just disrespectful to GOD. Even if I wasnt a Christian it still wouldn't be that funny. There are plenty of funny chuck norris jokes out there.
[Newest]This is offensive. No one must/can do like that.


18When Chuck does push-ups, he doesn't push himself up, he pushes the world down.
I imagine when he was doing pull-ups. Maybe the sky is drawn down below -laugh out loud-
Chuck Norris is the funniest guy I've ever met. The #11statement is absolutely true. I Wish I get a chance to meet Chuck Norris someday!
Imagining this makes me cry of laughter
[Newest]What if he did weightlifting?

19Guns don't kill people, Chuck Norris kills people
This is the most popular and the funniest... Simple and plain... Norris is a beast

20Chuck Norris clogs the toilet every time he pisses.
This one REALLY took the cake!
Just as the underestimated: "Chuck Norris sleeps with a pillow under his gun".
Funniest one ever whoever thought of this should be talked about in the same conversations and einstien and steven hawking
yeah pretty much the best chuck norris joke.

at least that I've seen in a while.
[Newest]Pff... This one really made my day It deserves at least 5th place Thumbs up if agree

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